Shani Sade Sati 2016

Are you born under Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius sign? Is your zodiac sign Aries or Leo? If you belong to the former category, Sade Sati will hit you in 2016. Though, if you are from Aries or Leo, Shani Dhaiya is predicted for you. Know more here...

Shani Sade Sati is counted among the major conditions of Saturn. It happens when Saturn resides in the twelfth of Moon (of birth time). Sade Sati ends when Saturn’s transit comes in the third of Moon (of birth time). According to calculations, Saturn stays for 2.5 years in one sign; therefore, it travel through these three signs in 7.5 years. These seven and a half years are termed ‘Sade Sati’.

Other than Sade Sati, Dhaiya, is also an important planetary phase of Saturn. It takes place when Saturn transits in fourth or eighth of Moon (of birth time). As its impact lasts for 2.5 years, it has got this name.

In 2016, zodiac signs Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius will face Sade Sati; while, Aries and Leo will go through Shani Dhaiya.

Be it Sade Sati or Dhaiya, both are considered fatal by most of us. But, this is not true and these planetary phases are not always unfavorable. You can cherish the favorable side of Saturn, if it is posited at superior position in your birthchart. However, if Moon and Saturn surrounded by malefic planets are posited at inauspicious places in one’s birth chart, both these events (Sade Sati and Dhaiya) lead to sufferings, stress, wealth loss, problems related to employment, quarrels, expenses and sufferings to animal.

Shani Sade Sati 2016

Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius are under the effect of Shani Sade Sati this year. Here’s a look into their future.


Saturn will reside in your second house, which signals careful check on your finances. You are expected to get unexpected money. It would be good not to invest it without thinking carefully. You might get profits through abroad or distant journeys. Be careful in everything you do. Though there will be continuous hurdles, but you will successfully accomplish your endeavors. Talk sweet with everyone and make sure to keep your family together. Postpone plans of relocating to a new place or starting any new venture.


  • Serve the patients of leprosy
  • Wrap 1.25 kgs coal and one iron nail in a black cloth. Rotate it around your head and then float in running water.


Saturn will transit in the first house of Scorpions. It is posited under the Saturn constellation of Mercury, which is the lord of your eleventh and eighth house. During this transit, you will have mixed results coming for you. It will take more time for you to complete your tasks. Even though struggle and hurdles are predicted, but success is also assured. It would be good to share friendly term with your boss and seniors. Don’t let problems affect your bond with them. Be very careful from your opponents. Handle financial matters very smartly. Control your habit of spending money without thinking. Value emotions and feelings of your spouse. Be attentive toward your health and avoid acting stubborn.


  • Offer jaggery to monkeys.
  • Avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food.


Saturn will transit in the twelfth house (house of expenses) of Sagittarians. Here, it is posited under the constellation of Mercury (lord of tenth and seventh house). As a result, it will bring hurdles in your daily life schedule. Don’t feel low, as you will overcome these hurdles and get success as per your desire. Make sure to be attentive toward your health and visit your doctor on timely basis. Natives who have any health issue, should take very good care of their health. Control your expenses. Be careful from your opponents. Behave politely with everyone and talk sweetly. Matters related to foreign will improve.


  • Offer vermilion (Sindoor) to Lord Hanuman on Saturday and chant Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Float 11 husk coconuts in running water on Saturday.

Shani Dhaiya

As Aries and Leo are under the effect of Dhaiya, let us predict their fate now.


Saturn will reside in the eighth house from this sign. Be careful from enemies. Keep a check on your health as well. Ups & downs are possible in business and job. Work hard and you will enjoy promotion. Don’t invest money under anybody’s influence. Talk politely with everyone and keep your family members in unity. Your expectations in terms of love and children might not get fulfilled.


  • Feed ants with flour
  • Donate shoes and black clothes to the needy


Saturn is posited in your fourth house. As a result, you have to work really hard to get results according to your wish. Saturn will reside in Mercury, which is the lord of your second and eleventh house; hence, hard work will bring profits pay for you. If you are planning to buy new property or vehicle, you might buy them now. Shift your concentration toward your professional life. Service people will get better results. Take good care of health and be attentive toward domestic life as well.


  • Feed black cow with milk and rice
  • Offer vermilion (Sindoor) to Lord Hanuman every Saturday

Now, you are familiar with the impact of Sade Sati and Dhaiya. Other than telling you about predictions of both these planetary phases, we have provided some really useful remedies as well. Let us now tell you about some remedies given in our legends. Some of these solutions are:

  • Offering oil
  • Offering Chaya Patra Daan (vessel in which oil is poured and shadow of face is seen before donating)
  • Chanting Shani Mantra
  • Performing Dashansh Havan
  • Observing fast on Saturday
  • Donating seven types of grains
  • Worshiping Peepal tree on early morning of Saturday

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