Saturn Transit 2020 Predictions

Saturn Transit 2020To know how Saturn transit 2020 will impact on your moon sign, you have landed on the right page. Here, we are going to help you with a detailed observation adding all necessary information pertaining to Saturn transit. It is being mentioned there that Lord Saturn is going to enter Capricorn Sign by leaving Sagittarius on January 24, 2020, at 12:05 PM.

It will remain in its retrograde motion during the period between May 11 to September 29. By the end of the year, Saturn will combust, hence it will be less effective towards all 12 moon Signs. This year, the prominent three signs will be under the influence of Saturn Sade Sati including Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Generally, Saturn is the owner of Capricorn and Aquarius signs. Talking about the general conception regarding Lord Saturn, it is considered that the transit turns out to be cruel in nature, but that’s not the case always. Planet Saturn staunchly believes in giving people what they deserve as per their intentions. To put in simple words, you will get the results according to your Karma. With the favorable influence of Saturn, you will become successful in planning your future fruitfully. Let’s check out more about Saturn Transit 2020 and what kind of positive or negative effect all 12 zodiac signs will have.

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Saturn Transit 2020 Aries Predictions

  • Planet Saturn is the owner of your 10th and 11th house.
  • During the year 2020, Saturn will enter in your tenth house.
  • Talking about the 10th house, it is basically associated with Karma and Lord Saturn is the representative of actions and deeds.
  • Therefore, with the effect of Saturn Transit in 2020, you have to do a lot of hard work and struggle.
  • If you are contemplating to start a new work, then you should get it done before May 11. After that, you might have to face issues as Saturn will start its retrograde motion.
  • Considering your health, this year you will have neither good nor much worse results. However, you might face skin related issues.
  • You might also plan to go to any pilgrim with your parents.
  • During Saturn Transit, your dream of buying a new house will also come true.

Saturn Transit 2020 Taurus Predictions

  • Saturn is the lord of 9th or 10th house from your Moon Sign.
  • During its transit, Saturn will enter in your ninth house.
  • During this transit period, you might get into arguments with your parents.
  • You should maintain a control over your voice and also do not misbehave with anyone.
  • Do not make any promises with anyone that you cannot fulfil.
  • You also need to stop putting work on hold otherwise opportunities will slip from your hand.
  • If you are hunting for new jobs, then you should start searching for it right from the beginning of this year.

Saturn Transit 2020 Gemini Predictions

  • Saturn rules over your 8th and 9th house.
  • During the transit period, it will enter into your 8th house.
  • The 8h house specifically belongs to unknown incidents and therefore it will affect many areas of your life.
  • Results will be in the form that you might have to stop any work midway or face some difficulties.
  • Because of Saturn’s effect on your sign, you might face issues related to finances.
  • You should remain careful and alert when it comes to money related matters.
  • You might have to go on foreign trips.
  • Property-related issues stressing you out and pending you from a long time wil get resolved during this time.
  • Make sure that you always discuss with the elders before taking any important decision in your life.

Saturn Transit 2020 Cancer Predictions

  • Planet Saturn is the owner of your 7th and 8th house.
  • In the year 2020, it will move into the 7th house from your moon sign.
  • Make sure that you remain active during Saturn transit so as to refrain from having a negative impact.
  • People supervising or leading a business will take some important decisions in the starting of the year.
  • You might have to get indulged with foreign sources regarding your work.
  • You need to take care of your children's health during Saturn transit.
  • You also need to be careful while you are driving.
  • Do not spend too much over cosmetics.
  • If you are facing health problems due to any prolonged illness, do not avoid it and take good care.
  • Do not get involved in unnecessary discussions, otherwise you might have to lose out on your money.

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Saturn Transit 2020 Leo Predictions

  • Leo is the owner of the sixth and seventh house from your Moon sign.
  • During the year 2020, Saturn will move into your 6th house. This transit will prove to be quite good for you.
  • This year, you have to do a lot of hard work and put efforts so that you can churn out success.
  • Before investing in any property, you need to contemplate everything carefully.
  • You might have to face some health-related issues. There are chances of you feeling depressed because of any previous long-term disease affecting you.
  • Do not quit your job during mid of the year.
  • You might also come across some of your old friends, and will have a great time with them.

Saturn Transit 2020 Virgo Predictions

  • Saturn governs the 5th and 6th house for Virgo natives. During its transit, it will be posited into your 5th house.
  • During Saturn Transit, you can finish your incomplete education that you left midway due to certain reasons.
  • This year, you might get success in taking some important decisions.
  • If you are thinking to start, to begin with, a new business, you need to contemplate all the necessary aspects.
  • There are chances that you might face some issues with your colleagues at work. Therefore, you need to be a bit aware regarding this.
  • You will support your parents during this period.
  • You might buy jewellery or any costly thing.
  • In the mid of the year, you might buy a car or property.

Saturn Transit 2020 Libra Predictions

  • For Librans, Saturn is the owner of the 4th and 5th house of the kundali.
  • During the year 2020, Saturn will enter the 4th house.
  • People who are associated with any kind of business might get good opportunities.
  • You also need to stay away from ego and be calm.
  • Make sure that you are having enough information while doing something related to money investment.
  • You should not follow others’ advice blindly.
  • In the mid of the year, you might have issues with your mother. So, try to avoid it.
  • Do not stress out and try to keep yourself at ease.
  • You might have to go on a foreign trip after the month of September.
  • You should also stay away from arguments with anyone.

Saturn Transit 2020 Scorpio Predictions

  • Saturn is the ruler of the third and fourth house.
  • During its transit this year, Saturn will move into the third house.
  • You will also get rid of Saturn Sade Sati that has been running over you from a long time.
  • You also need to remain active to get all your work done on time.
  • This year is good for starting anything new and therefore you can start your new business.
  • During Saturn Transit, you will find your financial situation to be stronger.
  • You might also continue your studies that you had left in between due to some reasons.

Saturn Transit 2020 Sagittarius Predictions

  • Saturn owns the second and third house from your Moon sign.
  • Saturn will transit in the second house this year.
  • You will enter in the last phase of Shani Sade Sati and get the results of your hard work.
  • During the period of Saturn transit, you might resolve some financial issues.
  • You might also get benefits regarding property related matters.
  • Your father will support you in all possible ways.
  • If you have been thinking of heading to a foreign city, there can be some issues popping up.

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Saturn Transit 2020 Capricorn Predictions

  • Saturn is the owner of your own moon sign as well as the second house.
  • During its transit, Saturn will enter in the second house.
  • At the time of transit, second or peak (rising) phase of Saturn Sade Sati will begin and therefore you might have to face mental stress.
  • You will also find your confidence level increasing. And this will help you to reach your goal.
  • This year, you will also find new ways to take your business to the next level. Moreover, your financial situation will also improve.
  • You will also enjoy foreign trips and your dream of buying a new home will also come true.
  • You might face issues with your partner and therefore you need to do everything so as to avoid ruining your bond and be quite careful.
  • Your health will be on stake. Hence take care of yourself.

Saturn Transit 2020 Aquarius Predictions

  • For you, Saturn is your sign lord as well as owns the twelfth house.
  • At the time of transit, it will move into your 12th house.
  • Since the date of transit, the rising or first phase of Saturn Sade Sati will begin.
  • You will also get success in every aspect of your life if you put enough effort and do the hard work.
  • Before starting anything, you also need to discuss with your elders.
  • Chances are high that you might face some issues with your partner and therefore you need to be careful.
  • You might spend money on decorative items or a new car.
  • Your expenditure would increase and you might befall sick.

Saturn Transit 2020 Pisces Predictions

  • Saturn rules over your 11th and 12th house.
  • In this year, Saturn will be positioned in the 11th house from your Moon sign.
  • Stay active when working and do not put them on hold as it would not be helpful to you.
  • You will carve out a new image at the forefront along with getting new opportunities at work.
  • You will have a happy married life and spend quality time with your partner.
  • Lord Saturn will also be helpful regarding your health.
  • You will get support from your parents.

We wish that Saturn will bring a lot of happiness and success in your life. We wish you best wishes.