Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope

4/15/2024 - 4/21/2024

Your efforts to refine yourself will have a positive impact on your health and as a result, you will feel confident. Due to Saturn being present in the second house with respect to the moon sign, due to lack of sufficient funds, this week, chances of discord in the house will occur. Therefore, in every such situation, communicate thoughtfully with your family members, and if necessary, seek proper advice from them regarding the accumulation of wealth. There will be disturbance in the family environment. In such a situation, you may have to try to solve your household and family issues by taking time out from your busy schedule. However, despite this, you will appear mentally very worried due to stress and tension in the family this whole week. Due to Jupiter being placed in the fourth house with respect to the moon sign, if you are a working professional, then you need to be careful at your workplace this week. Otherwise, it is quite possible that you may get into some big trouble because of the planning and plottings brought forward by your colleagues. The efforts of several students, which they were considering useless, will prove to be favorable during this week and they will be able to impress their teachers with knowledge and skills. This will help them give their best in the upcoming exam. Remedy: Donate curd rice to handicapped persons on Saturday.