Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope

Health: From the health point of view, the month will be fine and the influence of Rahu, Mars, & Mercury, and Ketu on the fourth & tenth house will create a rise in chest infection or some kind of burning sensation. Also, try to avoid any kind of infection in the weather. You can get sick during this time due to changes in weather. If you’re struggling with some kind of major trouble, then during this time the diagnosis is possible through the surgery. The natives need to believe that one can get out of diseases and also get success during this time to get rid of these troubles.

Career: From a career point of view, the month will be full of ups & downs. At the start of the month itself, there is the conjunction of planets like Rahu, Mars, & Mercury in the tenth house. There are chances of your mind getting spoiled with the environment surrounding your workplace and you might start a fight around you. The chances of fighting with people around you are very high as the miscommunication levels will be high. There is a strong possibility of negative effects on your job, so be careful with it. There can also be fights in the family affecting the work at the start of the month, so take special care of it. However, the matter of relief is that seniors will support you and will be satisfied with your efforts so that you can get a lot of benefits. The chances of getting the money back or any kind of incentive are very high and do not let the disputes grow in your work area, or else it can lead to different kinds of troubles. The month will favor the businessmen and there will be strong growth in your business. Get relief from troubles faced earlier in the business and it will move forward in the path of progress. There will be the support of influential & respected people in your society and with their cooperation, the chances of success in the business are very high. You’ll try to include new people with you and it can bring favorable times for the business.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: If you’re in a love relationship then the month will be full of romance. It will be time to fulfill your dreams. The loving planet, Venus being the lord of the fifth house, will be in the eleventh house and the desires will be strengthened. Your desires will get wings and also spread love with the beloved in the family. There can be a clash of ego among the life partners due to the influence of Jupiter and the Sun, but the grace of the planets will ensure a love marriage in your life. If you’re already in a love relationship then be clear about marrying your beloved lover. After 19 May, in the second half of the month, there can be slight changes in the situation and your loved one will go away due to some work, which will result in a decrease of love in the relationship. For married people, the month will be favorable. The lord of the seventh house, Jupiter will sit in the twelfth house and it will result in an increase of love with your spouse. The married life will be auspicious and earn the right kind of monetary & social benefits through the life partner. There will be mutual harmony with the beloved lover and there will be cooperation among partners to overcome the challenges of the family. The chances of some good news during this time will be high if you wish to have a child with your partner.

Advice: On Wednesday evening, donate black sesame seeds to a temple. On Wednesday, plant Nagkesar to get suitable results in life. Also, recite the mantra of Shri Ganesh Chalisa. On a Wednesday, the natives should wear top quality Emerald stone in a silver ring and wear it on the little finger.

General: The month will be full of mixed results for the Gemini natives. You need to pay attention to your career and family life. There will be different kinds of economic challenges for the natives and pay the right amount of attention for the smooth flow of funds. There will be chances of long journeys this month and it will bring benefits to the natives. It will result in progress to your business profile and the old business troubles will also go away. You’ll meet influential people in society and the time will be suited for favorable love affairs. Also, the relationship of natives will flourish & blossom. People in married life will get all the happiness and there are chances of limited deficiencies in health at the latter part of the month. The first half of the month will be fine for the natives. The second half of the month will be favorable for going abroad and students will get pleasant results in education. To achieve it, the natives won't have to work very hard for it, but studying in the right way will deliver suitable results.

Finance: The start of the month will be favorable if we look at your financial condition. Also, the economic condition will remain stable due to Jupiter, Venus, and the exalted Sun in the eleventh house. There will be chances of monetary gains through multiple ways. The profit levels will increase if you do business and in the case of doing the job, the chances of getting money through the job are very high. The financial condition will be stable for the natives. In the past, if you’ve made an investment somewhere in the stock market then the chances of monetary gains will be real. The month will showcase financial compatibility and at the start of the month, the expenses will be in control. There also won't be other kinds of troubles. In the second half of the month, on 14 May the Sun moves to the twelfth house, and on 19 May Venus also moves to the twelfth house. It will result in the rise of different kinds of financial expenses. There will be necessary expenses and thus won't be able to turn your back on them. Because of it, the excess of expenses will result in a shaky financial situation. Saturn will sit in the ninth house and look in the eleventh house and thus there won't be a reduction in the income levels. Also, Jupiter will be in the eleventh house and the natives will be able to earn good profits on the basis of talent & hard work. The natives will be able to strengthen their financial condition.

Family & Friends: The month will be troublesome for the family of the natives. At the start of the month, Ketu will stay in the fourth house and Rahu, Mars, & Mercury will be positioned in the tenth house and it will result in unrest in the family life. There will be a lack of harmony among members within the family and they will stick to their personal views without giving importance to mutual harmony, which can create disturbance in the family peace. The natives will have to try to get out of situations and the relations with siblings will remain good, and they’ll continue to support you in every situation.