Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope

6/17/2024 - 6/23/2024

Due to Saturn being placed in the eighth house with respect to the moon sign, due to legal matters, this week, you remain tense both physically and mentally. This will keep bothering you all the time, due to which you will also be unable to sleep properly. Due to Jupiter being placed in the tenth house with respect to the moon sign, this week, you will need to keep all your investments and all future plans related to it lowkey. Otherwise, someone close to you can take advantage of these schemes and make you pay for them. This week you are instructed not to lose patience in case you get into any kind of argument or debate with family members. It is possible that while discussing something, there may be differences of opinion between you and the members, after which your family can make a mountain of a molehill. So, if you do not give them a chance, then the matter itself can get solved. This week, you need to understand that if you want to reap the sweet fruits of your hard work, then you have to try and keep your positivity intact. Because this week is going to prove to be more important than usual for your career, as a result of which you are likely to come across many new opportunities during this period. This week many students will need to demonstrate their performance better in their academics as well as other activities. Because at this time, people around you will assess your capabilities in and out. So give your best performance by taking part in everything. Remedy:Perform Yagya-Havan for planet Saturn on Saturday.