Jain Calendar 2020: Jain Festivals & Events

Jain Calendar 2020Jain Calendar 2020: New Year brings with itself new possibilities, opportunities and memorable moments. Being a multicultural country, India has always believed in fostering all sorts of cultures and their legacies with love and passion so that they will remain sacred and holy forever. With so many traditions and festivals to celebrate, India is one of the most diverse countries with a multicultural background making it different from others. Jainism is one of the ancient religions in India and preaches non-violence and peace. 24 Tirthankaras in Jain religion teaches freeing soul from the materialistic endeavors and attaining salvation. Jain natives follow a life of minimalism and feel satisfied with whatever they have. Jain Calendar 2020 enables you to check out all the upcoming jain festivals, holidays and other events/occasions.

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Jain Calendar 2020: Jain Festivals

Festival Date & Day
Shri Rajendra Surishwar Diwas January 02, Thursday
Rohini Vrat January 8, Wednesday
Shitalnath Janma Tapa January 21, Tuesday
Meru Trayodashi & Adinath Nirvana Kalyanak January 22, Wednesday
Rishabhdev Moksha January 23, Thursday
Daslakshan Start January 30, Thursday
Maryada Mahotsav February 01, Saturday
Rohini Vrat February 04, Tuesday
Shri Jitendra Rath Yatra & Dashlakshan End February 08, Saturday
Phalguna Ashtahnika Start March 02, Monday
Rohini Vrat March 03, Tuesday
Phalguni Chaumasi Chaudas March 08, Sunday
Ashtahnika End March 09, Monday
Varshitapa Arambha March 16, Monday
Daslakshan Start March 29, Sunday
Rohini Vrat March 30, Monday
Ayambil Oli Start (Chaitra Navapada) March 31, Tuesday
Mahavir Jayanti April 06, Monday
Daslakshan (1/3) End April 07, Tuesday
Ayambil Oli End April 08, Wednesday
Varshitapa Parana & Rohini Vrat April 26, Sunday
Shri Mahavir Swami Kaivalya Gyan Divas (Kevalgyan) May 03, Sunday
Jyeshtha Jinwar Vrat Start May 08, Friday
Shri Anantnath Janma Tap May 19, Tuesday
Rohini Vrat May 23, Saturday
Jyeshtha Jinwar Vrat End June 05, Friday
Rohini Vrat June 20, Saturday
Ashtahnika Start June 27, Saturday
Chaumasi Chaudas July 04, Saturday
Ashtahnika End July 05, Sunday
Rohini Vrat July 17, Friday
Parshvanath Moksha July 27, Monday
Rohini Vrat August 13, Thursday
Paryushan Parva Rambha August 16, Sunday
Kalpasutra Paath & Samvatsari August 19, Wednesday
Tailadhar Tapa August 20, Thursday
Kshamavani Parva & Dashlakshan Start August 23, Sunday
Daslakshan End September 01, Tuesday
Rohini Vrat September 10, Thursday
Rohini Vrat October 7, Wednesday
Ayambil Oli Start (Ashwin Naupada) October 23, Friday
Ayambil Oli End October 31, Saturday
Rohini Vrat November 3, Tuesday
Shri Padma Prabhu Janma Tapa November 13, Friday
Lakshmi Puja November 14, Saturday
Mahavir Nirvana November 15, Sunday
Gyan Panchami/ Saubhagya Panchami/ Labh Panchami November 19, Thursday
Kartika Ashtahnika Start November 22, Sunday
kartika Chaumasi Chaudas November 29, Sunday
Ashtahnika End/ Rohini Vrat/ Kartika Rath Yatra November 30, Monday
Mahavir Swami Deeksha December 10, Thursday
Mauni Ekadashi December 25, Friday
Rohini Vrat December 28, Monday

Note: Jain calendar 2020 is based on the Moon’s movement. The dates and festivals given above are precisely accurate but subjected to change on the basis of religious announcement or planetary placements.

All the important festivals and occasions are incorporated in Jain Calendar 2020. Some of them are Shri Mahavir Jayanti, Mahavir Nirvana, Diwali, Gyana Panchami, Navapad Oli, and so on. Shri Mahavir Jayanti commemorates the birthday of Lord Mahavir, which will be observed on April 06, Monday this year. Jains widely follow his preachings of ahimsa, good karma and good conduct. Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm by Jains, and businessmen begins with the new financial year. Just like this, several festivals enable the natives to awaken their spiritual soul and connect the the one.

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Jain Calendar Origin of Jainism

There are multiple religions in the country like Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, Parsi and Jainism. With Jainism making one of the prominent religions in the country, Jain festivals play a very important role. This religion came into existence in the year 599 BC, tracing back to the time when Vardhamana, famously known as Mahavira was present. He is the twenty fourth Tirthankara, who belonged to the royal family and renounced all his extravagant life at the age of 30. Moreover, he devoted himself to discover the meaning and existence of life and attained enlightenment at the age of 42.

Major Jain Festivals And Traditions

Jains form one of the major communities of the Indian culture and their festivals are of high significance as well. In order to worship Lord Mahavir, there are five major festivals marking the five major events in the Lord's life, which are conception, birth, renunciation, enlightenment and the final release, i.e. death. Here, we are going to emphasize on Jain Calendar for 2020 and festivals in a discreet manner. Let’s check it out.

  • One of the widely popular and major festivals is the birthday of Lord Mahavira or Vardhamana, i.e. Mahavir Jayanti. The festival is celebrated on April 06, Monday with great fun and fervor all across the country as well as the regions where the Jain communities exist.
  • Another important festival is Paryushan Parava Rambha, which is widely celebrated on August 16 this year. This festival goes on for 8 days according to the Shvetambara sect and 10 days according to the Digambara sect. On this day, devotees show repentance and fasts for specific days.
  • Mauna Agyaras lasts for a day, where devotees fast and remain silent. Not even a single sound is made during this sacred time.
  • One of the auspicious days considered for going on pilgrimage is Kartik Purnima. Although in North India, Sikh sect celebrates this day as the birthday of Guru Nanak.
  • Where Diwali, in majority of India, means festival of happiness and lights, in Jainism, it means a 2-day long fasting.

What Does The Jain Culture Preach?

Lord Mahavir staunchly believed in the significance of karma. According to him, if someone does good deeds, then he gets blessed with prosperity and progress, and vice versa. And therefore, he always emphasized on doing good Karma. To put in simple words, “What you sow is what you reap”. And so the major path followed is the path of righteousness, faith, and knowledge that ultimately leads to happiness and prosperity.


We wish that new Jain Calendar 2020 will give you accurate information on occurence of festivals and important days. Stay connected with us for this kind of informative updates.