Annaprashan Muhurat 2020 Dates & Auspicious Muhurat

Annaprashan Dates in 2020 can be found in this article, which also consists of Annaprashan Muhurat 2020. Find out the auspicious time for conducting the child feeding ceremony, and know its significance. Just like all the Hindu Sanskars, Annaprashan Sanskar signifies the occasion when the child consumes rice or any other solid food other than milk for the first time. These rituals must be performed under the guidance of a Pandit or astrologer during an auspicious Annaprashan Muhurat. In this article, we will provide you the essential details about the best time and date to perform the rice feeding ceremony in 2020.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें - अन्नप्राशन मुहूर्त 2020

Annaprashan Muhurat 2020

Annaprashan Dates in 2020

Date Day Nakshatra Month & Tithi Muhurat Duration
2 January Thursday Purva Bhadrapada Pausha Shukla Paksha Saptami From 07:14 to 12:44
8 January Wednesday Rohini Pausha S. Trayodashi From 07:15 to 13:56
27 January Monday Shatabhisha Magha S. Tritiya From 07:12 to 14:37
29 January Wednesday Purva Bhadrapada Magha S. Chaturthi From 12:13 to 14:29
30 January Thursday Uttara Bhadrapada Magha S. Panchami From 07:11 to 13:20
7 February Friday Punarvasu Magha S. Trayodashi From 07:06 to 13:53
26 February Wednesday Uttara Bhadrapada Phalgun S. Tritiya From 06:50 to 14:53
28 February Friday Ashwini Phalgun S. Panchami From 06:48 to 14:45
5 March Thursday Ardra Phalgun S. Dashami From 11:26 to 13:19
26 March Thursday Revati Chaitra S. Dwitiya From 06:18 to 15:20
3 April Friday Pushya Chaitra S. Dashami From 06:09 to 13:58
6 April Monday Purva Phalguni Chaitra S. Trayodashi From 12:16 to 14:36
8 April Wednesday Hasta Chaitra S. Purnima From 06:03 to 08:05
30 April Thursday Pushya Vaisakha S. Saptami From 05:41 to 14:39
25 May Monday Mrigashira Jyeshtha S. Tritiya From 05:26 to 05:54
27 May Wednesday Punarvasu Jyeshtha S. Panchami From 05:25 to 15:49
1 June Monday Hasta Jyeshtha S. Dashami From 05:24 to 13:16
5 June Friday Anuradha Jyeshtha S. Purnima From 13:56 to 15:14
22 June Monday Ardra Ashadha S. Pratipada From 13:31 to 16:27
24 June Wednesday Pushya Ashadha S. Tritiya From 05:25 to 10:14
27 July Monday Chitra Shravan S. Saptami From 05:40 to 07:10
29 July Wednesday Vishakha Shravan S. Dashami From 08:33 to 15:34
03 August Monday Uttara Ashadha Shravan S. Purnima From 09:26 to 16:00
21 August Friday Uttara Phalguni Bhadrapada S. Tritiya From 05:54 to 14:00
27 August Thursday Jyeshta Bhadrapada S. Navami From 12:37 to 14:26
28 August Friday Mool Bhadrapada S. Dashami From 05:57 to 08:39
31 August Monday Shravan Bhadrapada S. Trayodashi From 05:59 to 08:49
2 September Wednesday Shatabhisha Bhadrapada S. Purnima From 06:00 to 10:52
18 September Friday Uttara Phalguni Ashwin S. Pratipada From 12:51 to 15:03
19 October Monday Anuradha Ashwin S. Tritiya From 06:26 to 06:49
21 October Wednesday Mool Ashwin S. Panchami From 06:27 to 06:57
23 October Friday Uttara Ashadha Ashwin S. Saptami From 06:29 to 06:57
26 October Monday Shatabhisha Ashwin S. Dashami From 06:29 to 09:00
29 October Thursday Uttara Bhadrapada Ashwin S. Trayodashi From 06:31 to 14:04
16 November Monday Anuradha Karthik S. Pratipada From 07:07 to 12:54
19 November Thursday Purva Ashadha Karthik S. Panchami From 09:38 to 12:42
27 November Friday Ashwini Karthik S. Dwadashi From 08:28 to 13:38
30 November Monday Rohini Karthik Purnima From 06:56 to 13:26
17 December Thursday Uttara Ashadha Margashirsha S. Tritiya From 07:08 to 13:44
24 December Thursday Ashwini Margashirsha S. Dashami From 07:11 to 13:17

What is Annaprashan Sanskar?

Through the update of Annaprashan Dates in 2020 we would talk about Annaprashan Sanskar. Annaprashan Sanskar is one of the sixteen rites of Hinduism, where the child consumes solid food for the first time other than his/her mother’s milk. It is known that the mother’s milk is the major source of nutrition and power for a newborn, and it is the milk that makes him/her stronger. Food plays a major role in enhancing the immunity and mental as well as physical growth and represents one’s behaviour. In order to get rid of the Dosha derived from consuming any kind of impure edible substance in the mother’s milk, the Annaprashan Ceremony is conducted six months after the birth of the child.

The word “Annaprashan” consists of two words, “Anna”, which means food and “Prashan”, which means process. Hence, the Annaprashan Ceremony is a process of consuming food. Know the auspicious Annaprashan Muhurat in 2020 and read below how to conduct the ceremony as per the rituals.

Annaprashan Ceremony in 2020 & Significance

A famous Sanskrit saying goes,

“अन्नाशनान्मातृगर्भे मलाशाद्यपि शुद्धयति/annāśanānmātṛgarbhe malāśādyapi śuddhayati”

Which means that the unborn baby in the mother’s uterus consumes several impure particles and components, which can create several doshas originating through food. In order to get rid of them, the child must be fed clean and sattvic food after s/he is born. The child is entirely dependent on his/her mother for the first six months for food and nutrition, after which s/he must be provided with solid food such as rice. Hence, the Annaprashan Ceremony is organized. The child feeding ceremony is conducted to cleanse out the impurities consumed by the child from being under his/her mother’s belly till now and get rid of the originated doshas.

The objective of Annaprashan Sanskar is to cleanse the state of mind, soul and body through clean food. This ritual preaches the importance of food and how it is the ultimate source of energy and nutrition. On this occasion, the Gods and Goddesses are venerated and evoked before the child is fed. Annaprashan Ceremony for boys is conducted during the even months, whereas for girls it is odd months. Know the auspicious Annaprashan dates in 2020 and find out how rice feeding ceremony must be conducted.

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Child Feeding Ceremony in 2020: Things To Keep In Mind

Among all the Hindu Sanskars, Annaprashan Sanskar holds high importance. Performing the ceremony at the right time is considered to incur fruitful results in the future. We have mentioned the auspicious Annaprashan Muhurat 2020 dates above for your convenience. Below we are mentioning certain facts to keep in mind before commencing the ritual:

  • Keep this in mind that the Annaprashan Sanskar for a boy must be conducted during the sixth, eighth or tenth month.
  • On the contrary, the Annaprashan for the girl must be conducted during the seventh, ninth or eleventh month.
  • In case the Moon is placed in the fourth and eighth house of the child from his/her birth sign in his/her birth chart, astrological consultation must be taken before organizing Annaprashan Ritual.
  • The rice feeding ceremony in 2020 can be conducted during the Swati, Anuradha, Uttarashada, Shravan, Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha, Uttarabhadrapada, Ashwini, Rohini, Ardra, Punarvasu, Pushya, Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, Chitra and Revathi Nakshatra. However, Annaprashan should not be performed in the Nakshatra in which the child is born.
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is considered auspicious to conduct the Child Feeding Ceremony.
  • Along with the Purnima, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Panchami, Saptami, Dashami, Ekadashi, Dwadashi, Triyodashi dates are considered auspicious for performing the sacred Annaprashan ceremony.

Steps To Perform Rice Feeding Ceremony

  • Prepare a silver plate and spoon to feed the child.
  • Make a swastika sign on the utensils and worship them before starting the ritual.
  • Keep certain items separately before beginning the ceremony. They are Ghee or clarified butter, honey, Tulsi leaves, Rice or Rava Kheer and Ganagjal.
  • Bathe the child properly and make him wear clean clothes.
  • Venerate the Gods and Goddesses and offer them the Kheer before giving it to the child.
  • Mix all the items mentioned above in the Kheer.
  • Make the child face South and then offer him/her the Kheer.
  • Now, the Hawan should be conducted in order to make the surroundings pure and the ritual a success.
  • Now, the child must be blessed from the elders.
  • Items such as books, pens, food, soil, gemstone etc. are kept in front of the child, where anything s/he picks up suggests his/her fate. Below is the meaning:
  1. Jewellery: Choosing any type of jewellery means that the child will be wealthy and prosperous.
  2. Pen: The child will be wise and empathetic.
  3. Soil: The child will be interested in property and real estate.
  4. Food: This means that the child will develop a charitable attitude.
  5. Book: The child will be intellectual and smart.

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The auspicious time is calculated before performing any auspicious work in India. If you want to perform Annaprashan Sanskar for the infant, we have provided you the auspicious Annaprashan dates in 2020. Eliminate adverse effects from the life of your child and bless him/her with happiness and prosperity.