Mundan Muhurat in 2020: Mundan Sanskar 2020 Dates

Mundan Sanskar 2020 reveals auspicious Mundan Muhurat in 2020 dates during which the ceremony can be organized. Tonsure Ceremony and rites are still practised among Hindus on a large scale. During this ritual, the hair at the time of the birth is cut, and a prosperous and fulfilling life is wished for the child. Mundan Sanskar is the eighth among sixteen Hindu Sanskars, and holds high significance in the growth and well-being of the child. In this article, we will reveal the auspicious Mundan Muhurat 2020 dates on which the ceremony can be performed, and rituals to follow when organizing the Mundan Ceremony for Baby Girl or Boy.

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Mundan Sanskar 2020

Mundan Muhurat in 2020 Auspicious Timings

Date Day Muhurat Duration
27 January, 2020 Mon 07:12-32:23
31 January, 2020 Fri 06:10-31:10
5 February , 2020 Wed 07:07-21:32
7 February, 2020 Fri 07:06-18:33
13 February, 2020 Thurs 09:25-20:48
14 February, 2020 Fri 18:23-31:00
17 February, 2020 Mon 14:37-29:14
21 February, 2020 Fri 09:13-17:22
28 February, 2020 Fri 06:47-28:03
5 March, 2020 Thurs 11:26-30:41
6 March , 2020 Fri 06:40-11:48
11 March, 2020 Wed 19:00-30:35
12 March , 2020 Thurs 06:33-12:01
13 March, 2020 Fri 08:52-14:00
19 March , 2020 Thurs 14:50 - 30:01
26 March , 2020 Thurs 07:17-30:17
3 April , 2020 Fri 06:08-18:41
9 April , 2020 Thurs 06:01-24:15
16 April, 2020 Thurs 18:13-29:54
17 April, 2020 Fri 05:53-29:53
27 April, 2020 Mon 14:31-24:30
29 April, 2020 Wed 15:13-29:41
30 April, 2020 Thurs 05:40-14:40
06 May , 2020 Wed 19:46-29:36
07 May , 2020 Thurs 05:35-11:08
13 May, 2020 Wed 06:01-29:31
20 May , 2020 Wed 05:27-19:44
27 May , 2020 Wed 05:24-24:33
1 June, 2020 Mon 25:03-29:23
3 June, 2020 Wed 09:07-20:43
5 June, 2020 Fri 16:44-24:44
10 June, 2020 Wed 05:22-20:06
12 June, 2020 Fri 05:22-18:48
22 June, 2020 Mon 13:31-29:24
24 June, 2020 Wed 05:24-10:16

In the above list, all the auspicious Mundan Muhurat dates have been mentioned according to the year 2020. Choose the right day and time to shave your newborn’s hair by organizing the Tonsure ceremony in 2020.

Mundan Muhurat in 2020: Calculating Mundan Muhurat

A total of sixteen sanskars exists in Hinduism, and it is believed that organizing these ceremonies at an auspicious muhurat reap beneficial results for the native. The Shubh muhurat for Tonsure ceremony 2020, also called as Mundan ceremony, can be calculated keeping in mind the following elements:

  • Lagna
  • Nakshatra
  • Day or Vaar
  • Tithi or Date

Also, the following nakshatras, month, days, lagna and dates are considered auspicious to conduct the Mundan Sanskar in 2020:

  • Nakshatra: Jyestha, Chitra, Hasta, Mrigashira, and Revati
  • Day: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Date: Dwitiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Shashthi, Navami, Dwadashi
  • Month: Chaitra, Vaishakh, Jyeshta, Ashad, Magh and Falgun
  • Lagna: Second, Third, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Ninth and Twelfth

Mundan Ceremony for Baby Girl in 2020 shouldn’t be performed on Fridays or during the birth nakshatra and birth month. If the planet Moon is placed in the twelfth, eighth and fourth house, then conducting Mundan ceremony in 2020 is said to bear inauspicious results. Keeping these facts in mind help to calculate the auspicious Mundan Muhurat 2020 and perform the ritual well.

Mundan Muhurat in 2020: Significance

The first hair cut ceremony performed after the birth of the child is said to be of high significance. As per the beliefs, the hair from the birth is said to be impure and associated with the past life. In order to get rid of any lingering impurities or negativity from the past life, the Chudakarana Ceremony or Mundan ceremony is organized. This ritual is majorly performed either at home or temple.

Mundan muhurat 2020 dates offer the natives a chance to know the auspicious time, nakshatra and time during which the Tonsure Ceremony 2020 can be performed. The mental health of the child remains good and s/he can use his/her mind in a meaningful way is the major objective of Mundan Sanskar. Vedic mantras are chanted during the ceremony when the head of the child is shaven, and the hair is offered into the sacred river like Ganga. Mundan Ceremony for Baby Girl in 2020 can be conducted only if the child is two, four or six years old, whereas Mundan Ceremony for Baby Boy in 2020 can be conducted if the child is three, five or seven years old.

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Mundan Muhurat in 2020: Benefits Of Mundan Ceremony

A child bears several benefits by performing the Mundan Sanskar. When performing the Mundan Ceremony in 2020, below are the benefits incurred by the child:

  • The body temperature of the child becomes normal, and s/he feels better.
  • On a religious front, the child gets rid of all impurities and undesirable elements and becomes clean.
  • Performing the Mundan Sanskar as per Mundan Muhurat 2020 helps in the improvement of the child’s eyesight and head’s skin openings.
  • The child gets directly exposed to sunlight, hereby receiving Vitamin D through his/her clean and shaved head. This helps to strengthen the skin cells and skull as well.
  • Tonsure Ceremony 2020 helps in regularising blood flow and neurological development in a child.
  • The child gets relief from pain or headache during the teething process, which eventually begins after the Mundan is performed.

Hence, keeping these points in mind when calculating the auspicious Mundan Muhurat 2020 helps to garner desired results. Perform Mundan Sanskar 2020 and let your child grow in a healthy manner.

Mundan Muhurat in 2020: Know Mundan Ceremony Rituals

Mundan Sanskar in 2020 is performed as per the rituals mentioned below. Following these during the Mundan Muhurat 2020 helps to gain auspicious results.

  • Before proceeding with the ceremony, the place must be cleaned properly, and the tools and equipment must be sterilized well.
  • Place neat and well-washed clothes to be worn by the child after the ceremony is over.
  • Auspicious Mundan Muhurat 2020 mentioned above can be consulted to perform the ceremony at the best time, nakshatra and date.
  • After this, the child is made to sit on his/her mother’s lap and face the Havan Kund in the West direction.
  • Firstly, Lord Ganesha must be venerated with a devoted heart. Parents and other family members must wish for the child’s prosperity and happiness when venerating the Lord.
  • Beginning the ritual, the priest should cut the first strand of hair, after which the barber continues the process. During this, mantras are continuously chanted.
  • After the hair is cut, the child’s head should be washed thoroughly with Gangajal, and a mixture of turmeric, curd and milk must be applied on the head as an antiseptic.
  • A Brahmin Bhoj is conducted after the ceremony gets over, where Brahmins are fed and asked to bless the child.
  • Finally, the shaved hair should be mixed with cow dung and wheat and disposed.

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Things To Keep In Mind During Mundan Sanskar

There are certain things which must be taken care of and kept in mind when conducting Mundan Sanskar in 2020 during the Mundan Muhurat 2020. Below are the points mentioned:

  • The Tonsure Ceremony in 2020 must be performed accurately as per the rituals and religious provisions.
  • Look after the baby and see if s/he needs anything or is uncomfortable.
  • Keeping toys or such things in front of the child which can distract him is the best option. In this manner, s/he won’t move much and the ritual will get completed smoothly.
  • Feed the baby and let him/her rest well. A cranky baby isn’t the best sight.
  • Disinfect and sterilize the razor or shaving tool before the ceremony begins.
  • A warm bath after the Mundan Ceremony is a well-needed requirement. This helps to get rid of unwanted hair and wash off any impurities. Keeping these tips in mind helps to perform Mundan Sanskar in 2020 in a better way.

Above we have mentioned all the details regarding how to perform the Mundan Sanskar in 2020. Know Mundan Muhurat 2020 dates and significance of carrying out the Mundan Ceremony in 2020.