Sun is the prominent source of vitality and energy on Earth. Life additionally exists on account of Sun's light. This daylight is considered as ray of hope and joy for numerous individuals, and provides light energy to illuminate the entire world. As per different places and locations, Sunrise and Sunset time differ due to the regular rotation of our Earth on its own axis, which also causes an axial tilt. This distinction in time occurs at different places at a particular point of time.

You would be able to know about the Sunrise time and Sunset today timings through printing or electronic media. In any case, these timings are dependent on Astronomical value. However, Hindu astrological timings may marginally contrast from Astronomical timings. We have described these timings for you in tabulated form below as per Hindu Panchang. With this table on Mykundali, you would be able to know about Hindu sunrise and sunset timings.

Note: Time below is in 24 hours format.
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What is Sun?

Sunrise and Sunset Times Astronomically, Sun is a star set in the focal point of close planetary system. Although, it is considered as a Planet in Vedic Astrology. It is exceptionally powerful and a strong Planet in Astrology. It is considered as "King" in celestial cabinet and a royal planet, which also illuminates planet Moon with its light. In fact, these two planets if set inverse to each other, or 180 degree apart from each other, forms a strong Yoga in your Birth Chart. In case of weak Sun in your Kundali, you may confront sufferings identified with your position or notoriety among general public.

Surya Dev, or Sun, is the father of Shani Dev. It is a significator planet for Soul. It also signifies "Father" in a Horoscope. It is a Sattvik planet and is Kshatriya by caste. It is also malefic and brutal in nature. It gets directional strength in Tenth House of a natal chart and directional weakness in Fourth House.

It governs "Leo" Zodiac sign and gets exalted in "Aries" sign. In Kaal Purush Kundali, it rules over Fifth House.

Know Sunrise Time

Sunrise Time can be clarified as the time of first appearance of the upper limb of Sun. The whole process looks like Sun is passing over the horizon. It is said that Sun ascends from East, according to Science, it shows up because of the continuous movement of Earth. Additionally, Sun is considered as a fixed star in the solar system, and other objects are revolving around the Sun.

Astrological Understanding of Sunrise Time

As per Hinduism, sunrise time can be ascertained as aggregate of Astronomical Sunrise, i.e. time taken by Sun to rise half of its diameter and time taken by Sun to rise further with a specific end goal to neutralize refraction impact. In Hindu Sunrise, we maintain a strategic distance from the refraction, or simply avoid the refraction, as it is still visible even if it is below the horizon due to refraction effect. Here at MyKundali, we have given you the Sunrise today time according to Hindu Calendar.

Know Sunset Time

Sunset is the time in evening when light of the Sun vanishes or blurs away. It causes due to every day rotation of Earth. This Sunset time is also called as "Sundown". The time of sunset differs consistently throughout the year, and is fundamentally analyzed through the viewer’s position. Due to earth’s rotation on its own axis and axial tilt, Sun appears down in the West direction.Therefore, it is said that Sun sets in the West.

Astrological Understanding of Sunset Time

As per Hinduism, Sunset time is computed by deducting time taken by the Sun to set half of its diameter, and time taken by Sun to set further to neglect the refraction effect of Astronomical sunset. On MyKundali, we have tabulated the sunset today time for your benefit, and is according to Hindu Calendar.

In general, individuals do have confusions about sunset time and dusk time. The questions may arise like, “are dusk time and sunset time same?”. For which the appropriate response is "No". The circle of Sun gets completely vanished, yet at the same time, there is some light visible in the sky. This time is known as dusk time.

Significance of Sunrise / Sunset Time

  • Sun is the main source of life and vitality for every single living being on Earth. It ascends in the East. Consequently, it has unique importance in Hindu ceremonies as east side is viewed as exceptionally promising and auspicious for any action or work like worship, puja and so on.

  • According to Vastu Shastra, the statue of any lord or deity should face the east side as Sun is the primary source of vitality for the temples too.

  • Dawn in one's life proclaims a fresh start for oneself. It shows a new ray of hope for an individual. Some extremely prevalent lines also expresses that every night is followed by sunrise, means the darkness of life is followed by light.

  • All Indian celebrations are displayed through "Madhyalimb Darshan", a period when half disc of the Sun becomes visible in the eastern horizon.

  • In Hindu Calendar, a day or tithi is a period distinction between previous dawn to the following dawn. Consequently, it assures important part in Vedic Astrology as the entire process is completely based on light of the dawn time and dusk time.

  • Dawn and dusk are essential for spiritual awakening process, so as to achieve Moksha or salvation.

  • In numerous houses, individuals perform aarti during Sunrise and Sunset time. During Sunrise, we respect our divinities, though amid sunset, it is believed that we demolish the negative energies. During Sunset, Hiranyakashipu was executed or obliterated by Narasimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Thus, we may discover loads of stories in our ancient texts with their special significance during sunrise and sunset time. We trust these timings are unmistakable as the entire Hindu panchangam depends on the sunrise and sunset time. The real significance of sunrise/sunset time can be seen during festive seasons in Hinduism.