Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope

6/8/2020 - 6/14/2020

Taurus natives will host Moon in their fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth houses throughout this week. At the beginning of the week, Taurus will see the Moon transiting in their fifth house which represents progeny, intellect, love and romance. As the lord of this house Mercury is in a strong position, this indicates that professionals of this sign are likely to come across many opportunities that will help them to multiply their income and add on to their savings. It is also a very good time period to initiate new tasks and endeavors. On the personal front, you are likely to receive full support and love from your family and siblings. However, the health of your child can remain a source of worry and stress for some. Next, the luminary planet Moon will be in your sixth house of challenges, competitions, diseases and enemies. The Moon which governs your third house of valor, courage, efforts and strength is transiting in your sixth house. Both these houses are responsible for the growth of the individual. This indicates that if you are ready to put in your best efforts and hardwork, you can achieve high levels of success and prosperity in your workplace. This time period will also see pending litigations or legal matters, if any shifting in your favor or direction. It is also a good time to repay your old debts and liabilities. However, health can remain fragile in this time period, you may face problems related to cold and cough. Next, the Moon will transit in your seventh house that represents partnerships, relationships and travels. This position of the Moon indicates some trust issues coming up between you and your partner especially if you own your business in the form of partnerships. So, having clear communication with your business partner is a must, as you both are working for the common purpose. Undertaking any kind of journey should be avoided in this time duration, as it may lead to losses rather than providing you with gains and benefits. Taurus will see the Moon positioned in their eighth house of transformation, changes and uncertainty during the last phase of the week. As it is in conjunction with the malefic planet Ketu and directly aspecting your second house of speech, this indicates that you have to be very careful with your choice of words, otherwise, you are going to end up hurting others unintentionally with your comments. This can create unnecessary stress for you in both your personal and professional spheres of your life. During this position of the Moon, you may also come across some unprecedented situations, leading to over expenditure which may create problems for you on the financial front. So, planning and managing your resources beforehand is a must for you in order to gain better results of this transit. Remedy- Donate white things like rice, wheat flour etc. on Friday.