Horoscope is a powerful tool which discloses the facts about your life. It is known as Kundali in Hindi, and Birth Chart in English for an individual. In Tamil, it is known by the name of Jathakam. In Indian Vedic Astrology, we take Earth as center, as geocentric system is followed under Astrology. Astrologers predicts the horoscope through Janam Kundali or Prashna Kundali.

Horoscope is basically like a screenshot taken at the time of birth of a child. In other words, it can be defined as a graphical representation of planets and their position in the heaven at the time of a person’s birth. It also gives you the mirror image of your past, present and future events. It enables you to decipher challenges, unravel mysteries and unlock opportunities in order to get success and peace. Horoscopes are prepared by India’s finest and astute astrologers who ensure a proper guidance on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

With the help of daily, monthly and yearly horoscope , you can easily take the best decisions of your life and that too with a confident and positive approach. This is because it makes you strong as you are pre-informed about bad or unfavourable circumstances. Horoscope are also good for you to proceed towards important areas of your life, and with its help you can predict your today, tomorrow and future life.

Apart from this, Horoscope also informs you about the ways that can help you to tackle every problem. Let’s know your Horoscope what it has in store for you.

All Zodiac Signs Horoscope

Vedic Astrology is as exceptionally old as Veda, and predictions are made based on Birth Chart or Natal Chart. It portrays the condition of planets set in the heaven. The primary motive of Astrology is to spread and convey the message of the stars regarding what your birth chart is reflecting. It becomes exceptionally useful for you as to interpret various components and circumstances of your life.

Birth Chart or Horoscope represents the unravel story of causes and events in your life. It guides you for further or next steps to be taken in your life. It unveils the strength and weakness of your soul and also depicts the progress at various intervals in your life. It also helps you to know about your next possible reasonable strides in your life.

The whole world is running with the well-structured plans and patterns. These patterns are fundamentally positioned by God, before taking birth in this everlasting world. We as a whole need to go along with these patterns arranged in a particular sequence. One, who really comprehends the reason or meaning of life, is known as an Astrologer. She/He is the person who guides us about our life. They must comprehend the significance of their life, and additionally the native’s life.

Your body and life are being regulated by the planets and stars placed in the heaven. For your perception, you should know the facts about your Kundali as it gives a sensible and imaginary idea of your whole lifespan. Here we have shown you the distinctive dialects to get in depth analysis of your kundali. You can get it in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada. You can utilize our free online individual horoscope software tool to know more about yourself. Basically, you need to insert the birth details and get your monthly, weekly and yearly horoscope as per your Rashi.

With these tools, you would be capable of interpreting your key areas and various aspects of your life. You would also be able to discover the appropriate responses for your following inquiries that continuously emerge in your mind. For instance:

  • Essential areas to be engaged in this life?
  • Which field should be enhanced in this life so as to get accomplishment throughout in life?
  • How to handle obstacles and conditions while accomplishing my objective?
  • Pleasant marital life and obstructions in marital life?

An Individual’s horoscope is fundamentally a depiction taken at the time of their birth, and it is a preview of heavenly bodies, stars and planets and so on. Your life's significant occasions are managed through Lagna Kundli (rising sign in the eastern horizon at the time of birth). Occasions of your life depend on the following major charts, which influence you genuinely:

  • Lagna/Lagnam chart,
  • Moon sign chart/Moon Chart, and
  • Sun sign chart

According to Astrology, the whole lifespan of an individual is contained in 12 Houses in a Birth Chart. Each house again indicates distinctive everyday issues. Kundali will influence you to comprehend about every one of these concerned areas with the commitment of each of the 12 houses (Bhavas) in Astrology. They empower you to know information about your education, youngsters, marriage, business, life partner, wage and gains and so forth. Furthermore, these houses have their own significance with respect to uncovering diverse parts of life. Simply, everything can be examined through your horoscope if anticipated precisely by an astrologer. We should comprehend underneath how all these 12 houses are controlling various parts of your life:

  1. First House: It is the house of “Yourself”, your inner world and physical existence.
  2. Second House: It is the house of family, wealth and finances.
  3. Third house: It is the house of efforts, communication, skills and siblings.
  4. Fourth House: It is the house of land and property.
  5. Fifth House: It is the house of creativity, knowledge, fun and children.
  6. Sixth House: It is the house of competition, debt, diseases and enemies.
  7. Seventh House: It is the house of marriage and spouse’s characteristics. It also indicates the relationship with other person.
  8. Eighth House: It shows longevity of the person.
  9. Ninth House: It shows our beliefs, higher learning and education.
  10. Tenth House: It is the house of career and profession.
  11. Eleventh house: It is the house of income and gains.
  12. Twelfth House : It is the house of expenses or expenditures.

These 12 houses demonstrate your connection with the external world like with your mother, father, and other family members or relatives, internal condition, your companions, your prizes, acknowledgment and accomplishments and so forth. In any case, if you truly wish to find out about your concerned everyday issues, Kundali will prove to be a beneficial tool to look forward throughout your everyday life.

Importance of Horoscope or Natal Chart

  • Horoscope would empower you to find out about your marriage and wedded life. In Hinduism, we believe in Kundali Milan (Horoscope matching) before marriage to check compatibility between a couple.
  • An yearly report can be made through your horoscope, which guides you to be careful and let you know about various occasions and events for the following year.
  • Horoscope can give you guidelines with respect to your health, diet and how to enhance yourself in those areas you have skills in.
  • Horoscope would help you to influence the right ventures, to deal with your riches and finances, etc.
  • Horoscope would help you to battle with your diseases and adversaries through appropriate planning, and furthermore assist you with recovering your debts.
  • It gives you the data with respect to timing of your marriage and Kuja Dosha.
  • Natal Chart would assist you with knowing the data identified with your vocation and career, and furthermore the area of specialization, keeping in mind your end goal to make progress in that specific field of life.

What are the parameters required to set up the Horoscope?

For the exact forecast about your life, you ought to have exact birth date, birth time and birth place. A Natal Chart or Horoscope at MyKundali makes the birth chart of an individual as per these three parameters:

Birth Chart, as described by ancient sages, depends on your past birth Karmas. It is prominent for an astrologer to analyse from the birth chart the following parameters:

  • Circumstances or conditions under which one is put,
  • Desires of a native,
  • Nature of the outcome,
  • Timing of an event or occasion in one's life,
  • The learning of an astrologer will be restricted, if he would not be aware about theory of Karma or past life deeds.

An astrologer is the individual who guides you a legitimate way towards your inspiration. These days, people are not getting the accurate predictions from astrologers because of invalid expectations. However, at MyKundali, we will give you free individual horoscope with which you can get an insight on your life. It will also help you to perform required remedies and cures at an auspicious time with a specific end goal, i.e. to maintain a strategic distance from any sort of pessimism.