Rahu Transit 2020 Predictions

Rahu Transit 2020Rahu Transit 2020 explains the transit of planet “Rahu” throughout the year. You might be one of them who get a tad bit nervous hearing the planet’s name called “Rahu”? If you think that Rahu tends to put a negative effect, you are a bit wrong. Actually, it is not true at all. Talking about Rahu planet, there is an old saying that if it helps you then no one can harm you and if it does not, then no one can save you. And it proves that Rahu does not only give negative effects. If Rahu is in your favour, then you will surely get showered with money, incredible financial benefits and success. Moreover, you will have a bright future in politics. Rahu’s good placement also serves you respect in society. But if it is against you as per its placement in your horoscope, you might have to face mental disturbance and other problems.

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This year, Rahu will remain in Gemini Sign till September 23, 2020. Thereafter, it will enter into Taurus Sign on the same day at 08:20 AM in the morning. According to Vedic astrology, Rahu will mark its impact in Kalyuga. You might be curious to know all about it in a discreet manner and therefore we are here to describe how Rahu is going to affect all twelve astrological signs in 2020.

Rahu Transit 2020 Predictions: Aries

  • For Aries, Rahu will remain in the third house for most of the period during 2020.
  • According to Vedic astrology, it is considered that having Rahu in the third house indicates good results.
  • Apart from it, Aries people will attain valour and fulfil all their duties with full potential.
  • When Rahu enters in the third house, you will find yourself oozing with happiness, bravery, and confidence.
  • During this time, you will find a sense of incredible energy within you and would be able to handle a variety of tasks.
  • You would not need anyone. And this will make you highly confidence.
  • Aries people associated with sports will come across great opportunities to show their talent at the forefront.
  • Married people might have some troubles because of Rahu and therefore need to stay a bit aware of. Before taking any decision, you need to contemplate and have patience.
  • Rahu will be good in respect with your financial conditions. You will have a great time till September earning lots of money and making a profit.
  • After September, Rahu will proceed to your second house and therefore you need to be quite careful while speaking.
  • You need to pay attention to your expenditure.

Rahu Transit 2020 Predictions: Taurus

  • For the natives of Taurus Moon Sign, Rahu will emphasize on the house related to money and finances.
  • Therefore you are suggested to take all your financial decisions carefully.
  • During this year, you may carry out some expenses which could have been easily be ignored or avoided. But you will get to know about this later on. Therefore, you need to be a bit aware regarding where to spend or not.
  • You also need to maintain an incredible control over what to say and what to ignore. Saying something wrong without even thinking can affect your precious relationships badly.
  • At the workplace, do not let ego get on your head otherwise you might lose out on the opportunities.
  • After September, Rahu will also emphasize in your own sign and therefore, you might have to face some confusion, dilemma and mental stress.

Rahu Transit 2020 Predictions: Gemini

  • Gemini Moon sign natives will also be under observation of Rahu right from the beginning of the year. Therefore, Gemini people might face some issues.
  • The starting of the year can make you confused and in dilemma and therefore you need to handle everything in a great way.
  • Gemini people associated with business also need to stay alert while handling money or carrying out monetary transactions. Otherwise, you might face some issues.
  • Because of Rahu, they might have to embark on small trips.
  • This year, you might indulge in some auspicious work in your family. This might happen in mid of September.
  • Make sure not to get into any issue or argument with your father, otherwise your siblings will get benefited.
  • You might also face some confusion in your married life but things will get better after 2020. Don’t let the things go out of control and try to put in efforts to fix it up.

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Rahu Transit 2020 Predictions: Cancer

  • For Cancer Moon Sign people, Rahu will be there posited in the 12th house and therefore you will face some mental stress.
  • Transit of Rahu in Gemini Sign will be quite good for Cancer natives who have been looking forward to embark on a foreign trip.
  • For a married couple, this timing will be great. Your partner might achieve great success and this will also lead towards a happy and successful married life.
  • This year, you will also get your money back that you might have given earlier to someone.
  • After September, Rahu will be in the 11th house and that is considered auspicious as well as beneficial for you in terms of finance.
  • Apart from that, you would achieve some major milestones.

Rahu Transit 2020 Predictions: Leo

  • In the year 2020, Rahu will be posited in the 11th house of Leo natives.
  • You will not face any financial issues and situations will be in your favour.
  • Many of your long-awaited wishes might get fulfilled.
  • Make sure that you are going to accumulate your hard earned money safely so that it comes to your rescue in the future.
  • You might also face issues in your married life as you will get busy with a lot of work.
  • You have to put efforts in order to give enough time to your family.
  • During the month of August, a person in your life will enter with whom you will fall into love.
  • After September, Rahu might lead to creating some confusion and you need to be aware of that.
  • During this period, you may face some issues pertaining to your career.

Rahu Transit 2020 Predictions: Virgo

  • Rahu will lay its impact in the 10th house for Virgo Moon Sign.
  • And therefore you should not start anything new otherwise you might face some issues.
  • You might face some challenges at work and chances are also high that you might get indulged in issues with your employers.
  • It does not matter what issues you will come across in your life, you will always have the support from your partner.
  • You might experience some troubles because of your kids.
  • After September, you might pay visits to pilgrims and therefore you will have an inclination towards spirituality.

Rahu Transit 2020 Predictions: Libra

  • Libra people will see Rahu getting posited in their ninth house.
  • And therefore, 2020 will prove to be quite auspicious and special for them.
  • Although you might face some tensions, after some time you will get over it.
  • You might also have to face issues because of your own children.
  • Libra natives also need to remain a bit careful when it comes to communicating with your father, as it can turn into arguments.
  • Your horoscope also says that you might visit any religious place during this period.
  • After September, things will get smoother and your interest in any research work will increase.

Rahu Transit 2020 Predictions: Scorpio

  • This year, Rahu will be placed in the 8th house from your moon sign.
  • You will get success in your research work that you have been carrying out from a long time. This will fill you with positive energy and eventually help you to look forward for opportunities.
  • This year, you will also get appreciated by your boss and you might have a promotion at work.
  • You might also go on any spiritual visit with your parents.
  • After September, Rahu will create issues for the married people and therefore you need to be on the alert mode regarding your relationship.

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Rahu Transit 2020 Predictions: Sagittarius

  • This year, Rahu will be placed in the 7th house from your moon sign and as a result, you should be a bit careful while doing business or dealing with your partner.
  • Do not believe anyone blindly as you need to take decisions wisely.
  • Also, try to stay away from bad company.
  • You might have to face issues in your married life because of Rahu’s position.
  • Try to solve things by having sound communication.
  • Rahu will enter in the 6th house in the month of September and you will start experiencing positive results.

Rahu Transit 2020 Predictions: Capricorn

  • Rahu will make its placement in the 6th house from your moon sign right from the start of the month.
  • You will find yourself at peace if you have borrowed money from someone.
  • You will have good results if preparing for competitive exams.
  • If you are stuck with any issue, then Rahu will help you in this regard.
  • Rahu can lead to several issues popping up for your married life. Hence, you need to be attentive.
  • At the workplace, do not share anything personal with anyone as it would not go in your favor.
  • After September, Rahu will be in the 5th house and that would be enough to create a lot of confusion.
  • You might also have tensions in your love life and misunderstanding with your children.

Rahu Transit 2020 Predictions: Aquarius

  • People of Aquarius Moon Sign will have Rahu in their 5th house and therefore you might face issues with your studies.
  • Because of it, you might get filled with negativity which needs to be curtailed.
  • Do not let any third person interfere in your married life as it can spoil your relationship with your partner.
  • You will feel great at work and that will go in your favour in terms of getting success.
  • Chances are high that your salary will get increased, so put your best face.
  • You also need to give enough time to your family so as to maintain a great relationship with your loved ones.

Rahu Transit 2020 Predictions: Pisces

  • People with Pisces Moon sign will have Rahu in their 4th house which could lead to an argument with your mother.
  • You might also indulge in small trips.
  • There might be some expenses that you would not find worthy at the very moment, but later on it will make a lot more sense.
  • Because of the weak financial situations, there will be issues in your married life.
  • Make sure you are business by taking the right decisions.
  • Rahu will transit in the 3rd house from September and take all your issues away from you.
  • This time is good for starting any new work or project.

We sincerely hope that after reading this article, you will be able to understand the impact of Rahu 2020 on you. We wish you a prosperous future.