Yearly Leo Horoscope 2017

Leo Horoscope 2017 is on deck to help you plan your year to be able to attain maximum benefits and reduce the obstacles to the minimum.

Leo horoscope for 2017 is loaded with all the predictions of the New Year.


Familial relations will remain fabulous this month; You’ll influence one and many as per the predictions of the Leo horoscope of 2017. With your intelligence and prowess you’ll be able to soar high at work. Glory and praise at work is predicted; a business trip could also happen. Domestic life will be blissful; mother might have to take special care of her health. Siblings will be supportive during this time. Triumph of your children will make you rejoice. Financially, you’ll have a great time. Your married life will be brilliant, as tuning with your partner will be amazing. You’ll be inclined towards your lover; chances are that you’ll get frustrated even by a minute’s separation from your better half. Health will be satisfactory; Yoga and meditation can help you strengthen your core body as well as attain inner peace.

Remedy: use a copper vessel to offer water to the sun.

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This month could toll the promotion bells for you as by your horoscope of 2017 of Leo sign. You might consider changing your jobs; going for a business trip is also possible for some. Financially, the month will be in your favour; profitable deals are in store for you this month. You might get plenty of chances to earn profits from different sources. Students might get distracted from their studies. An unforeseen trip with family might happen for some, which would tighten the bond and help you create memories with them. Spending on luxuries and buying items for your comfort living might interest you during this time. Married life will be blissfully happy; you and your partner will enjoy spending time together. Love affairs may be distressed; you’re likely to feel distant from your partner. Health wise, the time is in your favour.

Remedy: Facing towards east while eating food will be beneficial for you.


You can expect a promotion or glory at work this month as per the horoscope of 2017 for the sign Leo. Your life partner will lend their support to you at workplace which will be of great assistance to you, financially. As per your horoscope for this month, you'll have a financially blessed year. Students might face some health issues during this period. An auspicious event at home might take place this month. Your mother and father must stay alert about their health. A long lost friend could return into your life and ease your stress. Married life might struggle a bit due to temper tantrums of both you and your spouse; patience and understanding plays a pivotal role in any relationship. Love affairs will also face a challenging time as confrontation and arguments are highly probable. Health wise the month doesn't look too good for you. Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to stay in shape.

Remedy: Using saffron in food will benefit you immensely.


You’ll get plenty of options for growth at work this month as stated in the Leo horoscope of 2017. Risky investments might benefit you this month; share market and lottery might prove to be lucrative for you. Financially, this month will be fabulous for you. Long trips would produce good returns for you. Due to bad health, students might have to face difficulties. Domestic life will be satisfactory; you’ll be less interested in the materialistic things life has to offer. Family will be supportive and stick with you through thick and thin. Married life might have to face certain issues this month; stand by your partner and lend them a caring ear. The isn’t in your favor as your love affairs might suffer due to tiffs and arguments. The time requires you to be patient and calm; avoid being judgemental and erratic. Health demands your concern this month; eat healthy and after proper intervals.

Remedy: For prosperity in life, add wheat, whole black lentils, and sindoor to your bathing water.


Natives will earn more this month by trusting their intelligence as stated in the Leo horoscope of 2017. Traders might go for long business trips this month, which will likely produce great benefits. You’ll work hard during this time to make the ends meet. Domestic life will be gleeful; your child might be the bearer of unforeseen happiness for you. Love life will have to take a back seat this month as the time is unfavorable for you. Avoid coming into any new relationships during this time. Maintain transparency in you lovelife; understand and respect your lover.It’s important that you give equal status to your partner. Lies only bridge differences, so try to avoid any dishonesty in your relationship. Health will remain satisfactory this month.

Remedy: Offer a coconut and seven almonds to any religious place for prosperity.


This month expect your seniors to be extra kind to you as per the predictions of the Leo horoscope of 2017. Businessmen might have to face difficulties at work.People into lottery and betting business might get good returns this month. Financially, you’ll have a stable year, as the money flow would be continuous. During this time, you might consider investing in luxuries at home; buying a new home for your family is also a probability. Your child will bear some good news for you this month. Students might have to face health related issues. Married life might suffer if you throw tantrums at your partner; understand your partner and their feelings in order to maintain a healthy relationship with them. Maintain transparency in your relations. Your horoscope advises you to be cautious with your health; eat healthy and take good care of yourself; food poisoning is a high probability. Take proper rest and exercise regularly.

Remedy: Nailing four brass nails each on the legs of your bed will prove to be beneficial for you.


The month is expected to be in your favour, financially. You’ll have a good time at work, as your hardwork will get paid this month as by your horoscope of 2017 of Leo sign. Students might face obstacles in their studies; health might suffer as well. Familial relations will likely suffer due to lack of communication. Avoid taking stress due to the bitterness in your relationship; patience can help you achieve heights. Your life partner might suffer from temper issues and mental stress; understand their situation and try to ease their tensions. Plan any auspicious or religious event at home for the attainment of peace and tranquility. The time will be challenging for lovers; you might fight with your lover on petty issues, which if not ceased might result in major arguments. Health wise, the month will test your immunity level. Some people might face heart, stomach, or blood pressure related issues.

Remedy: Face east while having your food for the betterment of your health and maintaining cordial relations with your father.


This month you might get a big promotion as per the horoscope of 2017 for the sign Leo. You might also consider leaving your old job for trying out something new. Financially, you’ll have a good time this month; a business trip could also happen for some. Stay cautious while dealing in property or home related matters as chances of fraud are high. Students could achieve greater results this month. At the domestic front, you’ll have a fabulous time; familial bond will strengthen. Married life won’t function smoothly during this time; maintain your calm and temper while talking. Chances of arguments and tiffs are at its peak. For lovers, the time is very auspicious. Your relationship will be built on a strong foundation of love and trust. If you want to propose someone, your lucky stars are in your favour. Maintain a healthy diet and practice light exercises daily.

Remedy: Wear a gold or copper band around your wrist for prosperity.


An overseas business trip is possible for some this month as stated in the Leo horoscope of 2017. Natives working abroad will earn tremendous profits this month. Students aiming to go abroad for higher education might get their dreams fulfilled. Financially, you’ll get plenty of new sources of income which will benefit you in the long run. You might have to struggle in your domestic life, as chances are that you’ll have to stay away from your family. Your mother needs to be cautious about her health during this month. In your married life, your compatibility with your partner will increase and you’ll each play a major role in one another’s growth. An old friendship could turn into a love affair for some; going for a date is also likely. Healthwise, the month looks promising. You’ll be full of energy and vigour, which will make you work twice as hard.

Remedy: Store water in a copper pot at night, and the next day in the morning, pour it on the roots of a nearby tree for blessed life.


This month you’ll likely get an increment in your salary; chances of a promotion are also high as per the horoscope of 2017 for the sign Leo. New sources of income will come up, and you’ll get tempted to try them. Financially, you’ll get sound benefits from business trips. Domestic life will be mundane. Occult sciences and life truths might entice you during this time. Students into technical subjects will get their desired results. Married life will be fabulous; Your partner and you will spend quality time together which would help you understand them better. A trip with your life partner is also on the cards. As predicted in your horoscope, you might have to take special precautions regarding your health this month. Avoid taking any kind of stress; meditation and small trip would help you get over it.

Remedy: Offer red flowers to the Sun God daily for a blissful life.


This month you’ll be benefitted by the kindness of your seniors at work as by your horoscope of 2017 of Leo sign. Avoid any risky investments. This month you are likely to spend on luxuries and comfort, which might make your financial situation weak; try to keep a check on your expenses. Children might be the bearer of good news for you this month. Socially, you’ll remain active and make many new friends; spending time with them would make you let go of some of the work stress. Your disciplined and calm behaviour will attract people towards you. Married life will be joyous; your understanding and compatibility with your partner will increase with time. Planning a trip with a loved one is also possible. Maintain transparency in your relationship and lend them an ear when they need it the most. People who’ve been thinking of getting married could thank their stars this month, as time is highly favourable for marriage. Avoid rash driving and eat well to stay fit.

Remedy: MIx red sandalwood in your bathing water and use it daily for attaining success in life.


This month you’ll get triumphed at work as per the predictions of the Leo horoscope of 2017. If your partner is related to your workfield, with their constant support you might flourish at work. The time seems lucrative for you; you’ll get plenty of options for fruitful gains. Students will have a wonderful time this month. During this time, you might have an auspicious event planned at your home. An overseas trip with brothers and sisters is possible. Married life will experience an increment in happiness. Your life partner might get inclined towards spiritual enlightenment. Avoid any tiffs with your partner. Single people might have to wait a bit longer in order to get their one true love. As per your horoscope, you’re advised to stay in shape this month. Health related issues might come up, so eat healthy and take time out for brisk walking daily.

Remedy: Feeding sugar or candy to red and brown ants will bring improvement in your life.

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