Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

9/23/2019 - 9/29/2019

The disciple of Jupiter, the planet Moon will make its transit in the tenth, eleventh, twelfth and first house of Virgo aboriginals. The planets Mars and Mercury will also be placed in the lagna and second house of your sign respectively. At the beginning of the week, the son of sage Atri, Moon will bring turbulence in your professional life when it takes residence in the tenth house of your sign. On the familial front too, dissatisfactory situations will come into the forefront. Parents’ health may remain under low spirits which is why it is recommended to take good care of them. When the Moon moves to take residence in your eleventh house, you will make efforts to fulfill your wishes and receive success in it to a great extent. Multiple opportunities will be made available to earn quite a good amount of financial profits. Business persons will lay their hands on new sources of making money which will put an end to their financial insecurities and create gains for their future. However, when the transit of Moon takes place in your twelfth house during midweek, expenditures of Virgo natives will increase. Quite a significant amount of your economic resources will get procured and your mental tensions will increase in turn. Rivals will remain active and try to prevail over you. The week will end with Chanrama’s transit taking place in your lagna bhava. During this time, you will be seen making every possible attempt to make yourself look attractive. Significant amount of monetary resources will also be used up in such efforts. Unconditional support of siblings will be received during this while,which will grace benefits to your future. Along with this, the transit of Mars in your lagna house during midweek will bring negative changes to your behaviour. You will be seen exhibiting a stubborn and unrelenting behaviour. Due to the superfluous temper you maintain, your conjugal life will also suffer. It is also instructed to drive your vehicle cautiously as there are chances of you falling prey to an accident. While the other planet Mercury takes house in your second house, you will start speaking in a pleasant manner and it will help you to accomplish most of your tasks. There are also excellent prospects of earning money. Alongside, Budh Dev will help you to garner the support of most of your family members.