Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope

6/8/2020 - 6/14/2020

Aquarians will witness some obstacles and unnecessary delays in your workplace at the start of the week as the Moon will be positioned in your house of uncertainties and transformation. During this time frame, enemies are also likely to plot and scheme against you to bring you down. As the Moon is your lord of your sixth house of obstacles and is directly aspecting your second house of wealth and accumulated savings, you may face some challenges on the income front. Finances may come to you but with some delays. So, maintaining proper balance between your income and expenses is of paramount importance. The next position of the Moon will be in your ninth house that represents fortune, luck and spirituality will bring auspicious results for you. As the lord of this house Venus is in a strong position, it indicates that you are likely to witness an increase in your comforts and luxuries in this time frame. It is also an auspicious period to deal in the sale purchase of property related matters, as they are likely to yield substantial profits . Undertaking any kind of journeys are likely to bring rewards and gains. You are going to witness mixed results during the middle of the week as the Moon will be transiting in your tenth house of profession, career and father. Professionals will witness rise in their authority and position during this time, that may sometimes make you the envy of your subordinates. They may try to bring you down, but you are advised to maintain your cool and calm in this duration and not to engage in any unnecessary conflicts or arguments. Your father’s health may also remain fragile during this duration, that may be a source of worry and tension for you. You are going to end the last phase of the week with a bang as the Moon will be transiting in your eleventh house of success, profits and income. This phase is likely to see you receive full support and affection from your elder siblings. Some individuals belonging to this air sign are likely to attain gains from foreign sources and lands.This position of the Moon is also likely to provide you success in court related matters. This is also a beneficial time frame to be social, as mingling with people will bring you new opportunities to rise and succeed. Remedy- Chant Durga chalisa during the Sunrise.