Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope

Health: From the health point of view the ruling Lord of your house, Mars will remain posited in the fifth house, because of which your health will remain in good condition. On the other hand, the eighth house is under the occupancy of Mercury, Rahu and Sun and the second house is being aspected by Jupiter and Ketu. At the same time, the planet Mars is aspected by Saturn which may generate some minimal problems. The presence of Rahu in the eighth house indicates that it you may suddenly come into terms with an illness and it should not be possible to get treated immediately. However, it will go away on its own very soon. That being said, it can be deduced that you will not require any medical assistance. Instead, you can seek the help of some home remedies to cure yourself during this time. Some natives of this house may also suffer from fatty liver and experience pain in certain areas of the stomach. Thus, maintain a healthy diet to keep yourself fit and fine.

Career: If we talk about the career of Scorpio natives, then the presence of the ruling lord of the tenth House in your eighth house along with Rahu may procreate several hurdles for you at workplace. The planet Mars is also aspecting the eighth house, which will make it difficult to keep your feet stable at workplace, but if you maintain tough perseverance then things will fall into place slowly. During the second half of the month when the sun transits in your in your ninth house on 16 July 2020, you may regain your stature pack. Some of you may also get transferred to a desired location, which will increase your position and influence. If you are involved in any kind of business, then the time period will prove to be extraordinary for you. The benediction of Venus will do wonders for you. You are only advised to leave traits of lethargy behind so that you can make the most of this fruitful time.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: The month does not seem much favorable for love related matters because Mars is sitting in the fifth house, which is a factor of excessive energy and this Mars can increase the heat in your relationship, that is, there can be a conflict between you and your sweetheart. Jupiter, the lord of the fifth house, is in the second house, which indicates that your loved one will be keen on your family and would like to meet the people in your family, but Jupiter is in an afflicted state, his health may also be weakened and Saturn is weak. Due to having an eye on the fifth house, this month can be challenging for your love life. In such a situation, behave carefully so that your relationship remains intact. Stand by your partner in times of need. If you are married then there is no need to worry too much during the month of July as you may encounter a much favourable time during this month. The ruling lord of your seventh house, Venus, is present in the same house because of which love and affection will remain a part of your conjugal life. The attraction between the two of you will also increase along with your intimacy. Other than this, your life partner will also keep supporting you in getting things done thereby, strengthening your economic status. During this time you are advised to maintain formidable relations with your in-laws.

Advice: Natives affiliated to the Scorpio zodiac may have some physical problems this month due to Rahu, Sun and Mercury taking nest in their in the eighth house and Ketu and Jupiter residing in the second house. In particular, problems related to skin, ringworm, itching, itching, allergies etc. can come in front of you during this time. To avoid these, you should be prepared in advance and contact the doctor immediately as soon as there is any problem.

General: July 2020 will be a dreamy month for the natives of Scorpio. Some of your wishes will get fulfilled, while some others may have to wait to take flight. It can be said that you may get to witness the highs and lows of life and obtain mixed outcomes during this month. On the economic front, you may obtain success after dodging several challenges. Family life will improve gradually and conjugal life remain excellent but your love relationship will be surrounded by the clouds of despair. The inflow of income will increase and you will obtain the support of your siblings. At the same time your rivals may prevail over you, which is why you may prefer to remain cautious. There are quite a few chances of Scorpio natives undertaking several Journeys in the month of July.

Finance: After taking a look at your economic front, it can be stated that your second house is under the occupancy of Jupiter and Ketu which indicates a significant amount of accumulated wealth in your family. The presence of Jupiter will provide an increment to that wealth. The ruling Lord of your house, Mars is present in the fifth house and aspecting your eleventh house, because of which you will remain successful in strengthening your economic position. With the help of your personal efforts, the aspection of Mars on your eighth and twelfth house and that of Saturn in your twelfth house will cut down your expenses to some extent. As a result, your economic condition will prosper. However the presence of Mars may create sudden prospects for you to incur losses, which is why you should remain careful. The presence of Venus in the seventh house will provide you with good benefits from the medium of business and it can be said that the economic condition of Scorpio natives will remain prosperous during the month of July.

Family & Friends: During the month of July, your family life will be full of challenges and the fourth house of your sign will be under Paap Kartari Yoga and the ruling Lord of fourth house is taking nest in the third house. It means that you have to dodge several troubles and keep fighting to bring peace and prosperity back to your personal and family life. Mother's health my face ups and downs and father’s wellbeing may also be compromised. However, you will take care of all your responsibilities towards your family and to make its environment more blissful, your siblings will also contribute to your efforts. Consequently, your domestic life will improve. However, the problems will not disappear completely. Refrain from getting into fights or arguments with your in laws as you may suffer from its consequences. Other than this, the presence of Jupiter in your second house will also prove to be beneficial for your economic front but your family members will tend to develop a fanatic religious inclination and you will feel obligated to follow their thoughts. Stand by your kith and kin all throughout the time and try to understand them so that the environment of your household remains peaceful.