Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Horoscope

10/25/2021 - 10/31/2021

Your health will be in your hands this week. So to improve your mental state, during this time practice meditation and yoga regularly and avoid stale food. This time will bring favourable results for you if you participate in physical activities. It is okay to believe in others, but blind faith/trust can prove to be harmful to a human being at times. Something similar is also likely to happen to you this week on financial matters. Therefore, avoid blindly trusting anything or any particular person. If you really love someone and are thinking of asking them to meet your family for marriage purposes, then doing so this week may prove to be a bit counterproductive for you because Moon, the ruling lord of your tenth house, is forming a conjunction in the house of your fate in Gemini. As per the ongoing planetary yogas, your decision may face the brunt of any ongoing dispute. This will devoid you of their support. In terms of work-related journeys and travels, this week will prove to be auspicious for you as Jupiter, the ruling lord of the house of your disease, is placed with Saturn under Shravana Nakshatra in your fourth house in Capricorn. These trips will provide you with new opportunities to grow. Apart from this, those who are associated with the field of import and export are also likely to incur monetary benefits from such journeys. Support from siblings this week can boost your confidence. However, for this, you are advised to take away their importance, seek their help to give better performance towards your education. Remedy: Meditate on the nine forms of Maa everyday.