Rahu Kalam

As per Hindu Panchang, Rahu Kaal, also known as Rahu Kalam, is signified as the most inauspicious or unfavorable time period in a day. Rahu is termed as a notorious planet as per Vedic Astrology and starting any auspicious task, journey or new work must be avoided during its ruling time period. By considering Rahu Kaal Timings before commencing any task, one gets familiar with the auspicious timings throughout the day and becomes capable of carrying out Rahu remedies in order to attain desired results.

In South India, Rahu Kaal is treated as an important aspect and calculated before starting any new business project, investment, grah pravesh, wedding, purchasing and much more. Time period for Rahu planet to rule in a day is one-and-a-half hour. Hence, commencing any task during this period brings in failure and unfavorable outcome. Although, this time period differs location-wise, hereby varies from place to place and day to day.

Rahu Kaal for November 2021 (Sivakasi)

Date From To
27 November 202109:11:4810:39:02
28 November 202116:28:1417:55:26
29 November 202107:45:2609:12:36
30 November 202115:01:3616:28:45
01 December 202112:07:4113:34:48
02 December 202113:35:0915:02:14
03 December 202110:41:2412:08:27
04 December 202109:14:4710:41:49
Note: Given time is in 24 hours format.