Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Horoscope

6/8/2020 - 6/14/2020

Leo natives will witness the Moon positioned in their second, third, fourth and fifth houses respectively. The start of the week will see the Moon present in your second house of family, speech, accumulated wealth and savings. The luminary planet Moon governs 12th house which represents expenditures and foreign lands. This indicates that it will be an auspicious period that may bring gains from foreign lands and organizations. However, you may also witness some unnecessary expenditures in this duration. So, maintaining proper balance between your income and expenditure is of paramount importance. The next transit will see the planet of resources Moon positioned in your third house of efforts, courage, valor and travel. The lord of this house Venus is positioned in the tenth house of career, and indicates that professionals of this fiery sign are likely to achieve higher positions of authority in their organization. Rewards and appreciation from senior management will be there. Businessmen will also see their policies yielding profits. As Moon also represents childhood, so, try and fulfill your deep longings in this period, be it in any form travelling, music, dancing etc. This will help you in tapping your creativity and positivity, which will help you grow in all aspects of your life. Moving on, the Moon will transit in its debilitated position in your fourth house of Mother, conveyances and luxuries. Health of your Mother may decline in this duration, which can be a source of worry and anxiety for you. This can also create disruptions in the family environment. You may be forced into taking journeys and travels without your wish, which can lead to both unnecessary expenditure and mental stress, considering the widespread Pandemic scare. This can further lead to erratic sleeping patterns, thus, providing negative effects on your health. However, as the Moon is making a strong “Neech Bhang” Rajyoga, this indicates that when you think that you are down and out, you are likely to get unlikely support from someone or somewhere, you would have not expected. Last part of the week will see the Moon in your fifth house of intellect, offspring and ideas. The hard work and dedication of the professionals will get noticed, bringing in appreciation and rewards from higher management. Students seeking higher education abroad may see their wishes getting fulfilled. However, the parents of this sign may get a little worried about their children’s health and wellbeing. Remedy- Recite “Aditya hridaya” stotra daily during Sunrise.