Yearly Horoscope for Cancer

Cancer Horoscope

Health: According to Cancer Horoscope 2024, the beginning of the year is not going to be favorable from a health perspective, so you should be extra careful. The Sun and Mars will be placed in the sixth house due to which the body temperature may increase and due to this you may have to face problems like fever & headache. You should also avoid eating very hot chili spices. Saturn will remain in the eighth house throughout the year so that there are no major diseases arising this year. People need to be prepared for it in advance and take even small problems seriously. Between March 15 and April 23, you’ll have to take special care of your health because Mars will be in the eighth house with Saturn. Drive the vehicle carefully during the period and if possible get someone else to drive the vehicle. As per Cancer Horoscope 2024, if you’re suffering from any kind of old problem, then the chances of undergoing surgery during the period are high. After this, from 23rd April to 1st June, the transit of Mars will take place in the ninth house, where Rahu is already present. This results in the formation of Mangal-Rahu Angarak Yog, in which your father might face health troubles and you could also encounter health problems. After this time, the chances of improvement in your health will be gradual, and after July 12, it will move towards favorable conditions. As per Cancer Prediction 2024, the month of November and December will bring health benefits, but small problems can come up in between. According to Cancer Horoscope 2024, you might face more problems of bile nature in your body. Apart from it, as per weather, problems like cold, fever, headache, and back pain can also occur. You should not ignore even small problems and do some exercise & Yoga to keep your body fit. With this, it becomes easy to solve health concerns timely and stay healthy.

Career: Talking about your career during the year 2024, the beginning of the year will be good. Saturn will aspect your tenth house from the eighth house and Jupiter will also be in the tenth house. Also, Sun and Mars will make you mature in your job by being in the sixth house. You’ll be known for your work and your name will be on people’s lips. You will do your work with full hard work and efficiency that will strengthen your position in the job. On May 1, Jupiter is moving into the eleventh house which will improve the relationship with senior officials, says Cancer Horoscope 2024. This will benefit you from time to time and your seniors will cooperate with you in difficult circumstances. Jupiter’s fifth aspect on the third house will ensure the cooperation of your colleagues operating with you from time to time. According to Cancer Horoscope 2024, you’ll be able to perform even better in the second half of the year. Due to this, you can get promotions and your salary will also increase, which will result in a lot of happiness in your life and an increase in self-confidence. You’ll do your job with heart. In between, some conspiratorial people might try to disturb you, which couy lead to an increase in mental stress for some time, but you’ll come out of those challenges and stand on the strength of your work in the career and also perform well. As per Cancer Horoscope 2024, there are chances of job change between 23rd April to 1st June.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: According to Cancer Horoscope 2024, the love affair of Cancerians will start beautifully in 2024 because, at the start of the year, two auspicious and love-giving planets Mercury and Venus will remain in your fifth house. Due to it, your love life will be filled with new energy. There will be a lot of romance between you and your partner. You’ll enjoy your relationship to the fullest. You’ll also be seen doing many activities by the boyfriend and girlfriend, like going out to eat, walking hand in hand, and many other activities. With it, the beginning of the year will provide you with a lot of happiness but the time between February to August is going to be stressful for your love affair. As per Cancer Horoscope 2024, your love can also get affected due to someone’s evil eye and thus avoid talking about your love. Also, take special care of the fact that you do not give so much right to any of your friends that they interfere in your love affair because it can lead up to a relationship breakup. If you and your beloved keep trust in each other then the third quarter of the year will keep your love life balanced and in the fourth quarter you can cross the next phase of your love affair, i.e. consider the idea of marrying each other.

Advice: You should recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa and Shri Bajrang Baan daily. Complete Rudraabhishek on your birthday and special occasions or events. To get Saturn’s favor, a little mustard oil should be massaged on the smallest finger of Shani Dev’s right foot on Saturday. Serving flour and sugar to the ants will also be beneficial for you.

General: Cancer Horoscope 2024 has been prepared specially for you. It is purely based on Vedic astrology and is prepared to keep in mind the planetary movements & transits. Details related to planetary conditions, their effects on zodiacs, and the kind of good and bad results it’s producing in your lives are being mentioned under this 2024 horoscope. The article also contains detailed information about your financial condition in the year 2024 and when you'll get success in your career i.e. your business or job and when you’ll have a weak time. The special Cancer Horoscope 2024 article is prepared to provide you with details on your married life. If you are married then how your marriage is going to be in 2024 and when will be the good & bad times. We would like to tell you that the Cancer Horoscope 2024 is specifically prepared to help you across different aspects of life. With its help, you can make predictions for the year and achieve success in life by moving forward in the right areas. Different aspects of your life have been given space here, like whether you will gain or lose money and what are the results related to your vehicle and property this year, the direction of your career, whether your health will be intact or there will be illnesses, and many more. The Cancer Horoscope 2024 has been prepared specially by the expert astrologer Dr. Mrigank of AstroSage, keeping in mind the effect of planetary transit for the Cancer zodiac in the year 2024, when the planets will favor you and when it will provide adverse results. In the beginning of 2024 for Cancerians, Mercury and Venus are placed in the fifth house, and so the year is going to prove beneficial in terms of love and monetary gains. But, the Sun and Mars are in the sixth house and Saturn in the eighth house. It can lead to an increase in health troubles and a rise in expenses. Jupiter being in the tenth house will ensure the balance between career and family. After May 01, Jupiter is moving to the eleventh house to ensure a clear rise in your income. The presence of Rahu in the ninth house throughout the year will provide the opportunity to visit the pilgrimage places and bathe in the special rivers like Ganga. You will also become religious during the period and also go on long journeys. The Cancer Horoscope 2024 says that the year can be full of travel. As per Cancer Horoscope 2024, you need to pay special attention to your health. Along with this, you need to take care of your father’s health. There could be ups and downs in the business, but you need to build the habit of sticking to your work without losing courage. This is how you’ll get success in life. You can get success in going abroad this year.

Finance: According to Cancer Horoscope 2024, the year is showcasing trouble in balancing finances. You will have to pay attention to your financial balance again and again because on the one hand finance will repeatedly come your way, on the other hand, you might feel trouble between income and expenditure. As per Cancer Horoscope 2024, you’ll also need a financial advisor who can help you become financially strong by providing the right advice from time to time because this year when money will arrive in equal amounts, there could be a rise in expenses too. Now, how you maintain a balance between them will reflect your financial condition.

Family & Friends: According to Cancer Horoscope 2024, the beginning of the year will be favorable for family life. The aspect of Jupiter will be on your fourth house, but Saturn will look at your second house, and the aspect of Mars on the twelfth house and the first house at the beginning of the year will result in love in the family. The elders of the house will bless you and appreciate your words. They will guide you, but due to some fierceness in your speech, you cout take their words in the opposite form, which might lead to an increase in some problems. As per Cancer Horoscope 2024, you have to stop the habit of yours as it could trouble you in the first quarter of the year. However, you’ll continue to get support from the family members. Your brothers-sisters might have some problems but keeping aside their personal problems, they will be helpful to you. This year your father might face health problems because the presence of Saturn in the eighth house till the year's end and Rahu in the ninth house till the end of the year can increase the father’s health troubles. Especially, between April 23 and June 1, when the transit of Mars will be with Rahu in the ninth house, your father might face health troubles due to the formation of Angarak Dosha. Take special care of their health during this period and get them treated if required. The last quarter of the year will bring intensity to personal relationships.