Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope

6/8/2020 - 6/14/2020

Capricorn natives will see luck and fortune smile on them during the start of the week as the Moon will be positioned in your ninth house of luck, fortune and spirituality. You are also likely to take part in religious activities during this time frame. The success of your spouse will also bring happiness and joy on the personal front. You may also witness improvement in your relationship with your father or father like figures. Overall, a very good transit of the Moon to start your week with. The next Movement of the Moon in your tenth house of profession and career will help you in proper implementation and execution of your plans and policies. This will hold you in high stead among your colleagues and higher management. It is also a very good time to start new projects for the businessmen born under this sign. This position of the Moon will be a very rewarding period for people indulging in creative fields and arts. The position of the Moon in your eleventh and twelfth houses during the later stages of the week will be very auspicious for you. Undertaking travels and journeys in this time period will provide you with both success and profits. Professionals will also see themselves getting respect and admiration from their seniors. Businessmen will witness a boost in their income and will also be able to recover their past dues. This is also a very fruitful time to invest as you are likely to gain substantial returns in the near future. However,the Moon in these positions may bring some problems or ups and downs in your marital relationships. During this period, you may also witness some decline in your health, as you may face some issues especially regarding the abdomen region and eyes. So, you are advised to take proper sleep during this period and keep a check on your diet. Also, indulging in meditation, yoga and any kind of physical exercise will also result in bringing positive impacts on your health. Remedy- Donating Mustard oil on Saturdays will bring auspicious results.