Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope

6/8/2020 - 6/14/2020

The start of the week will be rewarding for the Scorpio natives as you will host the Moon in your eleventh house of success, profits and gains. This position of the Moon is making a potential “Dhan yoga”, it indicates that you are likely to come across many opportunities that will see a rise in your income and status. As maximum planets are in the earth signs during this duration which indicates that your productivity and efficiency at your workplace will increase. This is also a very auspicious time to initiate new tasks and endeavors that have been due for long. The next movement of the Moon will be in your twelfth house that represents travels and expenditures. As the house of this lord Venus is in a strong position, you are likely to spend a lot in this duration on your entertainment and leisure activities. This may see an unprecedented rise in your expenses during this period. So, try and maintain proper balance between your income and expenditure. During the middle of the week, you will see the Moon in your first house that represents self and personality. This position of the Moon is likely to bring auspicious results for the Scorpio natives. You are likely to see an increase in your reputation during this period. Seniors and higher management will be happy with your work. You are likely to get new roles and responsibilities in your workplace. If you own your business in partnership, you are likely to see a rise in your gains and profits. However, it may make you a little insecure in your personal relationships, due to which you may start doubting your partner which can create some differences between you two. So, try and work on this tendency of yours to gain better results. The last phase of the week will see the Moon positioned in your second house of accumulated wealth and family. This position of the Moon is likely to see you getting good returns from your past investment and savings. This will lead to a rise in your accumulated wealth. However, as the Moon is with the Malefic planet Ketu which may sometimes make you harsh in your speech, this may create problems for you in all spheres of your life. So, it is suggested to carefully choose your words before you speak. Overall, an auspicious week for the scorpio natives that will see them achieving desired results. Remedy- Chant the Mangal mantra daily during the Hora of Mars.