Hindu Calendar 2014

Hindu Calendar 2014

The Hindu Calendar 2014 is also recognized as 'Panchang'. It is an important part of the lives of all Hindus. Hindu Calendar 2014 is extremely essential for calculating the exact dates of various Hindu festivals together with the auspicious days and time for observing various Hindu rituals. The Hindu Calendar 2014 basically depends on the movements of Moon. Allusions to these kinds of calendars can be witnessed in Rig Veda.

It is believed that Greek and Babylonian ideas of astrology completely reformed the calendar system in India. Since then, in the Hindu Calendar 2014, both the lunar and solar movements were considered while making calculations to get the exact dates. On the other hand, Hindu Calendar 2014 puts forward detailed information regarding all the religious festivals, propitious events, important dates and auspicious Muhurats.

The Hindu Calendar 2014 provides details about the accurate time and date for the Hindu festivals. Hindu Calendar 2014 also tells about the auspicious Muhurat for marriage. The Moon phases like Purnima (Full Moon), Amavasya (New Moon), Navami (Ninth Lunar Day) and Ashtami (Eighth Lunar Day) together with some other important dates in the Hindu religion are also indicated by the Hindu Calendar 2014. Now, Hindu Calendar 2014 is available on Get all the required detailed information about the important dates & time, auspicious Muhurat for marriage or to get started with something new with the aid of Hindu calendar 2014 that is presented by MyKundali.

Hindu calendar for January 2014

New Year Wednesday 1st January, 2014
Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Saturday 4th January, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Monday 13th January, 2014
Makar Sankranthi Tuesday 14th January, 2014
Makara Jyothi Tuesday 14th January, 2014
Milad-ul-Nabi (Sunni) Tuesday 14th January, 2014
Thiruvalluvar Day / Maattu Pongal Wednesday 15th January, 2014
Kaanum Pongal (Uzhavar Thirunal) Thursday 16th January, 2014
Milad-ul-Nabi (Shia) Sunday 19th January, 2014
Republic Day Sunday 26th January, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Tuesday 28th January, 2014
Gandhi Samaadhi Thursday 30th January, 2014

Hindu calendar for February 2014

Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Sunday 2nd February, 2014
Ratha Saptami Thursday 6th February, 2014
Bhishma Ekadasi Sunday 9th February, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Wednesday 12th February, 2014
Valentine's Day Friday 14th February, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Thursday 27th February, 2014
National Science Day Friday 28th February, 2014
Maha Shivrathri Friday 28th February, 2014

Hindu calendar for March 2014

Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Tuesday 4th March, 2014
International Women's Day Saturday 8th March, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Thursday 13th March, 2014
Holi Sunday 16th March, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Friday 28th March, 2014
Hindi New Year Monday 31st March, 2014
Gudi Padwa Monday 31st March, 2014

Hindu calendar for April 2014

Fool's Day Tuesday 1st April, 2014
Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Thursday 3rd April, 2014
Rama Navami Tuesday 8th April, 2014
Shani Maha Pradosha Vrutha Saturday 12th April, 2014
Mahavir Jayanti Sunday 13th April, 2014
Dr. B.R. Ambedkars Birthday Monday 14th April, 2014
Bengali New Year Monday 14th April, 2014
Hanuman Jayanthi Tuesday 15th April, 2014
Chithra Pournami Tuesday 15th April, 2014
Maundy Thursday Thursday 17th April, 2014
Good Friday Friday 18th April, 2014
Easter Sunday 20th April, 2014
Shani Maha Pradosha Vrutha Saturday 26th April, 2014

Hindu calendar for May 2014

May Day Thursday 1st May, 2014
Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Friday 2nd May, 2014
Akshaya Tritiya Friday 2nd May, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Monday 12th May, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Monday 26th May, 2014
Vat Savitri Amavasya Wednesday 28th May, 2014

Hindu calendar for June 2014

Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Sunday 1st June, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Tuesday 10th June, 2014
Vat Savitri Purnima Friday 13th June, 2014
Father's Day Sunday 15th June, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Tuesday 24th June, 2014
Ramadan Fasting Starts Sunday 29th June, 2014
Puri Ratha Yathra Sunday 29th June, 2014

Hindu calendar for July 2014

Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Tuesday 1st July, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Thursday 10th July, 2014
Guru Purnima Saturday 12th July, 2014
Sawan Begins (North India) Sunday 13th July, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Thursday 24th July, 2014
Sawan Begins (South & West India) Sunday 27th July, 2014
Ramadan (Eid al-Fitr) Monday 28th July, 2014
Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Wednesday 30th July, 2014
Nag Panchami Thursday 31st July, 2014

Hindu calendar for August 2014

Pradosha Vrutha Friday 8th August, 2014
Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan Sunday 10th August, 2014
Sawan Ends (North India) Sunday 10th August, 2014
Independence Day Friday 15th August, 2014
Kolla Varsham Aarambam Sunday 17th August, 2014
Krishna Janmashtami Sunday 17th August, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Friday 22nd August, 2014
Sawan Ends (South & West India) Monday 25th August, 2014
Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Friday 29th August, 2014
Ganesh Chathurthi Friday 29th August, 2014

Hindu calendar for September 2014

Shani Maha Pradosha Vrutha Saturday 6th September, 2014
Onam Sunday 7th September, 2014
Shradh Begins Monday 8th September, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Sunday 21st September, 2014
Shradh Ends Tuesday 23rd September, 2014
Amavasya Shraddha Wednesday 24th September, 2014
Navaratri Thursday 25th September, 2014
Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Saturday 27th September, 2014

Hindu calendar for October 2014

Durgashtami Wednesday 1st October, 2014
Chinese New Year Thursday 2nd October, 2014
Gandhi Jayanthi Thursday 2nd October, 2014
Maha Navami Thursday 2nd October, 2014
Vijaya Dasami / Dussehra Friday 3rd October, 2014
Bakrid (Eid al-Adha) Saturday 4th October, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Monday 6th October, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Tuesday 21st October, 2014
Deewali Thursday 23rd October, 2014
Nagula Chavithi Monday 27th October, 2014
Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Monday 27th October, 2014

Hindu calendar for November 2014

Kerala Piravi Saturday 1st November, 2014
Day of Ashura Monday 3rd November, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Tuesday 4th November, 2014
Mandala Kaalam Aarambam Monday 17th November, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Thursday 20th November, 2014
Muharram Ends Sunday 23rd November, 2014
Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Tuesday 25th November, 2014

Hindu calendar for December 2014

World AIDS Day Monday 1st December, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Thursday 4th December, 2014
Karthika Deepam Friday 5th December, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Friday 19th December, 2014
Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Thursday 25th December, 2014
Christmas Thursday 25th December, 2014

The Hindu Calendar 2014 is still calculated and created in accordance with the lunar movements. Hindu calendar 2014 actually lends you a hand in making exact planning for the entire year. With the help of Hindu Calendar 2014, you can keep your work schedule easily managed and ultimately, you can enjoy all upcoming festivals to the fullest. Consult Hindu Calendar 2014 and simplify your life in the best possible manner. With the help of Hindu Calendar 2014, you can plan all your work in advance. Hindu Calendar 2014 will lend you a hand in noting down the essential dates and festivals of the year 2014. Hindu Calendar is based on the Hindu customs and beliefs.

Hindu Calendar 2014 endows the viewers with the most appropriate details about the religious activities that will take place in the upcoming year. A lot of people have hectic work schedules and cannot compromise with their work in any condition, this is when Hindu Calendar 2014 can work as the best assistance for the concerned person in managing the work schedule in a perfect way. So, if you also want your life to be simplified and free from all the worries related to arrangements that has to be done for the upcoming festivals and Vrats (fastings), then we suggest you to refer Hindu Calendar 2014.