Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope

9/23/2019 - 9/29/2019

The second, third, fourth and fifth house of your sign will be occupied by the planet Moon during this week’s time. Along with the Moon, the transit of Mars will take place in your fifth house and that of Mercury will occupy your sixth house. On the familial front chaos may prevail due to the placement of Moon in your second house. You are advised to maintain a good and nutritious diet as an unhealthy diet can have an adverse effect on your well being. It can either be an eye related or a terminal disease. Afterwards, the transit of the luminary planet will take place in your third house. At this point of time, you may have to undertake a small distance journey, but it will prove to be joyous. The love between brothers and sisters will increase, which will also sweeten the relationship. Work will be successful and it will make you feel inwardly happy. You will experience peace and tranquility in your family life by the Moon's transit in the fourth house in the middle of the week. If mother's health was poor at home, then this time her health will improve. Your preoccupation in domestic work will increase and you may also find compatibility in the field. The Moon’s transit in the fifth house at the end of the week may create some health problems for your child. Meanwhile, student natives will lose focus on their studies because of which they will encounter many problems in their academic lives. But, natives who are into business have bright prospects of attaining profits. Along with the transit of the luminary planet, the transit of Mars will also take place in the fifth house of your sign during midweek. At this point of time, married natives may witness the fall of their child’s health. Students will also come across some troubles and mental tensions will take house in the mind. Along with an increase in your expenses, problems may also crop up at your workplace. While the planet Mercury makes it transit in your sixth house, you are advised to remain careful as you may get involved in a fight with someone. You may be able to repay an old loan of yours. Expenses will remain on the higher side and it is recommended to think twice before making any monetary investment.