Jupiter Transit 2020 Predictions

Jupiter Transit 2020Are you curious to know how Jupiter Transit 2020 is going to emphasize your zodiac sign? You have landed at the right place as we are here with this detailed article covering all the necessary information.

Today, we are going to share all about Jupiter Transit 2020 and how it is going to affect all 12 Moon signs in good and bad ways. As per the Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is considered the most auspicious planet among all planets and therefore it is hailed as the “Guru.” Talking about the ownership of signs, Jupiter is regarded as the owner of Sagittarius and Pisces. As per astrology, if Jupiter gets auspiciously placed in your sign, chances are that you will get associated with a respected field, such as a teacher, bank manager, lawyer, editor, judge etc.

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Moreover, your married life will also remain at peace and full of happiness in case if Guru is auspicious for your Moon Sign. Jupiter will transit in Sagittarius sign and on March 29, 2020, it will enter into Capricorn. Thereafter on June 30, 2020, it will move back to Sagittarius and come back into Capricorn on November 20, 2020,. After that, it will stay in the same sign for the rest of the year. Let’s check it out how Jupiter is going to affect all 12 moon Signs during its transit.

Jupiter Transit 2020 Aries Predictions

  • Jupiter is the ruler of the ninth and twelfth house of your sign.
  • In the year 2020, Jupiter will stay in the ninth house.
  • With its effects, you will see an improvement in your health.
  • Moreover, you will also find yourself a bit more mentally fit as well as physically energetic.
  • Are you thinking to kick starting your new business? This is the right time to go ahead as you will attain success in that.
  • In 2020, you will gain a lot of benefits by the end of the year.
  • Make sure that you are doing enough hard work in order to churn out the desired results.
  • Your dream of buying a new house will also get true this year.
  • Your married life will quite improve. You will share quality time with your partner.
  • If you are unmarried then there are chances of entry of a new love in your life.
  • During this time, you will also get more inclined towards spirituality.
  • You might also visit a new holy place with your family.
  • It will truly make you capable enough of taking the right decision regarding personal life and business.
  • This year, your source of income will also increase. All you need to do is put your best efforts and do enough hard work.

Jupiter Transit 2020 Taurus Predictions

  • Jupiter is the lord of the eighth and eleventh house for you. It will transit in the eighth house this year.
  • All your incomplete work will get done this year. But that does not mean you should rely completely on your fate.
  • Your efforts will reap you best outcomes.
  • You will also come across the pleasure of going on a foreign trip with your family.
  • If you have been thinking about something for a long time, then it is going to come true this year.
  • This year you also need to take care of your health a bit more. Do take care of your diet to stay away from any sort of stomach related issues.
  • Your interest in religious activities will also increase.
  • Visiting holy places is also on the cards.
  • You will also attain a lot of profit in your business this year. This will happen because of your decision making quality and hard work.
  • Do not invest your hard earned money without doing enough research.
  • Also, put in efforts to maintain peace among the family members.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary topics if it can lead to arguments.

Jupiter Transit 2020 Gemini Predictions

  • For you, Jupiter owns your seventh and tenth houses. In the year 2020, Jupiter will get posited in the seventh house from your sign.
  • This year, you will find yourself quite healthier and fit.
  • If any of your work or project was on hold, it will get accomplished this year.
  • There is good news for you. If you are a business person, there are chances that you will make a lot of profit this year.
  • Your financial conditions will also improve as a source of income will increase.
  • You might have to face issues in your married life till May 14th, 2020. Try to sort out the issues with your partner by having a heart-to-heart conversation.
  • It would be right if you try to understand each other with patience along with the gravity of issues.
  • Students also need to be a bit careful during this year. Do focus on your study to get good results.
  • Foreign trips are also on the cards due to which you will spend the quality time with your loved ones.

Jupiter Transit 2020 Cancer Predictions

  • Jupiter rules over your sixth and ninth house in your kundali. It will stay in your sixth house during the year 2020.
  • If you have been suffering from any prolonged illness/disease, you will get rid of that.
  • To have a healthy and fit life, you also need to pay attention to your diet.
  • You might also suffer from stomach related issues this year and therefore you need to be careful regarding your diet.
  • You will also gain a wide chunk of profit this year as per your horoscope.
  • Keep calm and maintain your cool as you might have issues with your family members.
  • Do not get indulged in any argument as the tranquillity of your mind is more precious.
  • Your married life might seem troublesome in the middle of the year. But you will be able to handle the issues by maintaining patience.
  • Unmarried people should welcome a potential lover in their life.

Jupiter Transit 2020 Leo Predictions

  • Jupiter is the ruler of your 5th and 8th house. During the year 2020, you will get the best results and benefits of your hard work as Jupiter will be posited in your fifth house.
  • If you have been thinking of heading to a foreign country to continue your studies, this dream will come true this year.
  • Do not quit or change jobs in the middle of the year as you might get into trouble because of that.
  • Do have patience and take your decisions considering all needed factors.
  • You also need to keep yourself at peace so that you won’t get into arguments with anyone.
  • During the Jupiter transit, your married life will get showered with happiness and joy.
  • You will have a good time with your family members.
  • You also need to be quite careful while dealing with monetary transactions so that you won’t have to regret later on.

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Jupiter Transit 2020 Virgo Predictions

  • Jupiter is the owner of your 4th and 7th house. It will stay in the fourth house, this year.
  • This period is also going to be quite beneficial in terms of business. Do add more efforts and hard work to get the desired results.
  • People who have been unemployed for a long time will also get the desired job this year.
  • Do not let any opportunity slip from your hand. Keep a close eye over vacancies.
  • Your dream of buying a new house will also become true.
  • Buying a car is also on the cards.
  • Make sure that you splurge carefully so that you do not regret later.
  • You also need to keep yourself away from any kind of dispute.
  • Do not try to impose your choices on others.
  • You might get a chance to meet an old friend and this would be quite special for you.
  • At the end of the year, newly married couples might get good news in the form of a kid.

Jupiter Transit 2020 Libra Predictions

  • Jupiter is the owner of your third and sixth house. It will be placed in the third house this year.
  • The best thing going to happen is that your married life will get better because of Jupiter Transit.
  • You will share a great understanding with your partner.
  • People related to sports will also get showered with a lot of happiness since there are so many opportunities on the way for them.
  • You might have to confront challenges in your life/business and therefore you need to hold your patience and intelligence.
  • Your financial situation will get better and incredibly improve by the middle of the year.
  • Chances are high that you will have new sources of income.

Jupiter Transit 2020 Scorpio Predictions

  • Jupiter is the planet ruling your two houses, namely 2nd and 5th. In the present year 2020, it will get posited in your second house in 2020.
  • During Jupiter transit, your economical conditions will improve, and you’ll achieve financial profit.
  • During this time, keep a tab on your speech and do not make promises you cannot fulfil anytime soon.
  • In the middle of the year, don’t even try to invest in any business or other fields, as there are high chances of incurring losses.
  • Your married life will be blissful, and you’ll be able to spend quality time with your life partner.
  • For natives of Scorpio zodiac sign, family life will be full of disturbances and stress along with lots of ups and downs.

Jupiter Transit 2020 Sagittarius Predictions

  • Jupiter is the lord of your first and fourth house, and will transit in the first house itself in the year 2020.
  • During this phase, you’ll feel more inclined towards religious, spiritual and academic works.
  • From health point of view, this time seems highly favorable for you.
  • At the end of March, Jupiter will make a transit in your second house and as a result, your financial conditions will become stable.
  • For the natives of Sagittarius sign, there are favorable chances of love marriage forming for them.
  • If you’re thinking of changing your job, then think carefully and check all the stops before going ahead.
  • This time seems favorable for carrying out monetary transactions.

Jupiter Transit 2020 Capricorn Predictions

  • Jupiter, also hailed as Guru, dominates your third and twelfth house, and will make a transit in your twelfth house in 2020.
  • During this time, you might go on a foreign trip.
  • You’ll feel interested in religious activities and as a result, can go on a pilgrimage.
  • Capricorn natives might possibly encounter the arrival of a new person in their lives.
  • In the field of education and academics, you’ll attain success in the end of March and your reputation in society will increase.
  • During Jupiter transit, avoid investing in the field of business.
  • Also, stay alert when carrying out monetary transactions.

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Jupiter Transit 2020 Aquarius Predictions

  • For natives of Aquarius, Jupiter rules over their second and eleventh house. In the year 2020, it will get placed in the eleventh house.
  • During this time, there are chances of huge financial profit.
  • You’ll get good chances of spending enjoyable time with new friends.
  • You can go ahead and invest in property and land during this time.
  • Be attentive when driving a vehicle, as there is a possibility of accident.
  • Any kind of change in your workplace can hamper your performance and won’t be favorable.

Jupiter Transit 2020 Pisces Predictions

  • First and tenth house of Pisces natives is governed by Jupiter. In 2020, it will make a transit in your tenth house.
  • During this phase, you’ll attain success on your work front, and will be able to mark an impact and build a reputation.
  • In case you’re thinking of investing in a new business, then this time seems to be highly profitable.
  • During Jupiter transit, your financial conditions will specially improve and you’ll be able to incur profit at a speedy rate.
  • Do not let any third person interfere in your married life if you want love and respect to flourish between you two.
  • In case of any tense situation, maintain your cool and stay patient.

Hope this above-mentioned information will be quite helpful to you. Do not forget to share your feedback to us. We wish that the upcoming year 2020 will make your life get showered with joy and happiness.

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