Chinese Calendar 2019: Year of the Pig

Festivals celebrated in China have a unique vigour, style and rituals. They are nothing like what we have in other parts of the world. These days are particularly auspicious as per Chinese Astrology. People show affections towards their dear ones by offering gifts and pray for their success and prosperity. The year 2019 being the year of the Pig is amazing in itself as Pig denotes wealth. In this article, different Chinese festivals and their dates as per Gregorian calendar are given for your knowledge.

Chinese Calendar 2019: List of Chinese Holidays

Holiday Date Day
New Year's Day January 01, 2019 Tuesday
New Year's weekend January 02, 2019 Wednesday
Laba Festival (Rice Porridge Festival) January 13, 2019 Sunday
Spring Festival Eve February 04, 2019 Monday
Chinese New Year February 05, 2019 Tuesday
Spring Festival holiday February 06 - 10, 2019 Wednesday
Lantern Festival February 19, 2019 Tuesday
International Women's Day March 08, 2019 Friday
Zhonghe Festival (Blue Dragon Festival) March 08, 2019 Friday
Arbor or Tree Planting Day March 12, 2019 Tuesday
March Equinox March 20, 2019 Wednesday
Cold Food Day (Hanshi Festival) April 05, 2019 Friday
Qing Ming Jie April 05, 2019 Friday
Shangsi Festival (Double Third Festival) April 07, 2019 Sunday
Water Splashing Festival April 13 - 15, 2019 Saturday - Monday
Labour Day May 01, 2019 Wednesday
Youth Day May 04, 2019 Saturday
International Nurses Day May 12, 2019 Sunday
Buddha Birthday May 12, 2019 Sunday
Children's Day June 01, 2019 Saturday
Dragon Boat Festival June 07, 2019 Friday
June Solstice June 21, 2019 Friday
CPC Founding Day July 01, 2019 Monday
Maritime Day July 11, 2019 Thursday
Army Day August 01, 2019 Thursday
Double Seven Festival/Chinese Valentine's Day August 07, 2019 Wednesday
Chinese Ghost Day/Spirit Day (Zhongyuan Jie) August 15, 2019 Thursday
Teachers' Day September 10, 2019 Tuesday
Mid-Autumn Festival September 13, 2019 Friday
September Equinox September 23, 2019 Monday
National Day October 01, 2019 Tuesday
National Day Golden Week holiday October 02 - 07, 2019 Wednesday- Monday
Double Ninth Festival October 07, 2019 Monday
Journalists' Day November 08, 2019 Friday
National Constitution Day December 04, 2019 Wednesday
December Solstice December 22, 2019 Sunday
Christmas Day December 25, 2019 Wednesday

It is believed in Chinese culture that celebrating festivals will bring happiness and growth. People encourage each other to celebrate them with unfathomed zeal. MyKundali has dedicated a lot of time to identify these festivals and their significance. Unlike Vedic or Hindu Festival System, they have their own set of do’s and don’ts. People across the globe attend these festivals owing to their diversity and fun element. They are interesting, amusing and magnificent; thus attracting a lot of tourists as well.

In the Year of the Pig, Chinese animal zodiac sign of Pig will be ruling the year starting from February 05, 2019. Till January 04, 2020 Pig will be the controlling factor for all the animal signs. The year is promising wealth and prosperity. People who are into agriculture or farming, environment-related industry, real estate, religious preaching or spiritual activities will find better opportunities and possibilities of growth and expansion this year.

Chinese Calendar - History

Gregorian calendar is universally accepted but a country like China holding a history so strong does have its own system of calendar. Based on lunar system, this calendar is crucial to the beginning of a new year, or celebration of a festival. Though the former is also used for official purposes. Chinese people believe in tradition and rituals. They follow the same method of celebration as mentioned in traditional scriptures. They would opt for their own calendar over any other. The festivals like Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Tomb-sweeping Day, among others constitute the Chinese Calendar. They prefer to celebrate birthdays, perform marriage rituals, or find a time for a important trip using their own system of calculation and Chinese calendar.

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2019: Year of the Pig

Pig is the 12th animal in Chinese astrology. Those born in the year of Pig are considered to be lucky. Pig symbolizes wealth and those under this zodiac sign are fearless, wealthy, pleasant in personality, gullible and well-educated. Sometimes they are stubborn as well as materialistic. Pigs are lazy but warm-hearted, straightforward and patient. They easily make friends.

They make a career easily, being hardworking and dedicated towards their responsibilities. Though frustration surrounds them when they compare others with themselves. This could even lead to loss of confidence. Luck generally favors the Pig. The kind hearted Pig also has certain flaws like being short-sighted, lack of accountability and poor management skills. However, the skills or strengths they posses are many:

  • Truthful, kind, honest, caring.
  • Admirable, Emphatic, Munificent.
  • Forgiving, nurturer, chaste, contented.
  • Romantic, Affectionate, Dynamic

Weaknesses for Pig, to name some include:

  • They easily trust people and willingly rely on them.
  • When they feel the situation is uncontrollable, they have a tendency to escape.
  • Emotionally they are weak, however patient and tolerant they may be.
  • They do not trust their own capabilities but what other make them see is often the truth for them.
  • Women of this zodiac sign are suspicious in nature while men are unable to make a proper coordination and communication.

In the year of the Pig, there could be some clashes owing to inauspicious stars. Constraints and complications may also accompany them. Pigs will be fortunate though they may feel anxious over the setbacks. Sadness is not the way of life for a Pig but injury or conflicts may force you into melancholy. Control your temperament, as you still have the potential to come out undefeated. Avoid speculating with money and do not trust a stranger. Trust your partner and maintain love in your personal life. Health needs your attention. Absent-mindedness and lack of sleep can invite accidents. Take proper nutrition and go for routine check-ups.

Important Holidays in Chinese Calendar 2019

The celebration of Spring festival that continue for a whole week mark the beginning of the new year in China. It is the day when new moon falls between the winter solstice and spring equinox. During this time, Chinese people worship their deities as well as ancestors. Chinese New Year and Chinese National Day fall almost together during these days. One amazing fact about Chinese holidays and festivals is that if a festival is falling on a weekend, it is swapped with weekdays to make a longer holiday period.

MyKundali wishes you a lovely Chinese year ahead!