Muhurat 2019: Auspicious Timings, Dates

Muhurat 2019

Time is the most persistent element of human living. It is an irreversible element connecting the past, present and the future of everyone's life. Even when there were no scientific facilities 6000 years ago, lunar calendars were used to predict the time, month, and year. This was based on the monthly cycles of the moon phases depending on the moon's orbit.

Muhurat is the sanctified specific time for performing sacred ceremonies. From Vedic literature to modern science it has been proved that the time to start a process or work is consequential for completing it contentedly. Since muhurat is fundamentally affiliated with the ancient lunar calendars, it is of great importance when conducting sacred ceremonies. Even in this modern world and that too even in hi-tech cities muhurat is fixed and followed. No one wants to start something good or auspicious during Rahu kalam. In case of life's big events, Muhurat 2019 gets more prominence.

How Is Hindu Muhurat Determined?

Hindu muhurat differs from person to person. They solely depend on the panchang or lunar calendar along with other fundamental elements of the person as per his horoscope or birth chart. Some basic features to premeditate muhurat include:

Muhurat As Per Panchang

Depending on moon phases, panchang has basic elements for determining the muhurat. They include:

  • Vaar: Vaar or day starts with sunrise and ends with the next sunrise. The seven days in the week are called 7 vaars in astrology. They denote 7 planets and the table below illustrate it better.
Ravi or Bhanu vaar Sun Sunday
Soma or Indu Vaar Moon Monday
Mangla or Bhatum or Kula vaar Mars Tuesday
Budha vaar Mercury Wednesday
Guru or Brihaspati Vaar Jupiter Thursday
Shukra vaar Venus Friday
Shani or Manta Vaar Saturn Saturday

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  • Rahu Kalam & Yama Kandam: Rahu Kalam and Yama Kandam are two particular periods which are not considered auspicious to start or do any auspicious work.
  • Tithi: Tithi is known as Date in English, and represents the lunar dates. It is calculated in the basis of planet Moon’s position in Shukla or Krishna Paksha.
  • Karna: This is half a part of Tithi depending on the lunar phase and determines the muhurat accordingly.
  • Yogam: Depending on the birth chart or horoscope of a person, yogam is determined and according to it, the muhurat is fixed.
  • Nakshatra: Everyone is born within a particular Nakshatra or star as per Vedic literature. Nakshatras, also called constellations, are 27 stars forming an imaginary pattern or outline on the celestial sphere.

When to Calculate Muhurat?

Muhurat is calculated before starting any new or auspicious task. Starting anything good at the right time on the right date bears fruitful and quality results. There are several occasions on which we can calculate the muhurat for a better flow. Some of them are:

Vivah or Marriage Muhurat

Within this auspicious muhurat, marriage ceremony is performed. As marriage is considered to be the union of two souls made in heaven, an auspicious date, day and time is calculated and fixed before going ahead with the festivities. Getting married in that muhurat helps to ward off problems, troubles and malefic planetary effects.

Griha Pravesh or Housewarming Muhurat

Housewarming ceremony is conducted during Griha Pravesh Muhurat, which marks the best and most auspicious muhurat to enter a new house or cleanse the old one. Following the ritual keeps all the negative energies at bay.

Mundan Muhurat or Muhurat for First Haircut

When a baby is born, his birth hair is removed within an auspicious muhurat, which is also known as Mundan Muhurat. It is an important sanskar in Hinduism. Mundan of Baby boy is done in odd years and for baby girl, its the even years.

Namkaran or Child Naming Muhurat

A child is named within the auspicious muhurat in the namkaran ceremony. It is believed that if named within the favorable duration, the name marks an impact on the kid and and his/her future.

Annaprashan or Muhurat for Feeding Solid Food to the Baby

Annaprashan or annaprasana ceremony is conducted during Annaprashan muhurat, where the kid is fed some solid food other than milk.

Karnavedha or Ear Piercing Muhurat

Karnavedha muhurat is calculated when parents decide to pierce the ear of their child. As per Hinduism, it enhances the physical, emotional and mental state of a child. A boy’s right ear and girl’s left ear is pierced first.

Vidyarambh Muhurat or Muhurat To Start Studying

Vidya or knowledge and Arambh or beginning makes up for the ritual, which basically means to start studying. Vidyarambh ceremony is performed when a child becomes aged enough to gain knowledge.