Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Horoscope

9/23/2019 - 9/29/2019

At the beginning of this week, the moon will remain posited in the eleventh house of Leo natives. Slowly as the week moves forward, the transit of Chandrama will take place in the twelfth, first and second house of your sign. Additionally, readers should also know that this week will also host the transit of planets Mars and Mercury which will occur in the second and third house of your sign respectively. With the transit of Chandra in eleventh house, students will encounter some obstacles in studies. During this time, the offspring of the married people can also face problems. After this, if you try, then you can get light benefits. Due to the placement of Chandra Dev, you can plan a distant journey. During this time, your expenses will also increase. However, health can be somewhat impaired, so it is advised to take precautions right from the beginning. Due to the Moon's transit in the first house in the middle of the week , your mind will remain focused in the undertaken tasks. Thus, this time will prove to be favourable. However, in conjugal life, you will get mixed results and in the domestic life there will be happiness and peace among the family members. You will benefit from the transit of Moon in the second house as it is during this time many prospects of earning economic profits will be made available to you. Familial life may get dismantled as the kinsmen may get engaged in fights and arguments. On the professional front, mixed results will be garnered. In such a situation, you may take a new project in hand or starting working on a previous venture which has been on hold for quite a long time. With the transit of Mars in your second house, your speech can turn harsh. It is highly recommended to choose your words wisely as there are chances of clashes taking place in the household due to your bitter tongue. Save yourself from consuming unhygienic food items because serious health problems can crop up due to such eatables. Also, don't let go of your efforts and economic profits will come to your way. The transit of Mars will also take place in your third house, due to which natives associated with the communication sector may gain benefits. You will stand out in the crowd because of your speaking abilities and get things done because of them. At this time you will also get the chance to be at the receiving end of some good news from someone. You will help your siblings financially, which will increase your value among the family members. Going on trips will be very beneficial at this time. In such a situation, you also have to keep in mind that while traveling, luggage should be taken care of and all the necessary documents should be carried along.