Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope

3/27/2023 - 4/2/2023

This week, it will be better for your health if you stay away from alcohol. Otherwise it will interfere with your sleep, due to which you can deprive yourself even from deep rest. This week, the movement of planetary constellations narrate that if you make any investment by following the footsteps of others, then the economic loss is almost certain. Therefore, avoid putting your money anywhere at the behest of others and act wisely. Due to Saturn being present in the ninth house with respect to the moon sign, this week, it is possible for you to take leave from office to complete the pending housework. You will now need to give it a little more time than usual to complete it. But seeing this effort of yours, the family members will look very happy with you. This week, you will fail to get the mentorship of your Gurus and Elders to move forward in Career, but you are likely to have differences of opinion with them. This can cause you a lot of trouble this week. This week, students will have to make such a decision related to their education for which they are not ready yet. This will also add to your stress. In such a situation, it would be appropriate for you to consult someone older before taking any kind of decision. Remedy: Chant “Om Namo Narayana” daily 41 times.