Capricorn Love Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope

9/23/2019 - 9/29/2019

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: For matters related to love, this week is expected to bring forward challenges. The poor health conditions of your life partner will not not allow his/her mind to remain stable. Consequently, clashes will take place and it will impact your relationship in a negative manner. Problems can be eradicated if and only you make attempts to understand your partner and also the situation. In the same vein, married natives will also go through a difficult time. Save yourself from taking part in any debates or arguments with him/her. Make optimum efforts to maintain a healthy bond with your in laws. By doing so, you can please your spouse and your relationship will improve. Do not let a small argument take over your relationship and hence work on it to maintain a blissful married life.