Ketu Transit 2020 Predictions

Ketu Transit 2020You will get to know about Ketu Transit 2020 predictions and it’s remedies. Ketu is regarded as a mysterious and magical planet. Talking about Ketu planet, it holds the power to shower you with loads of happiness and positivity if it stays in your Kundali at an ideal place. In case, it does not remain posited in the right house, then you might have to suffer. Ketu is the only planet which holds power to bless someone with money and respect. On the other hand, it can make you deprived of all this too. One feels great, confident and positive if Ketu in his/her favour. Moreover, Ketu also takes your creativity to the next level.

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Ketu transits in the Sagittarius Sign in the starting of the year 2020 and will stay there till September 23, 2020. On the same day around 08:20 AM, it will enter into the Scorpio sign. Ketu will remain in the Scorpio sign by the end of the year. Ketu always follows Rahu. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead and check out how Ketu affects different Zodiac Signs.

Ketu Transit 2020 Predictions: Aries

  • Ketu will be transiting in the 9th house at the beginning of the year 2020.
  • With its transit in your ninth house, your interest in exploring different areas will increase and you will also love to visit holy places.
  • You might also get depressed as you may have to go on some unwanted trips.
  • If you have been contemplating something related to your property then you need to leave it to it as it is not the right time.
  • After September, Ketu will enter into your 8th house and this will help to make your dream of going abroad come true.
  • You might get involved in any new work.
  • Make sure you are not spending a lot as it will add to your stress level.

Ketu Transit 2020 Predictions: Taurus

  • In the starting of the year 2020, Ketu will remain present in the 8th house.
  • With Ketu transiting in Sagittarius, you will become religious and get involved in some religious works.
  • If you have been studying something or conducting a research over some subject, you will get success.
  • Ketu will also bring happiness and peace to your family.
  • Splurging more might result in more stress and therefore you need to stay aware of it.
  • You also need to take a decision related to your married life carefully.

Ketu Transit 2020 Predictions: Gemini

  • Ketu will be positioned in the 7th house from your sign and therefore you might face some confusion or arguments with your life partner or lover.
  • Unmarried people should choose their partner at an ideal time and must avoid taking any decision in haste.
  • You are advised to be careful as there are chances of betrayal by your own people.
  • Your loneliness will be eradicated as you will get your old friends back in your life.
  • After September, Students and job oriented people need to pay attention to their work.

Ketu Transit 2020 Predictions: Cancer

  • Ketu will be placed in the 6th house from your Moon sign at the starting of the year. It will lead to a lot of struggles and issues in your life.
  • You also need to stay aware of your competitors, otherwise they can spoil your work.
  • You also have to do hard work in order to get the desired results.
  • After September, you might observe some bitterness in the relationship with your kids.
  • Your children won’t be much focused towards their studies.
  • Your old lover might get back into your life.

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Ketu Transit 2020 Predictions: Leo

  • In the beginning of the year 2020, Ketu will stay in the 5th house from your Moon Sign. It will affect your ability of taking decisions. Moreover, it can be stressful at times.
  • You might also get stuck in any dilemma that can make you uneasy.
  • Your partner will gain money from some new sources that will dissolve your financial woes away.
  • After September, Ketu would move in the fourth house and therefore you should avoid investing in anything related to property.

Ketu Transit 2020 Predictions: Virgo

  • With 2020 starting, Ketu will be posited in the fourth house and remain there till September 23. This transit would not prove to be good for your mother.
  • Also, there won’t be any peace of mind during this time.
  • You also need to stay a bit aware and avoid believing others when it comes to something related to your property and home.
  • You also need to careful while driving.
  • Do not try to change your job as you might suffer from a loss.
  • After September, Ketu will transit into the third house from the fourth house, which might result in you going for small trips.
  • You’ll be excited to start any new work.

Ketu Transit 2020 Predictions: Libra

  • Ketu will be staying in the third house from the starting of the year 2020.
  • You might have to visit some places without any strong motive or intention.
  • It can also bring stress to you. Therefore, try to handle everything in a great way.
  • There are chances of some misunderstandings occurring with your siblings.
  • Remain ready to face several ups and downs in your business.
  • You might also face certain monetary issues because of your income. But you will get over this after some time with courage and proper planning.
  • Do spare some precious time for your partner otherwise your relationship will become monotonous.
  • People having a true inclination for sports will also get the opportunity to play on a great scale.

Ketu Transit 2020 Predictions: Scorpio

  • Ketu will be placed in the second house from your Sign in the year 2020.
  • During this period of Ketu transit, you also need to take care of your words. Hence, be alert when speaking.
  • Do not say anything wrong to anyone, otherwise it can increase issues between you and the person.
  • People associated with this Moon Sign will also get a chance to play the sport they are interested in on a big level.
  • Before starting anything new, it would be right to take the advice of any senior.
  • Do not make any decision in a hurry as it might make you regret later.

Ketu Transit 2020 Predictions: Sagittarius

  • In the starting of the year 2020, Ketu will transit in your moon Sign and therefore you might feel fearful or a bit uneasy.
  • In order to remain peaceful, it seems right to head to a place where you can do Yoga and Meditation.
  • Ketu will give you strength and make you more creative. Along with that, your assumption power will increase.
  • You might come across issues with your father. Make sure that you always remain patient.
  • Try to control the situation in case something unexpected happens.
  • Do not indulge in any partnership with anyone.
  • You also need to take any decision quite carefully.
  • You will also get a new opportunity at work. All you need to do is add more efforts to get the most out of those opportunities.
  • By the end of the year, you might come across a chance to go out on a foreign trip.

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Ketu Transit 2020 Predictions: Capricorn

  • In the start of the new year 2020, Ketu’s presence will be in the 12th house from your Moon Sign.
  • You might have to go for foreign trips which will lead to unexpected expenses.
  • Chances of going on religious trips are also high.
  • People having a true inclination towards religion will find it quite interesting and enough to feel enthralled.
  • This transit will also bring seriousness to your personality and you will not share your own feelings with anyone.
  • You might also have arguments with your kids but you need to keep yourself calm and at peace.
  • Students also need to pay attention over their studies. Additionally, you can also meditate to focus.

Ketu Transit 2020 Predictions: Aquarius

  • At the beginning of the year 2020, Planet Ketu will be in the 11th house from your sign.
  • You will invest a large chunk of your money buying costly things.
  • This year you will create a new image at the forefront.
  • Your interest in doing social work will also increase.
  • You might also face issues with your partner. Therefore you need to have a bit of patience so that things won’t go out of control.
  • It would be quite good to invest in property during this time.
  • Do not forget to churn out enough required information so that you do not have to regret later.
  • After September, you might need to remain careful, both at home and work, so as to avoid any mishappening.

Ketu Transit 2020 Predictions: Pisces

  • In the starting of year, Ketu will be in the 10th house from your Moon Sign.
  • Due to its effects, you may feel confused regarding your business and will find it difficult to take a decision.
  • You might also go on trips because of work, hence be ready.
  • You will also spend quality time with your partner.
  • The best thing during this time period is that your happiness will get double because of the entry of a new member.
  • After September, you might go on religious trips.
  • If you have been dreaming of something from a long time, it will come true this year.

We hope that the above-shared information would be helpful for you. We wish a very happy and prosperous future to you.