Telugu Calendar 2020: Telugu Festivals & Holidays

Telugu Calendar 2020Telugu Calendar, also called “Telugu Panchangam” comes up with all important dates including fasts, auspicious events, and festivals. The calendar is considered the best way to organize your entire upcoming plans in a better way. Checking out Telugu Calendar, it becomes easy to enjoy significant celebrations in a great way together with family. Telugu Panchangam concludes 60 years in every era. Every year is called by a specific name which represents the features of that specific year. Do check Telugu Calendar 2020 in order to know more about all kind of religious and important festivities.

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Telugu Calendar 2020

There are certain festivals counted as a holiday in the Telugu community. Moreover, most of the Hindu festivals entail a holiday in the community. The following list marks all important holidays and days have been marked in Telugu culture.

Day Date Holiday
Tuesday January 14, 2020 Bhogi (First Day of Pongal)
Wednesday January 15, 2020 Makar Sankranti
Thursday January 16, 2020 Kanuma
Friday January 17, 2020 Mukkanuma
Sunday January 26, 2020 Republic Day
Saturday February 1, 2020 Ratha Saptami
Wednesday February 5, 2020 Jaya Ekadashi
Thursday February 6, 2020 Bhishma Dwadashi
Wednesday February 19, 2020 Vijaya Ekadashi
Friday February 21, 2020 Maha Shivaratri
Friday March 6, 2020 Amalaki Ekadashi
Thursday March 19, 2020 Papmochani Ekadashi
Wednesday March 25, 2020 Ugadi / Telugu New Year
Thursday April 2, 2020 Sri Rama Navami
Saturday April 4, 2020 Kamada Ekadashi
Sunday April 5, 2020 Babu Jagjivan Ram Birthday
Friday April 10, 2020 Good Friday
Saturday April 18, 2020 Varuthini Ekadashi
Sunday April 26, 2020 Akshaya Tritiya
Sunday May 03, 2020 Mohini Ekadashi
Sunday May 17, 2020 Hanuman Jayanti
Monday May 18, 2020 Apara Ekadashi
Friday May 22, 2020 Vat Savitri Puja
Tuesday June 02, 2020 Nirjala Ekadashi
Wednesday June 17, 2020 Yogini Ekadashi
Tuesday June 23, 2020 Puri Rath Yatra
Sunday July 05, 2020 Guru Purnima
Thursday July 16, 2020 Kamika Ekadashi
Saturday July 25, 2020 Nag Panchami
Thursday July 30, 2020 Shravana Putrada Ekadashi
Friday July 31, 2020 Varalakshmi Vratam
Monday August 03, 2020 Raksha Bandhan
Tuesday August 11, 2020 Krishna Janmashtami
Saturday August 22, 2020 Ganesh Chaturthi
Saturday August 29, 2020 Parivartani Ekadashi
Tuesday September 1, 2020 Pitru Paksha
Wednesday September 16, 2020 Vishwakarma Puja
Sunday September 13, 2020 Indira Ekadashi
Saturday October 17, 2020 Navratri Begins
Sunday October 25, 2020 Maha Navami (Navratri ends)
Monday October 26, 2020 Dussehra / Dasara
Tuesday October 27, 2020 Papankusha Ekadashi
Wednesday November 04, 2020 Karwa Chauth
Wednesday November 11, 2020 Rama Ekadashi
Friday November 13, 2020 Dhanteras
Sunday November 15, 2020 Deepothsavam / Deepavali
Monday November 16, 2020 Govardhan Puja
Tuesday November 17, 2020 Bhai Dooj
Wednesday November 18, 2020 Nagula Chavithi
Friday December 11, 2020 Utpanna Ekadashi
Friday December 25, 2020 Mokshada Ekadashi
Wednesday December 30, 2020 Margashirsha Purnima

Note: Festivals included in Telugu Calendar 2020 are mentioned by evaluating the position of Moon and Sun. dates can vary as per geographical position. Hence, kindly keep checking the timings and dates, as they are subjected to change.

Significance Of Telugu Calendar 2020

Among the number of calendars available, Telugu calendar is one of them. Telugu calendar is also a form of the Hindu calendar. Like the prospects of the Hindu Calendar, Telugu calendar also depends on the movement of the Sun and Moon. This calendar marks the important dates and festivals in the Telugu culture. For most of the celebrations, it is not declared as a national or a public holiday but a local holiday for the state. Certain festivals are known by different names in different states but the motive remains the same.

Telugu Calendar offers information about prominent festivals such as Ugadi, Makar Sankranti etc. which are seen as a constant source of prosperity and happiness. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Makara Sankranti is celebrated for 4 days constantly. The first day is regarded as Bhogi, the second day is celebrated as the main day of Makar Sankranti, the third day is observed as Kanuma and fourth is called Mukkanuma.

Other festivals celebrated by Telugu community are Nagula Chavithi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra etc. People living abroad visit their motherland to enjoy the sense of festivities. These festivals celebrate and establish the motto of Good taking over Evil.

How Telugu Festivals Are Celebrated?

The celebrations start with decorating houses colonies, distributing Prashad, organizing fairs to jazz up the celebration, preparing bonfires, dancing, kite flying, making delicious foods and so on. Overall, the festivity is all about sharing joy and happiness with loved ones. This year, the festive season will kick off from January 14 to January 17 in order to welcome Uttarayana, which represents the movement of Sun moves towards North. Telugu festivals are also associated with harvesting, and are observed to show gratitude towards God, Mother Nature, and Cattle.

Talking about the prominent event celebrated every year is called Telugu New Year. This is also known as Ugadi as per the local language and is celebrated on April 6, 2019. People clean their house, workplace etc., so as to eliminate any negative vibe and welcome positivity. Moreover, colorful Rangoli is also made to add to the festive mood. Local, mouthwatering dishes such as Pachadi are made on this day.

Telugu calendar is followed throughout the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and other places where Telugu community resides locally or globally. These festivals hold a very important consideration in the Telugu culture. These festivals are known to bring success and prosperity in the lives of the people when performed by taking the Vratam or fast and worshipping the gods.

Differences b/w Telugu Calendar & Gregorian Calendar

Telugu Calendar 2020 and Gregorian Calendar 2020 differ on the basis of number of days in a month, which can affect the years as well. Some Telugu months extend for 32 days, while some had 31 days based on the year. For eg. in 1996 and 1998, Vaikasi had 32 and 31 days respectively. One main difference is that the Telugu months remain one month behind the traditional Sanskrit Calendar.

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Telugu Calendar 2020 offers every detail about the occurrence of festivals, days and important events celebrated and observed by the Telugu community. We wish you a happy and prosperous year ahead. Do enjoy all festivals with your families and loved ones.

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