Jain Calendar 2019: List of Jain Festivals

MyKundali presents to you a calendar specifically crafted for the Jain community, enlisting all the important fast and festivals of the year 2019. Our experts have dedicated a lot of their precious time to come to a particular date for all the fast but one needs to check their geographical location as well since astrological calculations are subject to changes with a change in location as well as the time zone.

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Jain Calendar 2019

Holidays Date Day
Rohini Vrat January 18, 2019 Friday
Meru Trayodashi February 2, 2019 Saturday
Rohini Vrat February 14, 2019 Thursday
Ashtahnika Vidhan Begins March 14, 2019 Thursday
Rohini Vrat March 14, 2019 Thursday
Chaumasi Chaudas March 20, 2019 Wednesday
Ashtahnika Vidhan Ends March 21, 2019 Thursday
Varshitap Arambha March 28, 2019 Thursday
Rohini Vrat April 10, 2019 Wednesday
Navapad Oli Begins April 12, 2019 Friday
Shri Mahavir Jayanti April 17, 2019 Wednesday
Navapad Oli Ends April 19, 2019 Friday
Varshitap Parana May 7, 2019 Tuesday
Rohini Vrat May 7, 2019 Tuesday
Mahavir Swami Kevalagyan May 14, 2019 Tuesday
Rohini Vrat June 3, 2019 Monday
Rohini Vrat July 1, 2019 Monday
Ashtahnika Vidhan Begins July 9, 2019 Tuesday
Chaumasi Chaudas July 15, 2019 Monday
Ashtahnika Vidhan Ends July 17, 2019 Wednesday
Rohini Vrat July 28, 2019 Sunday
Rohini Vrat August 25, 2019 Sunday
Paryushana Parvarambha August 27, 2019 Tuesday
Samvatsari Parva September 3, 2019 Tuesday
Rohini Vrat September 21, 2019 Saturday
Navapad Oli Begins October 5, 2019 Saturday
Navapad Oli Ends October 13, 2019 Sunday
Rohini Vrat October 18, 2019 Friday
Mahavir Nirvana October 27, 2019 Sunday
Jain New Year October 29, 2019 Tuesday
Gyana Panchami November 1, 2019 Friday
Ashtahnika Vidhan Begins November 3, 2019 Sunday
Chaumasi Chaudas November 11, 2019 Monday
Ashtahnika Vidhan Ends, Ratha Yatra November 12, 2019 Tuesday
Rohini Vrat November 14, 2019 Thursday
Rohini Vrat December 12, 2019 Thursday

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Important Festivals of Jain community

Jainism was founded by Lord Mahavira as a reaction against the orthodox Brahmanism. Jain people believe in leading a life in which no creature is harmed by them. Their manner of celebration also varies from other religions. There is Meru Trayodashi, which is the day when Nirvana was attained by the first Tirthankar of Jain religion - Lord Rishav Dev.

An eight-day long festival called Ashtahnika Vidhan is celebrated by both Digambaras and Svetambaras. It falls every four months. Siddhachakra pooja Vidhan is carried out on this day. Celebrations of Chaumasi Chaudas lasts for about 4 months during which preachers preach the sayings of Lord Mahavira. Varshitaap is an annual ritual celebrated after 13 months and 13 days. From day 8 of Krishna Paksha in the month of Chaitra, it begins and continues till Akshaya Tritiya. Navpad Oli is celebrated twice a year, each for a duration of 9 days. Mahavir Swami Kevalgyan is a festival in which attainment of ultimate knowledge - Kevalgyan - by Lord Mahavira is celebrated. The day is considered to be pure and auspicious.

Paryushan Parva Rambha, celebrated to purify the soul and to remind Jain people that the ultimate goal of their life is to achieve Nirvana, is celebrated once a year. In it, people try to clear the debts of their past sins and live a life of forgiveness. Samvatsari Parva is the day when Jain people try to get rid of sins of their past life and pray to god for Nirvana. They prepare themselves to practice forgiveness and have mercy. The New Year in Jainism stars from the day of Diwali. Soon after that is Gyan Panchami. As the name suggests, on this day books are gifted and donated. They are worshipped being symbolic of knowledge. Rath Yatra is another prominent festival in which Tirthankars go out to visit the common people. The image of the Lord is taken out in a procession along with devotees.

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Jain Calendar 2019 describes all the important dates for these recurring festivals. Jain community globally can refer to this chart to know when a fast or a festival will begin and end. This year the birth of Lord Mahavira will be celebrated on April 17. Jainism is about Karma. They believe in following the righteous path of life. Harming any living being, small or big, is considered a sin in Jain religion. Their religious observations and practices often revolve around preaching this way of living life. Faith and knowledge is an inevitable component of Jainism. Being absorbed in the pious environment of spirituality, they perform fast and prayers with complete devotion and enthusiasm. Cleaning themselves on both the levels - body and soul - is crucial to attaining Nirvana.

Jain people are also good businessmen. They would generally begin accounting for their business as per Jain Calendar. On Diwali, the new year, as well as the new financial year of Jains, begins. They perform traditional rituals before starting any new venture and have succeeded in attaining a respectful position of being an effective business professional.

Jain calendar is made considering the position of Sun and Moon i.e. it is a lunisolar calendar. It can be used to plan auspicious events. We hope this information would be helpful to you.

MyKundali wishes you A Happy New Year 2019!