Yearly Capricorn Horoscope 2017

If you seek to find, what fate has in store for all the people who belong to the zodiac sign capricorn, read along our in-depth monthwise review of what to expect as we extensively cover the horoscope for 2017

Capricorn horoscope for 2017 is loaded with all the predictions of the New Year.


As per your horoscope for 2017, you will be able to feel the rush of new energy and positivity in you this month. Your work that has been at a standstill will gain speed again. Financially, you might gain strength and sturdiness in this duration. Working professionals and businessmen will taste immense success. Avoid investments in share market, lottery and betting for some time. Students falling under the category of capricorn zodiac, must stay careful regarding their health. They might also face hurdles in their studies. You might have to go an extra mile to maintain peace in the family. Try to be polite to everyone and do not indulge in arguments. You might consider getting associated with a spiritual organisation or might plan a pilgrimage. Your married life will be packed with compassion, love and delight. This month will be pleasant for love relations but you might have to watch out for unnecessary tiffs with your beloved. Your health is expected to remain sound. It is suggested that you prioritize your health as much as you do to your work.

Remedy: Wearing a seven-faced Rudraksh will be beneficial for you.

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Your work might make you travel this month. According to the horoscope for 2017, business owners associated with foreign countries for work might gain financial benefits. You must think twice before taking any financial decision. Your expenses are expected to rise in this duration. Capricorn students will outdo themselves this month. Their hard work will pay off and those planning to make a journey for higher education might get successful too. You might spend on the health of a family member. Your better half might get a promotion or social recognition at work which will be the reason for your delight. This month is expected to be blissful for love relations. You will be able to feel the increase in love, mutual understanding and maturity amongst you two. Your health might keep you on your toes this month. You might feel angry and highly irritated for no specific reason. Remedy: Budding lawyers, industrialists and businessmen are especially recommended to wear a ring made of black horseshoe. It will help you gain prosperity and financial benefits.


As per your horoscope for 2017, you might change your job or might get a transfer this month. You might get financially benefitted from foreign sources. You might experience immense success in your job in this duration. An unforeseen promotion might lead to a hike in your income. Businessmen associated with Music, Theatre, Automobile, expensive foreign Antique items will experience financial gains. You must stay cautious in matters related to finances this month as chances of sudden financial gain or loss are high. Capricorn students will find improved interest in their studies which will make them excel. Suggestion from a friend might help you at work. Your partner will gain tremendous success professionally which will fill you with joy and satisfaction. Those looking for love might get lucky this month as this duration is expected to breed love in relationships. Your health might be a matter of concern this month especially issues related to eyes, mouth and feet.

Remedy: Feed pakoras to the crows for financial benefits and keeping health issues at bay.


Working professionals can expect success in their job this month. As indicated in the horoscope for 2017, the capricorn zodiac sign, especially those associated with Media, Marketing and Sales can expect a hike in their salaries. Businessmen dealing with foreign items will benefit this month. You must stay cautious in matters related to finances and avoid hasty investments. Students will benefit in this duration as their professors and mentors will be supportive of them. You might consider taking a loan in this duration. Your family life can be predicted to stay pleasant. Your relation with your spouse will get stronger as your love for them will increase. Your love relation will flourish. This month will be a good time to express your love to the special person in your life. You will have to be careful towards your health. Try to stay calm and avoid getting angry on petty issues.

Remedy: Flow black lentils, black sesame and coconut in flowing water.


Working professionals will prosper this month. As per your horoscope for 2017, you might succeed in your struggle of finding a job in this duration. Businessmen might experience passiveness in their business. Avoid rushed investments. Your family life might get a bit disturbed as your mother might not experience good health. You might plan a trip to a spiritual place with your friends to regain your mental balance. Capricorn students associated with Art, Management and Technical studies can expect good results this month. Health of your spouse might keep you worried this month. Maintain your calm in your love relation. You might suffer from insomnia and other health problems related to eyes and mouth. You might want to spend more time in entertainment. You can consider taking leave from work and spending more time with your family on a short trip.

Remedy: Light a lamp with sesame oil in it for prosperity and better health.


You can expect financial benefits from foreign sources this month. Horoscope for 2017 strongly suggests that, share market and betting can help businessmen reap huge profits. You will flourish financially this month as your sources of income are expected to increase. You might spend on an auspicious event in this duration. It will be beneficial for you to consult an experienced person before making an investment. Capricorn students will have to work harder to get desired results. Your bond with your friends and siblings will get stronger. An unexpected good news might lift your spirits. Your married life might get upset as your mutual understanding with your partner might get disturbed. Halt your plans of confessing your love to someone. Inculcate clean eating habits and regular exercise in your daily routine to stay fit and healthy.

Remedy: Get a few water kiosks installed for public use.


As per the horoscope for 2017, for the zodiac sign capricorn, professionals working in Communications, Media, Marketing and Property sectors will be highly benefitted. Avoid investing in the share market, betting or lottery this month. Those working abroad can expect huge professional success in this duration. Do not take financial decisions in a rush. Health of a family member might deplete this month causing an increase in expenses. Students will succeed with flying colours in this period. Your domestic life is expected to remain pleasant. You might get associated with a spiritual organisation or get in touch with a spiritual leader. A close friend might help you sort things out in your business. You married life will be full of happiness and surprises as your partner might get success professionally. You must keep your anger in control and try to maintain the balance and calmness between you and your spouse. You will be able to enjoy this month with your love interest as you will get ample opportunities to spend time with each other. Stay cautious while driving and keep an eye out for problems related to health.

Remedy: Acknowledging and promoting spiritual beliefs and faith in God will lead you to success.


This month, As per the horoscope for 2017, will be full of opportunities for working professionals and businessmen to gain benefits. Investments in new ventures might prove to be beneficial for you. Your financial condition is expected to remain sturdy this month. People falling under the capricorn zodiac sign category, especially those who are in business with foreign countries might reap huge profits in this duration. Betting and lottery might lead to an increase in your income. Students might be able to achieve their goals this month. Your family life is expected to be strong and smooth. Your child’s achievements might be the reason for your increased happiness. A friend might come handy if you shall need financial help in this duration. Your relation with your spouse will be happy and fulfilling. You might get to spend more time with your beloved. Some might have to face health issues related to eyes and legs. Yoga and meditation might come to your rescue.

Remedy: Wearing black leather shoes will be beneficial for you.


As per your horoscope for 2017, your professional life will be full of success this month. Those associated with Apparel, Theatre, Cinema, Art, Music, Automobile and foreign Antique items will be able to reap huge benefits in this duration. Stay alert while taking care of financial matters and do not make investments in a rush. You might experience a sudden profit or a loss. Your domestic life will sail smoothly. Capricorn students will be able to reap the benefits of their hard work. Your life partner might achieve success at work bringing joy and happiness to your married life. Your love relation will bloom as you will get enough opportunities to spend quality time with your beloved. You might face health issues related to eyes, mouth and legs this month. Stay careful while driving in this duration.

Remedy: Clean the main door of your house with water every morning.


This month, as per your horoscope for 2017, will provide you with opportunities to defeat your competitors and excel at work. Senior officials will be supportive of you. You will experience loss as well as profit in your business this month. Financially, this month will be strong for you as the inflow of money is expected to increase. You might be interested in new business ventures as well. Your family life will be full of peace and happiness. You might receive social recognition and fame this month. Married life, for capricorn people, might be susceptible to disturbances as the mutual understanding between the two might seem to be disrupted. It will be wise to keep arguments and verbal clashes at bay. Your love relation might need to be handled with care as your beloved might feel easily irritable and cranky in this duration. Those who are planning to get married soon might have to face a few problems this month. You will be in the pink of your health and might plan short trips and fun tours for rejuvenation.

Remedy: Feeding flour to black ants will be beneficial for you.


Your understanding and balance with your seniors at work might help you get a promotion or recognition and appreciation at work. As per the horoscope for 2017, for the zodiac sign capricorn, some might consider changing their job. Those who are associated with business related to foreign countries might be able to reap immense benefits this month. Your financial condition might get upgraded in this duration. Your investments are expected to bear fruit. Your family life will be stable. The efforts of your life partner might contribute in the enhancement of your financial status. Those planning to gain higher education or associated with research will be able to get desired results. A close friend might help you gain financial benefits in your business. Your married life might face problems due to lack of balance and understanding between you and your spouse. Try to maintain your calm and control your anger. Lovers might also face problems in this duration. Halt your plans of love confession this month. Your health might need extra attention. Do not take your health issues lightly and do consult a doctor if needed.

Remedy: Read Sunderkand Path of Ramcharitmanas on a regular basis for prosperity and keeping professional hurdles at bay.


As per your horoscope for 2017, you might travel abroad for work this month. You might gain unforeseen benefits in your business in this duration. Do not take hasty financial decisions. Businessmen associated with foreign resources might gain profits through planned investments. Your family life is expected to be pleasant. If you are a capricorn, you might consider purchasing a new house. Health of your father might need careful attention this month. Your partner might gain immense success professionally which will induce happiness and joy in your married life. Your beloved will be supportive of you in everything. Your love life will blossom in this duration. Do not take your health lightly. Try to stay calm and do not let anger or mental anxiety overpower you. Stay cautious while driving and try to avoid using your vehicle as much as you can.

Remedy: Put a few grains of black sesame and black mustard in your bathing water before taking bath with it.

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