Lunar Eclipse 2019: Dates, Remedies

चंद्र ग्रहण 2019 The year 2019 as per Hindu calendar will observe two Lunar Eclipses. The impact of these can be seen on different regions across the globe. As per vedic astrology, Lunar Eclipse 2019 is supposed to impact your mind, mother and liquids. When a Lunar Eclipse takes place, it does leave its mark on nature and human life. This could be positive as well as negative. Generally, it is believed that eclipses are inauspicious and certain precautions should be taken during this time.

Although eclipses are a common phenomenon in the space and modern science considers it to be a simple event that involves the positions of earth, sun and Moon. When the earth comes in between the sun and the Moon and the light of sun does not reach the Moon, it becomes invisible to us, this causes a Lunar Eclipse. However, astrological science Holds a different theory for the same. For this field of science, and the religious aspect of the event, it is nothing ordinary but something of great significance. It is believed that Rahu and ketu, the two shadow planets impact the Moon and thus are responsible for a Lunar Eclipse.

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Lunar Eclipses in the year 2019

Date Day Time Type
21 Jan 2019 Monday From 08:07:34 to 13:07:03 Full eclipse
16 Jul 2019 Tuesday From 01:31:43 to 04:29:39 Partial eclipse

Note: The time given in above chart is as per Indian time zone.

First Lunar Eclipse in 2019

As per the calendar, the first Lunar Eclipse of the year 2019 will fall on Monday, 21st January at 08:07:34 in the morning. It will last till 13:07:03 in the evening. The astrological calculations suggest that the eclipse will take place during Pushya Nakshatra in Cancer sign. It is a full eclipse or a total Lunar Eclipse which will impact Central Pacific Area, North and South America, Europe and Africa region. Indian subcontinent will not be affected by this eclipse and hence Sutak does not apply.

The Second Lunar Eclipse of 2019

The second eclipse which is a partial Lunar Eclipse will be of significance to India. This eclipse will be experienced in the country and Sutak will be considered for this eclipse. It will be observed on 16th July 2019 at 01:31:43 AM and will continue till 04:29:39 AM. The countries of South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia will be affected by this partial Moon eclipse. The Sutak will commence from 15:55:13 on the evening of july 16th and continue till 04:29:50 on the morning of July 17th 2019. Astrological calculations depict that the eclipse will be observed during Uttarashada Nakshatra in Sagittarius or capricorn zodiac sign.

Sutak during the Moon eclipse 2019

Vedic astrology states that Sutak is an inauspicious phase which begins before the eclipse and ends with the eclipse itself. It is applicable only to the regions where the eclipse is visible. Religious beliefs for Sutak urge people to refrain from carrying out certain activities. Pregnant women are encouraged to take special precautions. However, children, elderly or diseased people are exempted from the rules of Sutak.

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Do not do these things during the Sutak period

  • Do not touch the statue of gods and goddesses during this period.
  • Avoid starting anything new during this time.
  • Do not cook or eat while Sutak is being observed.
  • Do not touch the Tulsi plant during Lunar Eclipse.
  • Cleaning teeth or combing hair is prohibited.
  • Avoid stool-urine and feces etc.
  • Do not watch eclipse with naked eyes.

Pregnant women should never do this during Chandra Grahan

  • Do not go out of your house
  • Do not use knife, scissors or any sharp object
  • Stitching or embroidery should be avoided.
  • Do not peel or cut fruits or vegetables
  • Do not wear ornaments made of metal
  • Do not sleep during the eclipse
  • Take Durva grass and chant the sacred Gopal mantra
  • Bath before and after the eclipse

Things to do during Sutak

  • Worship Lord Moon
  • Recite bhajans, chant shlokas and pray to God
  • Chant the shlok “ॐ क्षीरपुत्राय विद्महे अमृत तत्वाय धीमहि तन्नो चन्द्रः प्रचोदयात्” .

Always do this after the eclipse is over

  • Take a holy bath.
  • Sprinkle the water of Holy Ganges in your home.
  • Wash the idols of gods and goddesses with holy water and worship them.
  • Cook fresh meal and eat it.
  • Donate food items or grains to poor people and Brahmins.

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