Yearly Virgo Horoscope 2017

Virgo Horoscope 2017 is on deck to help you plan your year to be able to attain maximum benefits and reduce the obstacles to the minimum.

Virgo horoscope for 2017 is loaded with all the predictions of the New Year.


You might feel more joyous and content in this duration as per the horoscope of 2017 for the sign Virgo. You might get financial benefits from abroad in your business. Working professionals will also enjoy their luck this month. You are expected to be full of energy, enthusiasm and passion. Students preparing for competitive exams will be favoured by luck. You must stay cautious in financial matters this month. You might consider taking a loan to invest in personal luxuries. Health of family members will need extra attention this month. You can expect plentiful love and support from your life partner in this duration. Your love relation will take a blissful turn. Your beloved will support you completely. You will be in perfect health this month though you might gain some extra kilos.

Remedy: Plant a Money plant in a green coloured bottle or pot for prosperity, mental placidity and benefits in business and education.

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Success at work or a promotion is on the cards this month. You might invest in a new business venture as per the predictions of the Virgo horoscope of 2017. Avoid risky investments. This will be a good time for financial progress. You might travel long distance for your business. Family members will be able to feel the warmth in their relations. You might plan a recreational family trip. It will be a pleasurable duration for the married couples. Your partner might get success at work during this period. It will be favourable for you to not drive and use public transport for commutation this month. It will a pleasant period for love relations. Your beloved will have to keep a check on their behaviour and health. Their behaviour might get a bit impolite and irritable. You will feel spiritually elated and healthy in this duration.

Remedy: Consume Tulsi leaves for increasing positivity, keeping family disturbances at bay and protection from evil eye.


Businessmen will be able to make the most of this month according to the Virgo horoscope of 2017. Professionals associated with Communications, Arts, Beauty, Clothing, Fluids, Hotels and Restaurants will be benefited this month. You will remain positive towards your investment and financial plans. You might get dedicated towards improving your financial status. Students involved in research and Occult Sciences might get remarkable success in their respective fields. You might be able to spend quality time with your family. Your domestic life will be full of happiness. You might plan a short family trip. You will feel joyous with your partner. Those in love with a work companion will have a pleasant time this month. You might experience ups and down in your health in this duration. Watch out for problems related to stomach, eyes and skin.

Remedy: Keep a green handkerchief with you at all times for mental calmness and prosperity.


Work might keep you away from home this month as predicted by your horoscope of 2017 for Virgo zodiac. It will be beneficial to plan any new ventures by the middle of the month. Financially, this month will be satisfying for you. Consulting your father in business related matters will be beneficial for you. Students might experience noteworthy success in their careers. Your domestic life might struggle as the health of your mother will be your key concern. You might look for ways to discharge your mental anxiety. Your partner will be loving and supportive of you this month. You might need to pay attention to their health. You might find new love during this period. Stay alert for health related issues as you might face a sudden dip in your health.

Remedy: Keep peacock feathers in your house to fend off negative energy, increase concentration and help in speech disorders.


You can expect a transfer or change in job this month. You might stay away from your family in this duration as per the Virgo horoscope of 2017. Splendid success in your business is on the cards. You will be triumphant over negativity and enmity around you. You will flourish financially this month. Your every effort to increase money inflow will materialise. Students will be successful in their efforts to accomplish their goals. You might have to strive harder to be able to gain mental peace and satisfaction. An old rumpus related to property might come into light. Your married life will be full of romance and love. Your love relation will be full of surprises, gifts and renewed love for each other. You might go on a short trip with your beloved. Exercise precaution in health related matters as you might get hurt due to needless rush.

Remedy: Present children or young girls with Moong dal pakodas or Moong dal sweets.


Working professionals can expect an unforeseen promotion and success as by their horoscope of 2017 of Virgo sign. Businessmen might get financial gains during this duration. Financially, this month will be sturdy for many. Careful investment might prove to be lucrative. Friends and siblings can help you achieve your financial goals. Support of a close friend will enhance your determination. Students will succeed with flying colours in this duration. Your relation with your better half will improve. Love relations will get a boost of stability and transparency. You will be able to enjoy these moments of happiness keeping aside all your worries. Your beloved might feel bereft due to increased workload on you. Your health might suffer a wee bit so try to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Those who are suffering from a prolonged illness should take extra care of their health.

Remedy: Keeping a bunch of red roses in a copper vase will induce prosperity, mental peace and family happiness in your life.


Your work will demand more attention and hard work this month. Some might consider changing their job or get a promotion as stated in the Virgo horoscope of 2017. Businessmen might be tremendously benefited this month. This month will prove to be financially sturdy for you. You will work hard to upgrade your financial status. Students preparing for competitive exams will get noteworthy success this month. You might be able to reap benefits in your business with the help of a close friend. Your domestic life will be full of love and support. You might invest in luxurious items. The beginning of the month will invoke romance in you and you will get to spend some moments of love with your partner. Friends-turned-lovers will have a blissful month. Pay attention to your eating habits. Stay precautious of anything that could harm your eyes.

Remedy: Feeding the visually impaired will be good for what ails you.


You might get impromptu success in your business this month as per your horoscope of 2017 for Virgo zodiac. Professionals related to Arts, Beauty and Cosmetics, Theatre, Acting and Music might get success in achieving their goals. You will be triumphant in beating enmity around you. You might consider being associated with new business ventures. Your income and expenditure will be perfectly balanced during this duration. Your business partner might help you financially. Students might find hurdles in achieving their goals. Domestic life will be full of positivity and happiness.A short family trip is on the cards. Your married life will glide smoothly with increased love and concern in your relation. You might face some bumps along your love trail due to lack of time. You might consider prioritizing your love over your work in this duration. Stay cautious as you might face ups and downs in your health.

Remedy: Chant Vishnu Sahasranama regularly for warding off negativity and ill effects.


You will be able to achieve greater results with minimum efforts. You will get benefited from various sources this month according to your horoscope of 2017 for Virgo sign. Some might experience changes in their job. People associated with business might be able to reap sudden profits this month. Students will achieve success in their pursuits. Your finances will be stable in this duration. As compared to working professionals, business owners will benefit more this month. Domestic life is expected to stay strong as you might spend leisure time with your family. You might plan a short trip with your kids. Your married life is expected to be pleasant. Lovers will rejoice as communication and connectivity between them will improve. Pay attention towards your health as it might be affected during this month. Watch out for issues related to eyes, stomach and skin and alter your eating choices accordingly.

Remedy: Flow pierced bronze coin in flowing water to drive off occupational hurdles, strengthen your financial position and gain benefits in education.


You might travel abroad for work this month as per the Virgo horoscope of 2017. Be careful while investing in business as chances of a financial loss are high. Your finances are expected to stay stable. You will try to reach out for financial opportunities that are outside your comfort bubble and you might be successful in it. Students will be consistent in reaching out for their academic goals. Your domestic life will be a fusion of stress and happiness. Balance and cooperation between family members will enhance. Your married life will also change for the better as mutual cooperation and maturity will increase between you and your partner. Your life partner might contribute in increasing your financial gains. You might surprise your partner by purchasing them an expensive gift. Some might find new love in life. You might feel infatuated towards a co-worker. You will feel healthy and hearty in this duration. Your energy and positivity will be on an all time high. You might want to spend some exclusive time with your friends and indulge in creating memories that would last.

Remedy: Chanting 'Om Ganpataye Namah' 11 times at morning and evening will be beneficial for you.


This month you might get unforeseen profits in your business as by your horoscope of 2017 for Virgo. Working professionals should avoid quarrels with senior officials as chances of losing the job or getting a transfer are high. Financially you will be stable this month and you can expect financial gains from various sources. You might spend some quality time with your family and your proximity with friends and siblings will increase. You might gear up for a short trip with friends this month. You might consider purchasing a new house. Your relation with your better half will be full of cooperation, maturity and support. You might have financial gains with an increased involvement of your partner in financial matters. Your love life will prosper and you might surprise each other with gifts. Physically, you will feel strong and lively this month. You might plan a small getaway with your family to release stress and feel rejuvenated.

Remedy: Float an earthen pot with its lid on in flowing water for better health, reduction in professional hurdles and luxuriance.


Your will succeed in your professional endeavours this month as stated in the Virgo horoscope of 2017. Your constant efforts in your business will bear fruit. Your hard work to upgrade your financial condition will not go in vain. You might consider increasing your sources of income in this duration. Students preparing for competitive exams and those involved in research will achieve success in their exams. Your domestic life is expected to cruise smoothly. You might be presented with an honourable title or award this month. You might meet some old acquaintances during this period. This month will give you ample opportunities to spend time with your life partner. You might wish to go on a long vacation with your love interest. Your health will be at its peak but you might have to keep a check on your emotions and susceptive nature.

Remedy: Offer green sweets to at least 5 underprivileged girls for benefits in business, health, education, and financial gains.

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