Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

Health: This month, your sixth house i.e. the lord of disease house, Saturn will be situated in its own sign Capricorn, due to which you can get positive results related to health this month. It may be envisaged that the month of October would be quite comfortable with regard to health for Virgo natives. In this period, Saturn, the ruling lord of your sixth house, the house of diseases, will reside in its own zodiac sign i.e. Capricorn, owing to this, you are likely to be relieved of prolonged diseases and you may feel very active and energetic. The elders of the family may enjoy good health along with you during this month as a result, you may remain mentally satisfied.

Career: In view of career, the month of October is likely to be encouraging for the natives with the Virgo zodiac sign. In this period, Mercury, the ruling lord of your tenth house, the house of Karma, is transiting in your First house. Apart from this, the conjunction of Mercury and Sun in your Lagna will lead to the formation of Budhaditya Yoga in the first half of the month. Due to this very position of planets, you may come across new opportunities in the field of your career. The period may prove to be valuable for those who are planning to start a new business. Natives who are associated with the government sector may also have good results in their kitty. Besides this, the period may be fruitful for the employed people. There are chances of promotion and you may be successful in getting rid of problems going on during this time. However, Mercury and Venus will form conjunction in your second house, the house of wealth, during the second half of the month. You may have to put in extra labour to achieve your goals during this time, however, your efforts will be rewarding.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: The month of October may be full of mixed experiences in view of love and married life. In this period, Saturn, the ruling lord of your fifth house, the house of love, will be positioned in your zodiac sign in a retrograde position, as a result, lovers of this zodiac sign may get positive results. However, there are chances of heated arguments over an issue. In such a scenario, be cautious about your words while speaking to your lover and control your anger, otherwise, trivial issues may take an ugly turn. Hearsay should not be trusted unless you yourself find out the truth. At the same time, Jupiter, the ruling lord of your seventh house, i.e. Kalatra Bhava will be positioned in your seventh house in Pisces, due to this, married natives of Virgo may have a pleasant time. You may plan to go on a pilgrimage site with your life partner, as a result, more trust and better understanding can be cultivated between the two of you and this can keep you mentally satisfied and you can have full cooperation on each and every subject.

Advice: Worship Lord Vishnu on Thursday and donate yellow items. Offer Prasad to Lord Ganesha and recite his Mantras. Offer food to Brahmins. Donate clothes to the needy in the name of your ancestors.

General: The month may be full of ups and downs for Virgo natives. In this period, there can be financial difficulties because of the presence of Ketu in your house of wealth and the aspect of Rahu and Moon will be on the same house for a few days. Along with this, some challenges may also be experienced in love life. However, married natives may have a pleasant time as Jupiter, the ruling lord of marriage will reside in its own zodiac sign. Hindrances may crop up in the field of education owing to the presence of Saturn in retrograde position in your fifth house, the house of education. On the other hand, natives may have good outcomes so far health and career are concerned. Now, we would like you to read further and between the lines to have detailed information on the likely events of your life.

Finance: The monetary aspect of Virgo natives may be full of ups and downs during this month. In this period, Ketu will be positioned in your second house, the house of wealth. Besides this, around the 10th of this month, Moon will transit in your eighth house with Rahu and this will lead to the formation of Grahan Yoga, and from there, the aspect of both the planets will be on your second house. On account of the position of these planets, your expenses may go up. Possibilities are there that you may suffer losses because of your wrong decision. You are advised not to take any decision hurriedly and weigh the pros and cons before any investment. Avoid huge investments and arrest your expenses in order to save money, otherwise, the problem can aggravate.

Family & Friends: As far as the family life of Virgo natives, the month of October may be full of difficulties. In this duration, Ketu will be present in your second house, the house of the family. Besides this, around October 10, Moon and Rahu will form Grahan Yoga after forming a conjunction in your eighth house from where its aspect will be on your family house. Due to this very position of planets, there are chances of misunderstandings in your family. Lack of understanding and adjustment may be observed among family members and thus, differences may prevail. A trivial issue may take an ugly turn. There is a possibility of a negative atmosphere in the family. In this regard, you are suggested to have control over your anger and try to sort things out calmly and peacefully. Also, cooperation of the family members is a must before taking any big decision, else more troubles can knock on your doors. However, the situation may improve because of the transit of Mercury and Venus in the second house, the house of the family, during this month.