Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope

1/20/2020 - 1/26/2020

This week, the Moon will be moving through the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth houses of the birth chart of Pisces natives. As the Moon enters your ninth house, student natives of this sign will have to face some problems. You can get into an argument with your teacher. Working professionals of this sign will also be stressed this week as they are not appreciated by their seniors. The luminary planet will then enter our tenth house after which, a friend of yours can ask you for some professional help. This will tighten your schedule quite a bit, as you will need to give their task a significant amount of time. However, the helping hand you extend now will turn out to be beneficial for you later on. The middle of the week will bring the transit of the Moon in your eleventh house, as a result of which your children will perform well in their studies. If they had written a competitive exam and are awaiting results, then success may soon touch their feet. The week will come to an end favourably for your mother, with the Moon getting posited in your twelfth house. This position of the Moon will bring fate in your mom’s favour, and she will have a bout of good luck as a result throughout the weekend. Remedy: Every day, recite the Shri Guru Gayatri mantra in the mornings.