Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Horoscope

6/8/2020 - 6/14/2020

Librans will host the luminary planet in their twelfth, first, second and third house throughout this week. The start of the week will see the Moon entering your twelfth house of foreign land and expenditures. The students who desired to visit abroad for further studies will see their dreams getting fulfilled, sometime later in the upcoming time. However, in this duration, you may face some problems related to your health, especially eyes. So, try and not put too much strain on them. The next position of the Moon will be in your ascendant or first house of self, which is a very auspicious position of the Moon. This planet governs your tenth house of career and profession and indicates that work flow will remain steady at your workplace and you are likely to achieve good progress in your tasks and endeavors. Personally, you will be very friendly and charismatic in this duration, which is going to leave a lasting impression on many. This period is also good for finances as you will be able to attain all your financial goals easily. The middle of the week will see the Moon transiting in your second house in its debilitated state. This indicates some differences of opinion or misunderstandings with the father may occur, that may disrupt the whole family environment. You may come across some difficult situations in your workspace that may leave you disgruntled and annoyed. So, to stop these negative emotions, you may seek instant gratification of shopping which may lead to unnecessary expenditure. So, stay away from any impulsive buying in this duration, rather it is suggested to channelise these negative emotions into fun activities like sports etc. The last phase of the week will see the Moon in your third house of valor, courage and siblings. You will feel better with this transit of the Moon as your confidence and self-belief will increase in this duration. You will be more consistent in your efforts, which is going to increase your productivity and efficiency in your workplace. This period will be financially rewarding, businessmen will also be able to recover their lost dues. On the family front, good news from siblings will be a source of joy and happiness for you. Remedy- Recite “Sri Lalita Sahstranaam Stotra” daily during the sunrise.