2020 Movies: Upcoming Movies 2020 List

Who doesn’t like watching a movie? It’s a fun activity that motivates, entertains and lightens our moods. Some of us are die-hard fans of an actor, while some like particular genres. One thing which is common in all movie-fans is that they wait impatiently for a movie of their choice. What if we tell you that the movies you have a deepest desire to watch are going to be released in 2020? Yes, there are sequels we were waiting for and new releases that are worth watching.

2020 Upcoming Movies List

Certain years in the industry are full of high-level drama and action, while sometimes romance takes control. Nowadays, experimenting is common, be it for the music or story. 2020 is going to be the year where your hunger for entertainment will be satisfied by never before action, historic movies and patriotism that would give you goosebumps. Bollywood is all set to rock and roll with serious storylines, wonderful actors and of-course soul-melting music. Not only that, but Hollywood has also announced to release movies that have become a legend than a series. Fast & Furious is to launch another one while you can even witness Angelina Jolie starrer Maleficent II and explore her complex relationship with Queen Aurora. Excited?

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2020 Bollywood Movies List

2020 has it all for you. Choose which movies you would definitely love to see as we have a list for you to decide from. Let’s first discuss Bollywood.

  • Krrish 4

The first movie on the waiting list is Krrish 4. Hrithik Roshan has already enticed the Indian fans with their own Superhero. Starting from Koi Mil Gaya, the era of aliens, superpowers and fantasy world has already begun. This sequel was announced in 2017 but will be released on Christmas in 2020. After playing the character (Anand) of famous teacher of Super 30 (IIT entrance test classes), Hritik will be back in his Superhero avatar with probably a cape and mask. There’s also news for Krrish 5 to be simultaneously made. Whatever be the dates of shooting, one thing is sure that the fans are getting a lot of action and sci-fi entertainment.

  • ‘83

Good news for cricket lovers! After the biopic of Dhoni, another movie dedicated to the royal sport will hit the theatres on 10th April 2020. The dates have been wisely chosen as its a 5-day long weekend. Cricket World Cup 1983, won by Indian cricket team is the plot of the story. Ranveer Singh will be playing Kapil Dev. However, the movie is not based on the life of this great captain.

  • Mahabharat

After Bahubali and its extraordinary success, South Indian movie industry is ready to take over the Bollywood with Mahabharat - the Epic which is unsurpassable even in its most raw form. The budget allocated for the film is 1000 crores, the highest till date. It will be amusing to know how the characters will be portrayed as there are several characters to depict.

  • Shamshera

The date of Eid will be shared by Ranbir Kapoor as Shamshera will be released on 31st July in 2020. Produced by Yash Raj Films, the movie is a dacoit drama. With Sanjay Dutt as the antagonist and Vaani Kapoor the lead actress, the role of Ranbir will unveil the secrets only after the release.

  • Ranbhoomi

If there won’t be a big release from Karan Johar, the magician of Bollywood, the year remains incomplete. In 2020, he will be ready with Rannbhoomi, which will change your perception towards Varun Dhawan, as he is set to play the role of a warrior. Ajay Devgan is also in the film which will be released on Diwali.

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2020 Hollywood Movies List

  • Maleficent II

Angelina Jolie is a heartthrob of many and watching her play the beautiful witch makes the character of a witch more glamorous. This time, the antagonist is playing the protagonist as she helps Aurora in protecting her kingdom of the magical moors. Under the direction of Joachim Ronning, scripted by Micah Fitzerman-Blue, Noah Harpster, and Linda Woolverton, this movie is going to take you to an enchanted land.

  • Croods 2

Croods is a highly successful disney movie. That’s the reason, the team is back with another fascinating journey to the stone age. The plot of the movie revolves around the rival family named Bettermans, who believe that they are better and more evolved as compared to our imperfect family of the Croods. The challenges posed will be amazing as imagining the evolution of the modern man through those times lures the viewers. Directed by Joel Crawford, the movie is definitely going to win the heart of children.

  • Fast and Furious 9

With the date of release already set even for Fast & Furious 10, it will be very difficult for the fans to find out which magical spell did Justin Lin cast on the movie to make the 9th chapter of the Fast & Furious franchise. The previous editions have proved to draw the audience towards the cinemas but the death of Paul Walker has somewhere changed the whole appearance. The cast will again include Vin Diesel as the central element and the team for stunts to cinematography will remain the same. We will all wait for how the protagonist is going to save the world this time.

  • Avatar 2

When Avatar hit the theatres first, it was not very clear as to how will the audience take the inhuman creatures as opposed to the human race. The movie was, however, a big success. Released in 2009, the previous one was admired for the blend of fiction, technology and science. The same will be expected from James Cameron after 11 years, that too, on an upgraded level. The title of the movie is not set, but it will be widely watched is a certainty. Cameron has given big hits like the Titanic and is unparalleled in the industry. Anything that comes from his is certainly a gem, and fans know that. Avatar 2 is thus, amongst the top on the waiting list.

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

Marvel Studios is prepared to launch the third instalment of its franchise - Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel is popular among the teens as well as the adults. Be it young or old, the storyline, drama and characters fascinate everyone equally. James Gunn will not be directing this movie, and that’s the reason why the making of the movie is delayed. Supporters wish to bring James back on the movie but the investors have no mood to do so. The movie will supposedly be getting released in 2020. We all wait for the new director to start the work and gift the audiences with a masterpiece.

This was an update on a few movies that will be released in 2020 and are being speculated about. We wish the cast as well as the crew of all the movie-makers the very best. For more updates keep following MyKundali.