Tamil Calendar 2019: Tamil Festivals, Dates & Holidays

Tamil culture and language both are ancient. Tamil people have a rich cultural history and are very particular about their festivals. The dates for cultural, agricultural and social events in their community are identified or calculated using the Tamil calendar. Another name for Tamil Calendar is Tamil Panchangam. It is a Solar Calendar used in the regions of Pondicherry, Assam, West Bengal, Nepal etc. Tamil New Year falls on 14th April every year as per Gregorian Calendar. The day is a public holiday both in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Though the Tamil Calendar 2019 is a Solar Calendar, it is not similar to Western Calendar. The eras used in this Calendar are Kalyug, Vikram and Shalivahana Saka.

Tamil Calendar 2019: Important Dates and Holidays

Date Day Festival
1 January Monday New Year
14 January Sunday Pongal
15 January Monday Thiruvalluvar Day
16 January Tuesday Thai Amavasai
26 January Friday Republic Day
31 January Wednesday Thai Poosam
13 February Tuesday Maha Shivratri
1 March Thursday Masi Magam
2 March Friday Holi
14 March Wednesday Karadaiyan Nombu
25 March Sunday Ram Navami
29 March Thursday Mahavir Jayanti
14 April Saturday Tamil New Year/Puthandu/Ambedkar Jayanti
29 April Sunday Chitra Pournami/Buddha Purnima, Vaikasi Visakam
4 May Friday Agni Natchathiram Thuvakkam
28 May Monday Agni Natchathiram Mudivu
11 August Saturday Adi Perukku, Adi Amavasai
13 August Monday Adi Pooram
15 August Wednesday Independence Day/Naga Panjami/Garuda Panjami
24 August Friday Varalakshmi Vrat, Onam
26 August Sunday Avani Avittam/Sama Veda Upakarma
2 September Sunday Gokulashtami/Ashtami Rohini
11 September Tuesday Avani Avittam
13 September Thursday Vinayagar Chathurthi
2 October Tuesday Gandhi Jayanti
8 October Monday Mahalaya Amavasai
10 October Wednesday Navarathri
18 October Thursday Ayutha Poojai/Saraswati Pooja
19 October Friday Vijaya Dhasami
6 November Tuesday Deepavali
7 November Wednesday Lakshmi Poojai/Kedara Gowri Vratham
13 November Tuesday Soora Samharam
23 November Friday Karthigai Deepam
13 December Thursday Subrahmanya Sashti
23 December Sunday Arudra Darshan

Get your Kundli as per Tamil Astrology.

Tamil civilization is known for its literature, scriptures, and traditions. Though southern India is quite modern, when it comes to religious beliefs, they are same as their ancestors. The seasons as divided in Tamil culture are:

  1. Chithirai, Vaigāsi (Spring)
  2. Āni, Ādi (Summer)
  3. Āvani, Puratāci (Monsoon)
  4. Aippasi, Kārthigai (Autumn)
  5. Mārkazhi, Tai (Winter)
  6. Māsi, Panguni (Prevernal)

These are the twelve months corresponding to Gregorian names. With April being Chithirai, May being vaigāsi, June being āni, July being ādi, August being āvani, September being puratāci, October being aippasi, November being kārthigai, December being mārkazhi, January being tai, February being māsi, and March being panguni.

Our expert astrologers calculate every minute detail before coming to a conclusion. The dates mentioned here are accurate and best to our knowledge. Some festivals which depend on the variable position of planets or show a change geographically may show slight change. Consider your location and other details when using Tamil calendar 2019.

We hope you will find the information above to be worthwhile. Best wishes from My Kundali!