Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope

8/10/2020 - 8/16/2020

The start of the week will bring mixed results for the Pisces natives as the Moon will be transiting in your eleventh house in conjunction with the Malefic planet Saturn. The Moon is also having a direct aspect of the sixth lord Sun, which is also sometimes considered as a cruel planet. This indicates that you may face some struggling situations in your profession and business during these times. The burden of debt and liabilities are likely to increase in this duration as expenses will be on the higher side and income would remain in stagnant position. The health and wellbeing of your children will be a source of worry and stress for you. However, during these tough times, your friends and beneficiaries will give their unconditional support and love to you, which will help you to overcome this transit with a brave face. The next Movement of the Moon in your twelfth house is likely to bring some relief from the last few days, but still the results are going to be few and far between during this time period also, as the Moon here is also in a “ Paap Kartari “ position. This period also indicates that you will be willing to spend more time with your children in this duration and will take them to their favorite places which will help you to build a strong bond with them. This position of the Moon will also be favorable for the students looking to go abroad for their further studies, they are likely to see their dreams come true in this duration. The natives belonging to the sign of the Fish are likely to end the week with great aplomb as the Moon will transit in their ascendant or first house of self and personality in conjunction with the planet of luck and fortune Mars. This period is likely to provide a great relief to you both personally and professionally. You are likely to see your tasks accomplished at a great pace during this transit, which is likely to increase your level of confidence and self belief. Businessmen will witness profits and gains in their tasks and endeavors. Journeys or travels are likely to yield great results. There could be some ego clashes or differences of opinion with your seniors especially in the initial phases, which are likely to be sorted out quickly. Remedy- chant the Jupiter Mantra daily during the Jupiter hora to gain beneficial results in this transit. Rating- 2.5/5