Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope

1/25/2021 - 1/31/2021

The Moon will be transiting in the twelfth, first, second and third houses. Mercury Will transit in Aquarius and Venus will transit in Capricorn during this week. At the beginning of the week, with the transit of the Moon in the twelfth and first house, natives will be vulnerable to stress and health issues. Issues like tension, headache and eye-related problems can trouble the natives. It is advised to keep track of your money and expenditure. But as the Moon transit in the first house, you will get some relief, be satisfied with your life and also gain some wealth. In the midweek, with the transit of Moon in the second house, the natives will experience some unhappiness, frustration and disappointment during this period. You will be more focused on your finances and remain conservative rather than pragmatic. Hence, you are advised to be careful of your impulsive spending, which you might later regret by the end of the week. With the transit of Moon in the third house, you will feel courageous and remain happy and satisfied with life in general. Natives will also experience an improvement in their health and relationship with their friends, relatives and siblings. Transit of Mercury in the ninth house this week will be favourable for you as luck will be on your side and you will be very confident during this period. Students who wish to go foreign for higher education will get favourable results during this period. Also, the transit of Venus in the eighth house will help you remove obstacles from your life. Fortune Star: ⅗ Remedy- Seek the blessings of eunuchs on Wednesday.