Shubh Hora

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Today's Hora Start Time End Time
Saturn 06:05:14 AM 07:05:50 AM
Jupiter 07:05:50 AM 08:06:26 AM
Mars 08:06:26 AM 09:07:01 AM
Sun 09:07:01 AM 10:07:37 AM
Venus 10:07:37 AM 11:08:12 AM
Mercury 11:08:12 AM 12:08:48 PM
Moon 12:08:48 PM 1:09:23 PM
Saturn 1:09:23 PM 2:09:59 PM
Jupiter 2:09:59 PM 3:10:34 PM
Mars 3:10:34 PM 4:11:10 PM
Sun 4:11:10 PM 5:11:46 PM
Venus 5:11:46 PM 6:12:21 PM
Mercury 6:12:21 PM 7:11:46 PM
Moon 7:11:46 PM 8:11:10 PM
Saturn 8:11:10 PM 9:10:34 PM
Jupiter 9:10:34 PM 10:09:59 PM
Mars 10:09:59 PM 11:09:23 PM
Sun 11:09:23 PM 00:08:48 AM
Venus 00:08:48 AM 01:08:12 AM
Mercury 01:08:12 AM 02:07:37 AM
Moon 02:07:37 AM 03:07:01 AM
Saturn 03:07:01 AM 04:06:26 AM
Jupiter 04:06:26 AM 05:05:50 AM
Mars 05:05:50 AM 06:05:14 AM

Shubh Hora or Horai is consulted when it becomes difficult to consult an astrologer. In Hindu culture, before commencing any auspicious task, religious ritual, journey or project, an astrologer is consulted who chalk out a favorable time period by conferring to Panchang. But there are times when either the astrologer isn’t available or one cannot consult a pandit due to various reasons. In such a case, Jyotish Shastra has developed Hora Cycle or Hora Chakra for finding auspicious and inauspicious muhurats.

There are 7 Hora, with a total of 24 Hora in one whole day, and rotate in a fixed cycle throughout the day and night. Read about them:

  • Sun Hora: Also known as Surya Hora, it is the first hora on Sunday, and represents energy, power, changing dynamics and activeness. It is effective mainly on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and unfavorable on Friday and Saturday.
  • Venus Hora: Known as Shukra Hora, it is the first hora on Friday, and is advantageous and aesthetical in nature. It emits maximum benefits on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and minimum on Sunday.
  • Mercury Hora: Known as Budh Hora, it is the first hora on Wednesday and is quick and unstable. Mercury Hora is highly effective on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and less on Tuesday.
  • Moon Hora: Called as Chandra Hora, it is the first hora on Monday and is gentle, soft and delicate. This hora offers positive results on Monday and Thursday and is less favorable on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Saturn Hora: It is also called as Shani Hora, is the first hora on Saturday and represents delay, procrastination and laziness. Saturn Hora provides positive effects on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and inimical on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
  • Jupiter Hora: Known as Guru Hora, it is the first hora on Thursday and is highly fruitful and favorable. Jupiter Hora is effective on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Mars Hora: It is called as Mangal Hora, is the first hora on Tuesday and has a sharp and aggressive nature. Therefore, it benefits the most on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and derives malefic output on Saturday and Wednesday.