Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Horoscope

Health: Special care will be needed in the month of October regarding health, as some challenges may arise on this front. The sixth house, which is known as the determiner of diseases, is hosting a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. This combination may be good for many other things, but not quite appropriate for your health. Problems related to the stomach, such as gas, indigestion, knee can crop up. If you are already suffering from these diseases, then you should take special care of your diet. Take full care of yoga and exercise etc. Maintain a healthy routine. The transit of Mars and Venus in your second house can also be troublesome for health. Patients with blood disorders and diabetes need to take special precautions at this time.

Career: With regards to your professional life, the month of October will be full of opportunities and achievements. Any project you take into your hands right now will be graced with success. Rahu is currently sitting in your tenth house which will help you to take care of the hindrances standing in your way. No matter how many problems you face, you will dodge them successfully and move towards your goals. The situation of your workplace will remain strong. On 17 october 2021, the royal planet Sun will move into your third house, because of which your mind and efficiency will increase. You will require the support of your friends, siblings and acquaintances. New doors to success will get unlocked. Afterwards, on 22nd October 2021, the planet Mars will also move into your third house because of which your might will increase. Prospects will get created for you to acquire success at the workplace on account of your personal efforts. Job holders will settle down and establish themselves in the society. A promotion or bonus is also on the cards. Those who are running their own business ventures will come across a very favourable time. The initial half of the month will remain somewhat profitable. The sources of earning money will increase, because of which you will remain elated. However, as you move towards the second half of the month, you will come into terms with some extra ounces of success. When the Sun moves into your third house, you will acquire the support of luck and the government in power. Next, when the planet Mars moves into your third house, you will pave the way for benefits on account of your hard work and diligence. This is a very right time to go ahead with investment.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: Those who are in a love relationship will come across an extremely favourable time during the first half of the month. The ruling Lord of the fifth house , Jupiter is situated in the sixth house and is getting conjuncted with Saturn who itself is the ruling lord of sixth and seventh house. Because of all these planetary positions, the trust factor in your relationship will increase and so will the dedication towards one another. You may also hear the wedding bells ringing very soon, which is why you should make the necessary attempts in this direction. Your friends and close acquaintances will also be seen rooting for your relationship. On 22nd October 2021, the red planet Mars will move into your third house and it will be aspected by the planet Jupiter and Saturn from the fourth house. This can bring some challenges to your relationship. Clashes with your partner are quite a possibility. You are advised to take decisions practically and not entertain the interference of a third person in your relationship. Ultimately, you will be seen putting an end to all the troubles prevailing in your relationship and leading a happy love life. Moving on, let us now talk about married natives. The month of October will prove to be average for you. Efficiency in your relationship will increase and you will remain dedicated towards your life partner. Relationships will turn out to be pleasant but you may have to see the poor health conditions of your life partner. This can also use up some of your economic resources which is why you should take care of his/her well being.

Advice: Offer Arghya to the Lord Sun daily from a copper vessel by mixing Kumkum with water. You should recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra. Banana trees should be worshiped on Thursday. Shri Hanuman Chalisa should be recited on Tuesday. Perform Chaya Daan on Saturday.

General: For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Leo, the month of October will prove to be better than average. Profits and benefits will surround your professional life. A promotion is also on the cards. You will try to get things done on your own but also seek the approval and guidance of your peers. Student natives too will remain at the receiving end of happiness. They will be seen focusing on their studies. Good news is also on the cards. With regards to domestic peace and happiness, mixed results will be obtained. Mother's health may remain in low spirits. You will acquire the support of your siblings. For love relations in particular, the initial half of the month will turn out to be quite fruitful, but you will have to take special care of your relationship to get things going during the latter half of the month. Married natives will also come across a fruitful time. The unconditional support of your life partner can be promised. With regards to your health, you are advised to remain utterly careful. Money will flow into your hands but it will also get spent at the same time on your health. Overall speaking, the month of October will turn out to be somewhat favourable for you.

Finance: From an economic point of view, this month has some mixed results in store for you. After the 2nd of October, Mercury in retrograde motion will move into your second house. Because of this, some problems can crop up in the initial phase of the month. You may find it difficult while making decisions. Some physical difficulties may also come into the forefront.

Family & Friends: With regards to your family life, this month will have mixed results in store. The fourth house of your sign is under the occupancy of Ketu. This will cause a lot of happiness in the family life of Leo natives. Mother's health may remain in low spirits. If she has been battling with any chronic disease, then there is a need to take special care of her in this month. Mutual harmony will continue to prevail in the house. During the second half of the month, you are advised to remain a little extra careful with regards to your mother's health.