Today Tithi: What Is Tithi Today?

Today tithi is the most important part of the Hindu Panchang. All the important events like fasts, festivals, birthdays, auspicious-inauspicious days, etc. are based on it. So, let's find out all the information related to today tithi-

Tithi for Delhi

Dvadasi (Shukla Paksha)

Thursday, July 18, 2024

What is Today's Tithi?

Tithi Dvadasi
Paksha Shukla
Nakshatra Jyeshtha
Yoga Sukla
Karan Bav
Week Day Thursday
Today Tithi

The 'Panchang' holds special significance in Vedic astrology, which means, the one with five parts. Out of the five parts of the Panchang, Vaar (day), Tithi (date), Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana, the second part has been described as "Tithi".

Through this webpage, we will try to explain the astrological importance of various Tithis (dates), while providing you with accurate information. With this, you will be able to attain proper understanding of the auspicious-inauspicious Tithis according to the Hindu Panchang.

Month Calculation According To The Panchang

In Panchang, the Maas or month is calculated according to the Moon. This is because when we look up from the earth, the size of the Moon keeps increasing or decreasing every day. In this sequence, when the Moon is in its full form, that special day is called 'Purnima'. On the contrary, the day after the Purnima Tithi, the Moon starts to decrease in size and the day when it's not fully visible is called 'Amavasya'. On Amavasya, the Moon is not visible from the earth and then it gradually takes its full form again in 14-15 days. This process goes on like this and is called the Moon cycle and this cycle is divided into two parts in Panchang, which is known as 'Paksha'.

In the first part, the Moon reduces its size after Purnima, till Amavasya, known as Krishna Paksha. And in the second part, the Moon's shape increases continuously, and this period from Amavasya to Purnima is known as Shukla Paksha. Every Paksha is of 14-15 days, which in common language is also called Pakhwada in many regions. One moon cycle is completed after every Paksha (Krishna+Shukla), which is usually of 30 days, and every moon cycle is known as Chandramaas or the Moon month.

What Is Tithi?

Every Moon month is of almost 30 days, and in the Panchang, this time or the 30th part of the month is called Tithi. So if we calculate then each Tithi is of one day. The total number of a Hindu tithi or date in the Panchang is 16, with Amavasya and Purnima occurring only once. But the other Tithis occur twice. So, there are 30 Tithis in every Moon month, in which the first 15 Tithis comes under the first part, i.e. the Shukla Paksha, while the next 15 Tithis comes under the second part, i.e. the Shukla Paksha.

Importance Of Today Tithi

With the help of today Tithi, a person can commence any new activity without hesitation. This provides a person with auspicious dates that helps them fulfill all the new work with positivity. Likewise, the inauspicious Tithi helps a person stay alert. The name of various Tithis as per the Panchang and their significance is as follows:

  • Pratipada: This Tithi is also known as 'Padwa', which is significant for attaining wealth and grains. It is a progress giving Tithi, whose lord is Agnidev.
  • Dwitiya: In Vedic astrology, this Tithi is also known as 'Dooj', whose lord is Brahma. Therefore, by worshiping lord Brahma on this Tithi, a person becomes knowledgeable and educated. This is an auspicious date.
  • Tritiya: It is also known as 'Teej', whose lord is Yaksharaj Kuber. This is why a person attains immense wealth by worshiping lord Kuber on this date. This Tithi is considered to be a force/power provider.
  • Chaturthi: This Tithi is also called 'Chauth', whose lord is Goddess Parvati's son, Lord Ganesha. If a person worships lord Ganesha on this Tithi, then he gets rid of all the obstacles and enemies in life.
  • Panchami: This Tithi's lors is Nagraj. If a person worships lord Naagraj on this date then he gets rid of the fear of poison. Besides this, a native is free from Naga Dosha. This date is Lakshmi Prada.
  • Shashthi: This Tithi is also known as 'Chath', whose lord is Kartikeya or lord Murugan. Therefore, by worshiping Kartikeya on this date, a person becomes highly meritorious, well-groomed, and gets the blessings of longevity. This Tithi is known to give Yash Prada i.e. accomplishment.
  • Saptami: This Tithi is also known as 'Saatam', whose lord is Chitrabhanu. If a person worships Lord Suryanarayan named Chitrabhanu on Saptami Tithi, then he gets freedom from all his fears and is protected. This date is friendly.
  • Ashtami: This date is also called 'Aatham', whose lord is Rudra. On this tithi, by worshiping Lord Sadashiv or the Rudra form of Lord Shiva, one gets knowledge and immense radiance. Along with this, a person also gets freedom from all kinds of bondages. These are dual dates.
  • Navami: It is also called 'Naumi', which is governed by Goddess Durga. So by worshiping her on this day, all the wishes of the native are fulfilled, and he attains success in life. This is a fiery date that gives aggression, so it is forbidden to do auspicious work during this time.
  • Dashami: It is also known as 'Dasam', and is governed by Lord Yamraj. Worshiping Yama during this time frees a person from the fear of hell and death. This is a gentle i.e. calm date.
  • Ekadashi: Ekadashi or 'Gyaras' has great significance in Jainism along with Hinduism., whose lord is Mahadev. On this Tithi, by worshiping Lord Shiva and his various forms, a person attains child-related happiness, wealth, property, etc. This is a happiness providing date.
  • Dwadashi: It is also known as 'Baaras' and it is governed by Lord Vishnu. By worshiping Lord Vishnu on this date, a person always gets victory and is worshiped in all the worlds. This date is auspicious.
  • Trayodashi: It is also called "Teras", whose deity is Kamadeva. By worshiping Lord Kamdev on this date, a person gets the best life partner. At the same time, he is also successful in fulfilling all his wishes. This is Jai Prada i.e. the date of victory.
  • Chaturdashi: It is also called "Chaudas", whose goddess is Kali. By worshiping Maa Kali on this date, one can get rid of all kinds of negative energies, while getting all the opulences and child happiness. It is a fiery date that gives aggression, so it is more important for the rituals related to tantra-mantra.
  • Amavasya: We also call it "Amavas", whose lord is Aryama. Dev Aryaman or Aryama is worshiped as the god of ancestors. For this reason, the day of Amavasya is considered auspicious for worshiping ancestors and it gives wealth, age and strength and power to the natives.
  • Purnima: It is called "Pooranmashi", whose lord Chandra Dev (Moon). So, by worshiping Chandradev on this date, a person gets freedom from Chandra Dosha and becomes the lord of every place. Also, this is a gentle Tithi.

However, apart from this, each date is again divided into 5 elements, considering their auspiciousness and inauspiciousness. These are as follows:-

  1. Nanda
  2. Bhadra
  3. Rikta
  4. Jaya
  5. Purna

Through our webpage, you can find out today Tithi and the auspicious timings according to your city, and move ahead towards completing your tasks successfully.