Scorpio Love Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope

10/25/2021 - 10/31/2021

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: During this time, you and your lover will be unable to spend a good time with each other, which can lead to distances in your relationship. In such a situation, take some time out of your busy life and share some beautiful moments with your lover, only then you will be able to protect your relationship to a great extent as Rahu under Krittika Nakshatra at 7 degrees is present in your seventh house in Taurus. Besides this, the aspect of Venus and Ketu sitting in Lagna is also on your seventh house and as a result, you will have a lot of work in your professional life and you will be unable to give enough time in your married life. But you should not forget that your spouse needs your attention. Otherwise, this week you may have to face difficulties on the marital front.