Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope

7/15/2024 - 7/21/2024

Due to Jupiter being placed in the twelfth house with respect to the moon sign, you will not feel mentally stable this week. Therefore, you will need to keep in mind the most that, while talking in front of others, take care of your habits and decency, and treat others well. Otherwise, along with being stressed, your image can also be damaged. Due to Rahu being placed in the tenth house with respect to the moon sign,-This week, the income of employed natives is expected to increase. In such a situation, they are advised to spend their money on some small investments, because only this will give them the possibility of attaining economic benefits, and they will be successful in securing their future. If you are of a marriageable age and was engaged to someone, then it is possible that due to some reason, the engagement can either break or some problems may arise in it. This will also create an atmosphere of anxiety in the family, the most effect of which will increase your mental stress. We often start waiting for things to happen themselves, relying more on luck than our hard work. However this week you will have to refrain from thinking or doing so. Therefore, if you want to attain achievement in your career, then do not wait out on luck, go out and look for new opportunities. This week, students must not underestimate their abilities due to the ongoing criticism from others. It is better to enroll yourself in a professional course and give your best performance rather than needlessly creating doubts in the mind. So don't bother yourself with such stupid things and take the right decision while focusing only on studies. Remedy: Chant “Om Budhaya Namaha” daily 41 times.