Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

6/8/2020 - 6/14/2020

The planet Moon will be positioned in the ascendant, second, third and fourth house for Virgo natives. The first part of the week will see the luminary planet in your ascendant which will bring auspicious results for you. This position of the Moon will make you ambitious and driven to be number one in all your endeavors. Fortune will favor you in all your tasks. Your business acumen and sharp sense of observation will help you in quickly assessing profit and loss in every situation, resulting in increased income and status. The next movement of the Moon in your second house will also see you utilising your resources to their fullest potential, increasing your productivity and efficiency at your workplace. The individuals born under this earth sign, who are involved in their family business will see a rise in their gains and profits. You are also likely to get full support from your elders and mentors during this duration. During the middle of the week, you will see the Moon positioned in its debilitated state in your third house of siblings, efforts, valor and desires. This indicates that spending quality time with your family and siblings will help in clearing the previous misunderstandings and strengthening the relationship with them. However, this position of the Moon can sometimes make you pessimistic in your approach which might make you see the half glass empty rather than half full. This may also provide you with the tendency to blame others for your failures rather than taking responsibility for them. This may create misunderstandings with your colleagues. The last part of the week will see the Moon positioned in your fourth house of Mother, comforts and luxuries. This position of the Moon will bring mixed results for the Virgo natives. The health of your mother can remain fragile during this duration. As the Moon is also in conjunction with the malefic planet Ketu which dries up the results of the planet. This indicates that you may face some problems with the repair of your home or vehicle, which may result in drying up your income. So, it is suggested to maintain proper balance between your income and expenditures during this transit. Overall, this week will provide mixed results for the virgo natives. It is here with a message that whatever you earn in the initial stages should be kept in reserves. As when the unnecessary expenditure comes, you are fully prepared to face them. Remedy- Offering Bajra or pearl millets to the birds daily will bring positive results.