Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope

9/23/2019 - 9/29/2019

During this week’s time, Pisceans will witness the presence of the luminary planet Moon in their fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh house. Moreover, the planet Mars will reside in your seventh house and Mercury will take house in your eighth house. A chaotic environment will be seen prevailing over the familial front when the transit of the mind’s significator will take place in the fourth house. A fight can also take place between your parents due to a certain reason. It is also quite possible that their health may remain in low spirits. This will have an impact on your professional life as you will witness ups and downs in the concerned sphere. Excessive weightage of such troublesome situations will give birth to mental stress. When the Moon transits in your fifth house, your children will do well in their respective fields. You will also be seen making efforts to fulfill the longing desires of your heart because of which happiness will usher in your life. Natives who have been contemplating to take a loan may successfully be granted one when the transit of Moon takes place in the sixth house of Pisceans. But, you should not lend your monetary resources to someone because there is a likelihood of not receiving it back. Rivals will remain active which is why it is recommended to remain cautious. As the week moves towards its concluding phase, you will come across ups and downs in your marital life. Many opportunities will be provided to romance your partner but health problems will keep troubling the both of you. Business persons are also expected to gain optimum amount of gains from their trade. Additionally, the transit of Mars is going to take place in your seventh house during midweek. As a result of this transit, your temper will increase which in turn will generate clashes for your marital life. Thus, the most plausible option for you is to keep track of your anger so as to keep the problems at bay. It is also important for you to take proper care of your health during this time. Your father will also make progress in his career. Now let us move on to the transit of Mercury which will move through your eighth house. As a result, problems will be a part of your marital life. However, there are chances of attaining rewards which are economic in nature and the time period will also be quite favourable for your mother. Natives who adhere to partnership in business will lay hands on special benefits.