Yearly Libra Horoscope 2017

You would wanna know what traps 2017 might have set, for you to fall into them & if you want to be prepared in advance & do the right thing, you just have to read our libra horoscope for 2017.

Libra horoscope for 2017 is loaded with all the predictions of the New Year.


This month as per your horoscope for 2017 for libra, you’ll get back good returns from previous investments in share market and lottery business. People associated to property related businesses will earn profits this month. Financially, you’ll have a good stable year; profits will ring in your life from everywhere. Familial relations will be strong; your child might bear a good news for you. During this time, married life will will be jubilant; your life partner might achieve something really big at work which will bring you immense pleasure. You’ll be indulged in entertainment related activities with your spouse. You’ll get plenty of chances to spend quality time with your lover. You might also get a chance to go for a dinner date with them. This month you’ll feel particularly fit; yoga and meditation might interest you to get super healthy.

Remedy: Donating milk, curd, ghee, camphor, and white flowers will be beneficial for you.

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Despite of your great efforts at work you won’t be able to succeed much; don’t get disheartened due to it and double your efforts to attain what you deserve. As indicated in your horoscope for 2017 an old friend might be able to help you financially. For people into silk, animal care, clothing, milk, or beauty sectors, profits are round the corner. Libra students might have to face obstacles and hurdles due to their faltering health. Domestic life will face numerous challenges this month; you might have to confront your spouse about an issue. Keep your temper in check and remain patient. Stay cautious while dating this month; your anger issues might hamper your relationships. Respect your partner and understand their highs and lows. During this month, you’ll be full of energy and vitality, and work really hard at work. Remember to not exert yourself too much, physically or mentally.

Remedy: Consuming curd in a silver bowl will help you enhance your concentration power and mental stability.


This month as per the horoscope for 2017 for libra, you’ll be full of vigour, vitality, and valor. Your job will produce lucrative results; chances of a promotion are high. People associated with share market and lottery business will get good returns. Financially the time is in your favor. Traders will have a gala time this month as new sources of income will come from abroad. People working in import and export will be highly benefitted this month. Domestic life will function smoothly; married life will be gleeful. Your love will reach new heights this month; your partner needs to pay more heed to their health. You’ll influence many during this time and lead a highly social life. People of the opposite sex will befriend you this month. Maintain cordial relations with everyone. Health will be the least of your concern this month, as you’ll be fit and energised the whole month.

Remedy: Eating and offering white sweets will benefit you immensely.


This month as per your horoscope for 2017, you'll likely taste success at workplace. Business or an investment started under your spouse's name will fetch you great profits. Avoid any risky investments. Cautiously investing into share market could bring you huge returns. Financially, the time is extremely auspicious for you. Libra students will get good results; taking proper rest is advised as health might deplete in this period. Domestic life will be buoyant. Your spouse will be in a good mood this month; their sensible and considerate attitude will make you joyous. Lovers will get plenty of chances to meet and spend time together. Health will be blessed this month as you won’t face any ailments this month; pregnant ladies are advised to take good care of themselves.

Remedy: Donating pure cotton clothes and namkeen to poor ladies will help you substantially in your married life, as well as your financial life.


The horoscope for 2017 for libra, clearly states that people investing in share market and lottery business will get benefitted this month. Jewelry and food provisional stores will earn profits; they might also get new opportunities for earning more money. Due to an increase in expenses this month, you might have to struggle financially. Students will likely face problems in concentration and learning. Domestic life will be harmonious; you might consider purchasing luxuries for your home. Married life might be a little stressful this month; you might buy an expensive gift for your partner to help curb the tension in your relationship. Love life could be challenging if you don’t think twice before speaking. You’ll be charitable this month, and indulge yourself in philanthropic works. Health will fabulous.

Remedy: Spare a portion of your meal for the birds and cows, daily.


This month as per your horoscope for 2017, you might consider expanding your business. A promotion could be expected at work. Libra students might have to suffer some health ailment. Your kith and kin will support you truly; expenses on some necessary household items is possible. New job of your child might ail you financially. This month you might have to visit your relatives numerous times, which could elevate your expenditure. Married life will be harmonious; you’ll fall more in love with your partner during this time. Love affair will strengthen in this duration, as you and your lover would gift one another expensive gifts. Spending quality time with your loved one is predicted. Health will be mind blowing this month. Your peppy nature will attract many people to your social circle; this will help you feel loved and appreciated.

Remedy: Chant “Om shukraya namah” eleven times daily for prosperity and peace.


Due to an impending promotion, your salary would manifold. As per the horoscope for 2017, people into silk, animal care, clothing, milk and milk products related vocation would see their profits surge this month. Before investing anywhere, it’s important that you consider all the pros and cons of that investment. Plan your expenses well avoid overspending. Libra students will achieve an unforeseen goal with flying colors. The time looks stressful for familial relations. You might consider buying luxury items for your home. Your mother’s financial advice will benefit you immensely. Married life will have to suffer; chances of tiffs between you two are very high. Respecting your spouse and their values is what will help you two to gel along and make your marriage work. Lovers will have to keep an eye open in this period. Stay calm and listen to your beloved attentively. You’ll be full of energy this month which will help you do multiple works simultaneously.

Remedy: donating white clothes to ladies will be auspicious for you.


As per your horoscope for 2017, you’ll succeed with flying colors, professionally. Senior officials will support you in your endeavours; chances of a salary hike due to your hard work is also on the cards. You might consider taking a loan to get finance for expanding your business. Your financial situation will elevate this month. Libra students related to research field will get success easily in this duration. As per your star prediction, your family life will be blissful. Support from kith and kin will be present; this might empower you. Married life will be blessed; your partner might achieve something big this month. They’ll be loving and caring towards you. Stay cautious while dating; don’t let any kind of misunderstanding breathe between you. Plan a trip or gift your over a thoughtful present to erase the bitterness, if any in your relationship. Your health will remain fabulous during this month; spending time with family might help you curb mental stress.

Remedy: Offer milk, mishri, and white rose to any religious place to gain monetary benefits in your life.


As per your horoscope for 2017 for libra, you’ll likely get a promotion at work, without putting in much effort. Your prowess and intelligence will help you flourish at your job. The stars are in your favor for financial gains. If you invest cautiously during this time, chances are that you’ll earn profitable benefits. Printing, publishing, writing, acting, film, food articles, automobile, hotel, farming, accounting and electronics related businesses will have a full plate in this duration. Familial life will be blissful; property related issues will get resolved. You might consider redecorating your house and buying new luxurious items for your comfort. Married life will soar high; you’ll be blissfully in love with your partner. Healthwise, the month looks promising for you. You’ll be energised throughout this duration. Ear related ailments might trouble you this month.

Remedy: Offer fodder to a white cow for mental peace and financial gains. This antidote is best for unmarried people to get hitched soon.


This month you’re likely to go on an trip regarding your business. As stated in your horoscope for 2017 for libra, less efforts at work will reap you larger benefits; support from seniors and colleagues could also be expected. An unforeseen achievement is predicted for businessmen. Financially, you’ll have a stable month. Your previous loans will get repaid this month due to your solid monetary gains. Familial life will be joyous as you’ll spend quality time with your loved ones. Tasks which had been long stuck will get fulfilled during this time. You’ll indulge yourself into charitable and philanthropic deeds during this time. The time is in your favour when it comes to love life. You’ll be deeply in love with your partner; understanding and compatibility will be at its peak. Socially, you’ll remain quite active and will make plenty new friends. By the mid of the month you might be more interested in befriending natives of the opposite sex. Your health will be fabulous this month; vitality will flow in your life and you’ll remain energised throughout this duration.

Remedy: Immerse a silver coin in holy water and keep it at home to keep all the negative energies at bay.


This month, as per your horoscope for 2017 for libra, long business trips could benefit you immensely. Share market and lottery businesses will produce lucrative benefits for you. Natives working in iron, leather, electricity related vocations will prosper this month; Source of income might also increase. Your family and friends will be supportive and loyal to you; financially you’ll remain strong. You might consider buying a new house for your comfort living; redecorating your house is also on the cards for you. Married life seems fabulous for you; love between you and your beloved will grow. Socially, you'll be pretty active and will easily make new friends. People searching for love will get their heart's desire fulfilled as chances of a fate encounter are predicted. Health will remain satisfactory; some natives might have eye or headache related issues. It's advised that you take proper rest and maintain a healthy diet. People suffering from an ailment will see better days this month.

Remedy: Place a flower vase in each corner of your house, with pieces of marble in it.


Change of jobs is highly probable for you. Business related trips are possible for you this month. As per your horoscope for 2017, financially, you’ll explore your horizons in this duration. You’ll work really hard this month to make ends meet. Your will power might fluctuate; try to calm your nerves and strive harder. A friend might help you out financially. Libra students will achieve what they were thriving for. Family life might struggle; you might take a loan to fulfill the desires of your family. Your brother and sister must stay alert about their health during this time. Married couples will have a fabulous time together; you'll be blissfully in love with your spouse. Maintain your temper and remain calm under all circumstances. Don't exert yourself too much at work.

Remedy: Using perfume on your clothes will be auspicious for you.

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