Leo Horoscope 2019

Leo Horoscope 2019

The natives of Leo zodiac sign have qualities of a natural leader, by birth. People admire them and as per Leo Horoscope 2019, they are likely to gain rewards and have a successful year professionally. Being a native of Leo zodiac sign, gains may outdo your expenses. Be grounded, since you may fall prey to your ego and be swayed by praise by people who may want to get into your good books. People may turn to you for help and may not go back without an assurance from you. The positions and transitions of planets may ensure a good year for you in almost all respects. Put in your best and expect the best. It may not be very easy, but hard work will certainly pay off. You may not want to be left behind in climbing the ladder for success. You can surely look forward for a brighter and a successful year, states the Leo horoscope for 2019.


According to Leo horoscope 2019 for career and profession, the beginning of the year looks encouraging. Your professional prospects look bright. You may travel overseas during the first quarter of the year. You may find good opportunities, meet gifted people from your industry who may enrich your knowledge and expertise. April may be very good month, but a trying one too. Internal travels may be expected for purpose of work. Businessmen may find the period between March-April very profitable in their undertakings. You may put in your best efforts and impress your seniors at workplace . You may be more goal-oriented and accept challenges. Overseas travel is indicated in the mid year. This year may be favourable for journalists, software professionals, people working in technical fields, and also those who work in government undertakings. A transfer in job to a favoured place may be possible. You may attend, conferences, seminars, workshops or conduct them. August may be a very productive month regarding the rise in performance, gains, expertise, luck, and dividends for the natives of leo zodiac sign. The last quarter of the year will be a great time, if you are willing to exert yourself and strengthen your way to the top. Many Leos may find good jobs during this period. You may have to work hard, you may get your dues, promotions, increments by the end of the year commensurate with the efforts you put in. Entrepreneurs may wait till the end of the year to invest in new projects for cracking the right deal.


Financially it seems a viable and a favourable year, as per finance prediction for 2019 for Leos. Inflow of money and wealth seems consistent throughout the year. Don’t go for heavy investments in the very beginning of the year. You may invest money in partnerships during the end of January or later in March. As per Leo horoscope 2019, gains seem to bring much cheer in April, but be careful of investing your money and invest wisely. You may invest money for children during this month. You may spend money for children during this period for education. Around May, sudden monetary gains may accrue from shares, lotteries, friends, family, speculation or even increment in salary. During the mid year expenditure may be high. Avoid speculation and high end investments during this period. Those who don’t earn a fixed income every month or small scale cottage industries, poets, musicians, artists should be careful. Productivity may increase and workers and staff my help to increase financial situation of their employers, for small and medium scale industries. In the later period, you may find very good opportunities for financial growth. You may be in a commanding position in your profession and skillful enough to implement your ideas into actions, which may greatly benefit you and improve your financial standing. You may gain by government policies. You may invest in mutual funds and bank deposits for the benefit of family members during September- October period. For the people of Leo zodiac sign, the last quarter of the year monetary benefits may accrue in form a bonus, increment, inheritance, gift cheques or even arrears. You may get back your blocked money and investments may pay rich dividends at the end of the year. You may invest money in buying precious metals, vehicles or invest in gold bonds, during the year end.


Students may do exceptionally well, according to predictions for Leo 2019. The focus will be on excellence, leadership qualities, oratory skill will be in the fore in the beginning of the year. Students studying law, military school cadets, management students, students of medicine are all expected to do very well during the year. During the first quarter of the year, primary, higher secondary school/college students will find success in learning the fundamentals and also the application. In the later period, those pursuing commerce and accountancy/CA, journalism, foreign languages, linguistics, law and civil services will find this period beneficial. Engineering and technical students may get good results and their hard work will pay off well. Those appearing for competitive exams may also fare well. Those aspiring for higher education, may find admissions in institutions of their choice. Students aspiring to study in foreign countries may find success and opportunities in prestigious universities. Many students may find jobs during May. Good results are expected during the mid year. Students may get help from friends, professors or peers. The mid year may be a trying time for students who have just transited from school to colleges or students who have been just admitted to professional institutions, for the new academic year. As per Leo Horoscope 2019, the August-September period may be a good period for progress and you may get the right environment and motivation for achieving your set goals. Those appearing for competitive exams may find this period particularly favourable. They may achieve success with their efforts and their competitive spirit. Mental faculties will be tuned in the right direction. During the last leg of the year students may have the right competitive edge, the will to work harder, and most of you are expected to do very well in your chosen fields. The year may end with success, appreciation from mentors and praise from your family.


The Leo horoscope 2019 for family states happiness, love and harmony. The family atmosphere will be warm and cordial in the beginning of the year. Relationship with spouse/partner will be both sour and sweet . You will derive pleasure from personal relationships during February. You may need to devote more time for children. Avoid arguments with family members. Children may make you happy on account of their achievements in March. They may do well academically and in extracurricular activities and sports. Some differences of opinion with friends and colleagues may occur in the mid year. But you may soon get over it. You may travel abroad with your family during the vacation period. You may spend much time and money for the happiness of your spouse and children. Relationships with parents and siblings will be cordial. Health of parents may cause concern during the mid year. Some trouble with the housekeeping staff may be expected around this time. You will at the helm of family matters and manage the finances, relationships with family members, parents, friends with grace in August. You try to balance your responsibilities. Domestic life of the natives of Leo zodiac sign will be fine. In the further period, family will be supportive and try to adjust to your busy schedule. You may plan a short trip with your family during October. Family atmosphere will be good during the year end and the festival time. Relationship with spouse may be very good with a lot of love and caring. You may get blessings from parents and family elders. Mutual concern, giving and receiving gifts may increase the pleasure quotient in the family. You may feel less judgemental,more open-minded and more tolerant and may gain from the wisdom of your elders at home. The year may end with socializing and on a happy note.


LEOS, garner your emotions, work towards creating a strong bond with your partner and keep your relationship live and kicking, and well balanced, states the love horoscope of 2019. If you are single, the stars foretell that you may get many opportunities to meet your Mr/Ms right and such meetings will bring them closer to you. For Leos who are already in a relationship, they need to make long term plans to fortify their relationship in order to take it to the next level. You may have to make efforts to acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of any relationship in order to make it work. The beginning of the year will see much romance and socializing, and gifting. Office romances may blossom during the first quarter of the new year. You may be cautious in the beginning, but more comfortable in relationships in the later period. Many Leos may meet their partners through friends and family. Married Leos may need more space and freedom within the marriage. This may work well for their relationship. During the second quarter of the year, some of you may feel the pressure from family to settle down. You may be high on matters of love, spending, travelling and romancing your partners. You may be attracted to unconventional partners, if you are single, during this period. People who are independent, experimental may attract you. You may find enough courage and verve for such interesting relationships and such experimentation may add to your pleasure. You should resist from looking for greener pastures in love and relationships. During the mid year you may meet people with whom you are karmically related and feel the pull of attraction. Be careful in matters of love around this period. There may be challenges in love life of . Eligible Leos may contemplate on marriage and settling down during August-September period. Singles may find love opportunities at job or office. During the last quarter of the year, significant relationships may develop. True love may triumph and many may tie the knot around the year end. December may be a very favorable month for marriage with blessings from family and friends.


Leos should choose a method to relax and also find methods to burn the extra energy and calories, if you want to keep up with the pace throughout the year, states the Leo horoscope 2019 for health. Health will remain perfect and you may enjoy good health for most part of the year and you will be mentally and physically fit. Eating habits should be regulated, eating at the right times and right nutrition should be followed. After mid January, some health issues/viral infections/fever may be expected. They should be taken care of or it may precipitate. Immunity should be increased. Morning walks may benefit you. Elders may develop some arthritis type problems, during the first quarter of the year. Health seems fine during April. Some infections, fevers, food borne diseases may surface in May. As per Leo horoscope 2019, be careful of digestive tract, sluggish liver problems during monsoons in the mid year if you have a history of such problems. Medication, Physical exercises and yoga asanas may help. You may experience good health in the later period, but diet should be monitored around the festive season. Elderly people should be careful about their chronic health problems. Not many health issues may concern you during the year end.


  1. Donate wheat in temples on Sundays.
  2. Offer ‘Arghya ‘ of water to the rising Sun everyday at sunrise.
  3. Recite the Gayatri mantra 108 times facing the Sun at sunrise.
  4. You should endeavour to carry out your important plans on 1st,10th,19th or 28th of any month.
  5. Fortunate colours for you may be orange,gold, yellows, golden brown and shades of these colours.
  6. Honour and respect your father and other elders at home.
  7. Lucky jewels for you are topaz, ruby, garnets.

Hope you will derive the maximum benefit and make the best of what 2019 has to offer you. Best wishes.