Rahu Transit 2019

Rahu Transit 2019

Rahu Transit 2019 may get you to witness many changes in your life. Rahu is considered as a shadow planet in Vedic Astrology. It is the most malicious and nefarious of all planets. Though there is no physical existence of Rahu, both Ketu and Rahu are two sensitive points on the orbit of the Moon. Both these planets carry significance in Vedic Astrology. As far as Rahu’s depiction is concerned, it is shown as a serpent riding a chariot that is driven by seven dark horses. It is well known that the effects of this planet are principally malicious. According to astrologers, “Rahu Kala is time of the day when the planet’s influence is the most powerful. One needs to know that Rahu gathers all its strength and becomes the most powerful when it is in Gemini and the least potent when positioned in Sagittarius moon sign.

Talking about Rahu Transit 2019, the planet will transit in Gemini on March 7, 2019 around 2:48 in the morning. then move into Taurus on September 23, 2020 around 5:28 am. Rahu Transit 2019 is a significant event that may have a big impact on your life. You may witness many changes. Expert astrologers analyse the effects of this transit on the 12 moon signs.


If you are an Aries native, Rahu transits in your 3rd House. This implies that Rahu Transit 2019 brings favourable circumstances for your life. Everything in life may run smoother than before. You may grow professionally, achieving greater heights in your career. You may expect promotion this time. You may get promoted to a higher rank and even see an increment in your salary. Job seekers have fair chances of securing jobs. There is a strong probability of you becoming financially powerful during Rahu Transit 2019. You may gain more success in your business; booking higher profits this year. Besides, it may be beneficial for you to take short journeys and avoid long trips. You may be required to manage both your personal and professional life. Remember this is high time that you groom your personality. Work on your soft skills and be friendlier towards others.

Remedy: Offer sesame seeds on every Wednesday evening.


Rahu Transit 2019 may not be favourable for Taurus natives. Rahu transits in your 2nd House. You may face difficult situations during this transit. Your job or business may be at risk. Your professional growth may stop and you may even go through the phase of financial instability. This implies that you may suffer financial loss at this time. During this transit, try to keep a tab on your speech. You may end up speaking rudely at times. Remember overreacting to situations never helps. As far as your family life is concerned, there may crop up misunderstandings amongst your family members. You may need to keep calm and resolve issues through effective communication. If you take charge of situation, there may be harmony in the family. This is the time when you may refrain from taking loans due to financial instability. Besides, eat healthy.

Remedy: Hoist a black-colored flag on Bhairav Dev’s temple top on a Sunday.


During Rahu Transit 2019, the planet will be in your 1st House. Rahu’s transit in the 1st House brings unfavourable conditions in your life. You may become indecisive at times. You may need to be prudent enough before making decisions. These decisions may be related to your job or business. Think twice before you make any decision. It may be better to act according to time and situation. During this transit, your health may deteriorate. You may be required to take proper care of your health at this time. You may also face difficulties at the time of studying, which is why, focus is the key here. You may be advised to refrain from entering into a tiff with others. Arguments will not help you; rather you may lose your control this way. You may try to dominate others in the family and at workplace.

Remedy: Carry a black-colored marble along with you.

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If you are a Cancer native, Rahu will transit in your 12th House. 12th House is the house of expenditure. During Rahu Transit 2019, you may have to incur higher expenditure. There is strong possibility of you going over-budget. Keep a tab on your expenses. You may travel abroad at this time for work or leisure. On family front, there may be major turbulence and fights. These disputes may crop up due to lack of compatibility among your near and dear ones. You may be advised not to get involved in any illegal action, as doing so may work against you. Try to maintain a clean image at this time. During this transit phase, you may face challenges at the place of your work. You, however, need to keep a brave front and face problems with courage.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Maha Kali and Bhairav Dev.


Rahu Transit 2019 may bring mixed results for Leo natives. Merits of the transit, however, outshine its demerits. Leo natives may grow professionally. This means that they perform better in their job or business. Several lucrative opportunities come your way at this time. You may even gain monetarily. The planet’s transit may bring you monetary benefits. You may gain unexpected wealth. Besides, your kids may become the cause of your worry at this time. If you are a student, you may face difficulties in concentration, which may affect your studies. You may be able to spend quality time with your lover or life-partner. Your spouse may be happier than before. Your relations may also improve. While at workplace, you may earn more respect and reputation. Your juniors may follow your path. You may also develop a cordial relationship with your seniors.

Remedy: Feed the dogs.


During Rahu Transit 2019, the malicious planet will be in your 10th House, the House of Karma. The transit may prove to be unlucky for Virgo natives. Time may not be quite favourable for you. Worshipping Lord Rama may help you in getting through these tough times. On a positive side, you may be benefited financially. You may be able to save money for future. Your expenses may be in control. If you have a habit of taking shortcuts to achieve success, remember that there is no shortcut to success, as it can only be advantageous for the moment. Working harder and putting your heart and soul in your work can be the only way to succeed. Moreover, your mother’s health may deteriorate at this time. You need to pay heed to the health of your mother and consult a doctor. Your personal life may even split apart.

Remedy: Chant Shri Ram Raksha Stotra


For a Libra native, the planet Rahu will be in your 9th House. 9th House symbolizes religion, luck, and service to humanity. Rahu Transit 2019 may be unfavourable for any kind of suspicious activity. You may not be able to conduct or participate in a religious ceremony, such as Yajna. Any proposed marriage in the family may postpone. This transit may be an unlucky period for Libra natives. You may even suffer from financial losses. Your business or job may be severely affected. There are fair chances of you going on a pilgrimage at this time. This is the period when your family life may be affected. There may be disputes in the family; affecting your mental peace. Moreover, your father’s health may deteriorate during the transit. Take proper care of your father and address his medical concerns.

Remedy: Chant this mantra on a regular basis: “ॐ दुं दुर्गाय नमः!”

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According to Vedic Astrology, Rahu will be in your 8th House during its transit in 2019. 8th House is the house of life and death. The transit may not be very favourable for Scorpio natives. Their luck may not be on their side. You need to strictly follow traffic rules at this time, as driving may be life threatening. You need not drink and drive, especially during this phase. If you are a Scorpio, take better care of your health. Eat healthy and exercise daily. Refrain from eating outside. This is the time when your expenses will rise with a falling income. On family front, your near and dear ones may behave rudely with you. You, therefore, need to keep calm and bear with others for the moment. You may undergo a disturbed family life at this time. You can resolve family issues with maturity and patience. Avoid getting into any arguments with family and friends.

Remedy: Donate blue-colored clothes before Saturday noon.


During Rahu Transit 2019, the planet will be in your 7th House, the house of marital life. The transit may not be favourable for you. Your marital life may through difficult times. This implies that you may have a hard time during Rahu Transit 2019. Sagittarius natives may need to avoid getting into any kind of argument at this time. Keep your calm and act according to time and situation. Losing your patience and temperament may be quite harmful. Time may surely change for the better. During this phase, try to communicate effectively with your spouse, as miscommunication may affect your relationship. If you have issues, try to resolve them through discussion. Refrain from doubting the loyalty of your life-partner. Trusting your spouse is the most important at this time. Moreover, you may have a conflict of opinions with your family members as well as business partners.

Remedy: Perform some rituals to calm down the effects of Rahu-Ketu.


If you are a Capricorn native, Rahu will be in your 6th House. During Rahu Transit 2019, you may receive good news. This time may bring you more luck. Your career graph will ascend at this time. You may do better at your job and business. There are fair chances of job promotion. You may earn a higher rank and even see a salary increase. This may be the best time for your career. This time is the most favourable for students. They may succeed in their exams; passing with flying colours. If you have applied for a bank loan, you loan may pass. This implies that you may attain financial success. Moreover, your health may improve during the transit. You may not undergo any kind of medical issue. If you are a politician, you may succeed in politics and even win elections.

Remedy: Chant this mantra: “ॐ राम रहावे नमः!”


During Rahu Transit 2019, the planet will be in your 5th House. The transit may not be very suitable for you. This means that you may face an unfavourable time during the transit. You may even suffer from financial losses. You may see the face of failure in your job and business. Refrain from making any investment at this time. On family front, you may end up arguing with your beloved. Keep calm and maintain healthier relations with your lover or spouse. Unnecessary arguments may harm your relationship. You may be required to take big responsibilities at this time, which implies that your family responsibilities may increase during this period. In fact, your near and dear ones may expect more from you. You may succeed in living up to their expectations.

Remedy: Feed Saat Dhanya or seven kinds of grains to birds.


If you are a Pisces native, Rahu will be in your 4th House. Rahu Transit 2019 may not prove to be a suitable period for Pisces natives. There may be issues in your career, family life, and financial life. Your mother’s health may deteriorate at this time. You may need to pay proper heed to her health at this time. You may even have a hectic work schedule during the transit. This is the time when you may encounter various issues and challenges in your career. You may be unable to focus on work properly. Moreover, your expenses may exceed your income during this period.

Remedy: Donate warm blankets to underprivileged people.

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