Thirumana Porutham - Nakshatra Porutham


Thirumana Porutham, also simply known as Porutham, is a very important part of marriage process. Anything done right from the very beginning will lead to definite success; and if it’s marriage we are talking about, then Porutham is the first thing to start with. Read further to know more about Porutham...

Porutham or Thirumana Porutham is like the core which holds all the aspects of the marriage, according to the Tamil astrology. This process of Thirumana Porutham involves comparison of the boy’s and girl’s Nakshatras (constellation) to find the perfect match and ensure their long & happy life. Before we move onto understanding the Thirumana Porutham process in depth, fill up the below given form to get your Thirumana Porutham report for free.

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The main concept followed in the Porutham process is the usage of the Dasha Koot. Dasha Koot mean 10 points or 10 Porutham. If the 10 Porutham of the girl and the boy have a good match, it is considered a match made in heaven. Now let’s understand these 10 Porutham in detail.

Rasi Porutham

Rasi means zodiac signs in Tamil Astrology. In Thirumana Porutham, Rasi Porutham involves testing the compatibility between the zodiac signs of the two individuals. A blissful and happy life is promised to those whose Rasi are found to be compatible. The Rasi or zodiac sign of a person is determined by the position of the Moon at the time of birth, which in turn determines their character and physical characteristics. A lot can be understood about a person just by knowing their zodiac sign; whether he/she has a soft character or a bold character, all can be judged with the help of the Rasi. As such, it is important for the Rasi of the individuals who are planning for a wedlock to share a cordial bond with each other. Rasi Porutham comes as a useful remedy when other much complicated Porutham do not match.

Normally, a match is considered to be most appropriate if the Rasi of the girl or the boy is in 7th position. But, there is a lot more complexity and depth in Rasi Porutham to justify the match or mismatch between the two individuals. Like, if the Rasi of both the boy and girl fall in the 6th or 8th position of each other, it is called Sashtashtaga Dosham (inauspicious).

Rasyadhipathi Porutham

The compatibility between the ruling lords of the boy and the girl is determined by the Rasyadhipathi or Rasi Athipathi Porutham. This Porutham ensures a healthy understanding between the two families (in-laws). So, if the lords of both the individuals share a friendly relationship, it is considered a good match to proceed with. If they share a neutral relationship, even then marriage is considered; but if they share a rivalry, it is a strict no. For instance, Aries and Scorpio are two Rashi for which Mangal (Mars) is the Athipathi. But, as Mercury is rival to Mars and Mars is rival to Saturn; Aries and Scorpio will not match with Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius. Rasyadhipathi Porutham is also the one considered for Santhanam, meaning offsprings.

Vasya Porutham

Vasya Porutham is considered to ensure good compatibility between the boy and the girl. This Porutham will ensure mutual attraction between the two and also help the couple in enjoying pleasurable moments together. Vasya Porutham will have much more importance when Poruthams like Ganam and Rasi are giving trouble. For example, if the girl’s Rasi is Aries and boy’s Rasi is Scorpio or Leo, they will be compatible. Similarly, the zodiac signs that are compatible with each other are Gemini with Virgo and Libra with Capricorn, to name a few.

Mahendra Porutham

In Thirumana Porutham, Mahendra Porutham ensures the longevity of the bond the couple share. In Nakshatra Porutham, Mahendra porutham is considered for Santhanam, it represents progeny. Children complete a family and having a positive Mahendra Porutham will give you the first sign of achieving a complete family.

Gana Porutham

The 27 Nakshatras in astrology are divided into three sub-categories or Ganas, they are, Deva Ganam, Raakshasa Ganam, Manushya Ganam. Gana Porutham denotes the physical characteristics the boy and girl would share. If they both share the same Ganam, it is most appropriate and is called Eka Ganam. If the boy is of Deva ganam and the girl is of Manushya Ganam, then also it can be considered; but if both belong to Raakshasa Ganam, it is considered as a mismatch.

Yoni Porutham

In Nakshatra Porutham, Yoni Porutham denotes the physical or sexual compatibility between the girl and the boy. There are certain Nakshatras (constellations) that are termed ‘not’ compatible with each other. Every Nakshatra is assigned to an animal and with this, we can determine their compatibility. For example, cat and rat are arch rivals, there will be no peace and understanding between the couple. Poosam (which is represented by a goat) is not compatible with Chithirai (which is represented by tiger). As such, if proper care is taken into finding the pair which is compatible with each other, they will enjoy a beautiful physical relationship with intimacy.

Dina Porutham

Dina Porutham ensures a long, prosperous and a healthy life, free from all the discomforts that life can pose to the couple. Once the stars of the boy and the girl show a good compatible percentage, the match can go ahead. This will ensure a promising future for the couple, free from illness and poverty. But, whatever the case may be, the last Nakshatra (constellation) (which is the 27th Nakshatra) has to be rejected from any calculations.

Stree Deergha Porutham

In 10 Porutham, a good Stree Deergha Porutham ensures the couple a life of good wealth, prosperity and happiness. If the boy’s Nakshatra is 13 Nakshatras above that of the girl’s then the match is considered to be optimum. But, for some of the cases, if the boy’s Nakshatra is above 7 Nakshatras that of the girl, is considered enough to go ahead with the match. And the case where the boy’s Nakshatra (constellation) is above 7 constellations and below 13 constellations that of the girl, is considered moderate and the matchmaking can still be considered.

Rajji Porutham/ Rajju Dosha

Rajji or Rajju Porutham is considered to be one of the most important Porutham points and there are no compromises while making these calculations. Rajju Porutham denotes the girl’s Maangalya Bhakyam and having a strong positive sign is utmost important. The 27 constellations are divided into 5 groups, with each group representing a human body segment. These groups are named as follows:

  1. Sirasu Rajju - Head portion
  2. Kanda Rajju - Neck portion
  3. Udhara Rajju - Middle portion
  4. Ooru Rajju - Thigh portion and
  5. Paada Rajju - Feet portion

If the boy and girl belong to the same Rajju, then it is considered as an inappropriate match. This means Eka Rajju is not compatible. For instance, the Sirasu Rajju comprises following constellations: Chithirai, Avittam and Mrigaseersham. So, if the boy and the girl belong to any of these three constellations, their match is not considered and it will result in Rajju Dosham. Further, it is believed that if the girl is free from Rajju Dosham, the girl will have a strong Maangalya Bhakyam.

Vethai Porutham/ Vedha Dosha

In Thirumana Porutham, Vettai Porutham represents the failure or hardships that the couple might face, if a proper match is not made. This could lead to divorce in future. There are certain constellations that are deemed to be repellent of the other. A match made between the two could lead to a disastrous marriage. Below mentioned is the list of constellations that have a repellent quality with the other.

  • Aswini - not - Kettai
  • Bharani - not - Anusham
  • Krithigai - not - Visakam
  • Rohini - not - Swathi
  • Meigaseersham - not - Chithirai, avittam
  • Thiruvadirai - not - Thiruvonam 
  • Punarpoosam - not - Uthiradam
  • Poosam - not - Pooradam
  • Ayilyam - not - Moolam
  • Makam - not - Revathi
  • Pooram - not - Uthirattathi
  • Uthiram - not - Pooratthathi
  • Hastham - not - Sadayam

If care is taken to observe the above details while preparing the matching process, the couple to be wed will have a future free from all the discomforts of life.