Janeu Muhurat 2020 - Dates & Auspicious Timings for Janeu Sanskar in the year 2020

Janeu Muhurat 2020 list presented by My Kundli will provide with the dates and timings for the successful commemoration of Janeu Sanskar, which happens to be one of the important ones in the list of 16 Sanskars, which find a place in the Hindu religion and culture. Chronologically speaking, it occupies the tenth position in the list of sixteen Sanskars, which are considered to be indispensable for one’s existence. Hence, if one truly wishes to live the Hindu way of life, then it is almost impossible to do away with these Sanskars. In traditional Sanskrit language, this Sanskar is also known as Yagyopavit Sanskar. Beliefs state that without the observation of the Janeu Sanskar, natives will be unable to procure any good results from the particular Yajnas, Hawans or Pujas they have participated in. Now, without any further delay, let us have a look at the Janeu Muhurat 2020 dates for the commemoration of Janeu Sanskar in the upcoming year. Some other details about Janeu Muhurat 2020 have also been forthcoming sections of this write up on Janeu Muhurat 2020.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें - उपनयन मुहूर्त 2020

Janeu Muhurat 2020

Janeu Muhurat 2020 : Auspicious Timings

Date Day Nakshatra Month and Tithi Muhurat Duration
15 January, 2020 Wed Uttara Phalguni Magha K. Panchami From 07:15 to 12:10
27 January, 2020
Mon Shatabhisha Magha S. Tritiya From 07:12 to 14:37
29 January, 2020 Wed Purva Bhadrapada Magha S. Chaturthi From 10:46 to 14:29
30 January, 2020 Thurs Uttara Bhadrapada Magha S. Panchami From 07:11 to 13:20
26 February, 2020 Wed Uttara Bhadrapada Phalgun S. Tritiya From 06:50 to 14:53
28 February, 2020 Fri Ashwini Phalgun S. Panchami From 06:48 to 14:45
11 March, 2020 Wed Hasta Chaitra K. Dwitiya From 11:42 to 13:58
13 March, 2020 Fri Swati Chaitra K. Chaturthi From 08:51 to 13:50
26 March, 2020 Thurs Revati Chaitra S. Dwitiya From 06:18 to 15:20
3 April, 2020 Fri Pushya Chaitra S. Dashami From 06:09 to 13:57
9 April, 2020 Thurs Swati Vaisakha K. Dwitiya From 06:02 to 14:23
26 April,2020 Sun Rohini Vaisakha S. Tritiya From 05:45 to 13:23
3 May, 2020 Sun Purva Phalguni Vaisakha S. Dashami From 05:39 to 12:08
4 May, 2020 Mon Uttara Phalguni Vaisakha S. Ekadashi From 06:13 to 15:04
25 May, 2020 Mon Revati Jyeshtha S. Tritiya From 07:54 to 15:57
27 May, 2020 Wed Punarvasu Jyeshtha S. Panchami From 07:28 to 15:49

Janeu Muhurat 2020 : Importance

With the help of this write up on Janeu Muhurat 2020, we have some facts in store for you about Janeu Sanskar. As it is believed that the observation of this Sanskar occupies a central place in Hundu religion and culture, which is why the Janeu Muhurat 2020 remains one of the anticipated searches in the world of social media. Beliefs state that the successful commemoration of this Sanskar helps the child to grow mentally, physically and spiritually. This year too, natives will look for the Janeu Muhurat 2020 so as to teach him the lessons regarding Gayatri Mantra and he will also be made to wear Yagyapabit during theJaneu Sanskar. A traditional Brahman household organizes this ceremony for the male child sets foot in his eighth year. Meanwhile, Upanayana Muhurat 2020 will be taken into account by Kshatriyas when the child is eleven years old. At the same time, a Vaishya household organizes the same when the child is about twelve years old. When one refers to the term Upanayana, it simply signifies the act of approaching someone to seek knowledge. In the ancient times, the child was supposedly taken to a Guru so that he can learn the various lessons of life. However, many things have changed with the passage of time and human beings have adapted to the modern way of life. But, the relevance of this Sanskar ceremony have not lost with time and vanished into thin air, which is why in the current time, knowledge about the spiritual and the physical life are made available to the native.

Janeu Muhurat 2020 : How is it Determined?

Just like the other Muhurat dates are determined, Janeu Muhurat 2020 will also be determined in accordance with the Vedic Hindu Panchang. For the Upanayana Muhurat 2020, the days like Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are considered to be most efficient.

Now moving on to months which includes Magha and the upcoming six months for the commemoration of this Upanayana Muhurat. Speaking of Tithis, the Prathama, Chaturthi, Ashtami, Navami, Trayodashi, Chaturthi, Purnima or Amavasya are considered auspicious for Janeu Muhurat 2020. Meanwhile, the Nakshatras like Punarvasu, Shravan, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Revathi, Pushya, Ghunga, Ashwini and Mrigashira Nakshatra are the most auspicious ones for Janeu Sanskar as per the Janeu Muhurat 2020. Natives should strictly avoid commemorating this ceremony during Tuesday and Saturday.

Janeu Muhurat 2020 : Benefits of Janeu Sanskar

It is very necessary to provide the lessons to a human being at a very early age. Hence, during the Janeu Sanskar, organized as per the Janeu Muhurat 2020, the various tutorials of life are made available for the child so that he sets foot in the right path of life, He is also given the responsibility to make the world a better place. Hence, by wearing the Janeu, the soul of the respective native remains pious and keeps all the negative vices at bay. Let us now have a detailed look at the benefits of Janeu Sanskar organized as per the Upanayana Muhurat 2020.

  • It is often believed that the native should wears a Janeu is always considered to be pure and pious who doesn't get involved in any wrong doings.
  • The Janeu or the holy thread itself is considered to be the epitome of purity.
  • Anyone who wears the Janeu has the authority to commence Pujas and other holy rituals.
  • Anyone from the Brahman household who wears a Janeu has the right to accept donations. The ones from the remaining other castes have the right to make donations and not accept them.
  • The Janeu or the holy thread is also considered to be an incarnation of the Goddess Gayatri. Just like one receives good results after chanting the mantra of Mata Gayatri and installing her idol in the house, one gets auspicious results, in the same way, wearing the Yagnopavit calms the mind of man and he gets auspicious results in life.
  • It is believed that the celebration of the Janeu ceremony helps with the mental, physical and emotional development of the child.
  • According to Indian religious scriptures, Janeu is considered to be related to the trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. As we know that Lord Shiva has been considered the destroyer, Brahma the creator of the universe and Vishnu the Palaharan.
  • The ones who wear the holy thread are known as Brahmacharyas as they lead a certain kind of life different from the others.
  • From a scientific point of view, a subtle vein that goes from the back of the body to the back flows through the janeu sacrament, this vein goes from the right shoulder to the waist. Scientists believe that this vein is strengthened by wearing the Janeu or the holy thread.
  • From the astrological point of view, the Janeu Sanskar helps the native to get rid of the effects of malefic planets.

Upanayan Muhurat 2020: How Janeu Sanskar came into existence?

As per Upanayana Muhurat came into existence in Iran as well as India. Most of the Zorastrian religious texts mention the existence of this ceremony, which is also a part of the modern Parsi society too. As it is mentioned before, Upanayan stands for the search of knowledge which is quite essential for one’s existence in life.

Janeu Muhurat 2020 : Sanskar Rituals

Let us now have a look at the Janeu Sanskar rituals as per the Upanayana Muhurat 2020, which are most essential to commemorate the Sanskar successfully.

  • The child/disciple seeks blessings from the Guru or teacher and the Guru makes the child wear new clothes while chanting Vedic Mantras.
  • After wearing the garment, the Guru offers the Yajnopavita, Ajin and punishments and he has to accept it.
  • Very soon, the Guru places water in the child’s Anjali and makes him spectate the Sun and asks his name.
  • The disciple reveals his name and when the Guru asks whose disciple or Brahmachari you are after this, he takes the name of the Guru.
  • Afterwards, the Guru says that his first Acharya would be Agni and that I am the second Acharya. The Guru then says, “ I dedicate you for the protection of Sakata, medicine, Prajapati Vishwadeva and all the materialistic things”.
  • After this the Janeu Sanskar gets commenced successfully and the Guru begins his lessons.
  • After learning the lessons from the Vedas, the Guru also makes him beg so that he becomes able to lead a good life after facing all the circumstances.

We hope that you will appreciate this write up of ours on Janeu Muhurat 2020. May you have happiness and prosperity in abundance!!