Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

1/25/2021 - 1/31/2021

The Moon will be transiting in the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth houses for Virgo natives. Mercury will transit in the sixth house and Venus will transit in the fifth house during this week. The Moon will be transiting in the ninth house in the beginning of the week which will spark a desire for freedom and learning in the natives. Personal development is one of the main motivations for the natives these days and he will be absorbing knowledge, whether you are studying or wanting to acquire skills and knowledge for your career. You will easily see a broader perspective on how things work. In general, you want to increase your horizons and break out of routine and discover. In the mid-week, the transit of the Moon in the tenth and eleventh house will give the natives progress of work and he will be respected and appreciated by his bosses. Natives will also get some good rewards. Financially, this is an excellent period and there will be a boost in income and you will be able to recover all dues. It is a very good time for you to be happy and content with family, conjugal bliss will be good and social life will be happy. By the end of the week, the transit of the Moon in the twelfth house will come with a little delay in your work and there may be some unfavourable situations for you at the work front. Therefore, it is advised not to indulge too much into office politics and also avoid all financial investments and dealing as it can generate losses. The transit of Mercury planet will be in your sixth house, due to which some distance may come in relationship with your spouse. However, in professional life natives can get the right direction about their career during this period. On the other hand, the transit of Venus will be in your fifth house, this transit will bring favourable results for you, you will get many opportunities to increase income during this period. Students wishing to go foreign for higher education can also get good news. Fortune star: 4/5 Remedy- Wear green-colored clothes on Wednesday.